You’re The Pest Web Series Has A Teaser Trailer Out Now!

You’re The Pest has a teaser trailer — yes, you heard that right, a teaser trailer. Did you miss it? You can find it here if you did. After airing the pilot in September 2016, Taylor Coriell is ready to share this wonderful web series with the world. This teaser is exciting and hilarious and Coriell is ready to share it with the world. If you want to know what’s in store that is for You’re The Pest.

You’re The Pest Synopsis

This is a comedic web series about two estranged friends, Alex O’Malley and Marissa Morales. Alex is a wannabe cop that is too accident prone to even come close to graduating police academy. Marissa — the has-been pageant queen is desperately holding on to her former glory as Miss New York 2012.

When their fathers pass away in a freak skydiving accident, they get a reality check. One that they needed. They are now running a family extermination company together. You’re The Pest explores how our priorities change as we get older and how the meaning of family changes as well. Nothing is perfect, especially family; so there’s a ton of trial and error.

Who’s Behind You’re The Pest?

Well, good question — You’re The Pest is a female-driven web series. It also has a diverse cast in the web series. As we’ve talked about and as most know, the female voice is underserved in media and other forms of culture as well as the voice of minorities.

Watchers want to be able to relate to someone on the screen and the lack of that is being addressed in the coming years with all types of media. You’re The Pest is part of Big Vision, Empty Wallet’s Kickstart Diversity Program, and was a semi-finalist for the 2016 Sundance Institute/YouTube New Voices Lab.

Co-producer and Melissa is Adriana Degirolami, on the side of the creator and executive producer who also plays Alex O’Malley we have Taylor Coriell. The team consists of nearly eleven creators behind the scenes of You’re The Pest. Not only was this show written by Taylor, it was written by Jasmine Romero as well.

Where Can I Find You’re The Pest?

New episodes air every Wednesday starting April 25th, 2018. You can find them airing at 12:30PM EST, so mark your calendars and your clocks. The teaser trailer can be found in the featured image of this article or on YouTube too. Check it out, you don’t want to miss out on this grand web series.