Zan’s First Thunderlust In Wonder Twins #1

Wonder Twins #1

High school can be a scary place. When you end up in a new school, a new town, and even a new planet things can get a little weird. Come along with Jayna and Zan as they encounter high school and become new members of the Justice League. The Wonder Twins #1 is written by Mark Russell and art by Stephen Byrne. This is DC’s third installment into the Wonder comic line.

Jayna and Zan are new to town and are just trying their best to fit in. Jayna is the shy one that wants to go unnoticed while Zan is ready to dominate the school. While Zan is making plans to be the coolest kid in school, Jayna thinks there are better things to be concerned about – like how they just got instated into the Justice League! All in one issue Zan is able to make a fool of himself in front of the whole track team. Meanwhile, the Justice League is trying to catch Myxzptlk, who is on the loose. What will the Wonder Twins do? Come along in The Wonder Twins #1 and experience these twins’ hectic lives!

The Story Of The Wonder Twins #1

Mark Russell has done something wonderful on this issue and it is downright hilarious; Batman even gets in a few jokes! While the twins, as of recently, have been made a joke in recent pop culture, this has finally done them well. The Wonder Twins have always had some questionable powers, Jayna can turn into animals and Zan can turn into elements. In this series, it will be awesome if we can see their powers used in a more mature way. Russell also does well with the sibling dynamic. While Zan is more outgoing, Jayna is more reserved; she watches Zan get into all his ridiculous antics or is dragged into it with him.

While Superman took on the Twins without asking Wonder Woman or Batman, they did warm up to them in Wonder Twins #1. Batman even went as far as to tell them about an embarrassing incident from his school days. We think that the Wonder Twins are going to be fabulous while fitting into the team! It will be interesting to see if they cross over to the Young Justice team. Whatever they end up doing with these twins we here at TheDaily Fandom are on board. Wonder Twins #1 is a great place to start someone who is convinced that DC is too “dark” and “gritty.” Russell took a comfortable approach to this book and made the superhero genre entertaining. This issue does not take itself seriously and that is what makes it so fantastic.

The Art In Wonder Twins #1

There are many things you can say about the art but one word that comes to mind and that is: incredible. The talent shown in these pages is exquisite. It really brings a cartoonish aspect to it. The art does not have harsh lines, every character has a smooth exterior look. The twins have a great look to their definedness. They look like the classic characters that we know but with a modern redo. The one-page layout I enjoyed the most is the one below. With Batman’s flashback, it makes it look like we went back in time with the more muted colors than the rest of the book.

It is a great touch and it truly brings life to the comic. It makes you feel as though you are watching a cartoon. Even though these are just 2D drawings, some panels just jump out at you while reading. The art gives me a warm feeling inside. It reminds me of the comics I used to read as a kid. Byrne brings a really unique look to the book with the way he draws. It makes you feel like you not only got a great story to read but you get a piece of art in your hand too at the same time.

Wonder Twins #1 Is A Surefire First Issue!

We loved this comic. It brought back old characters in a new light; instead of trying to make them darker and more menacing. We truly hope that the Wonder Twins will appear in more comics since this debut. Maybe the new Young Justice series? Russell took a lighter and more comedic tone and it worked wonderfully! The art was a great contrast to the writing; fun colors, great paneling, and cartoonish art. Russell and Byrne make a great pair and give these characters great redemption!

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