Young Justice: Outsiders

Young Justice Makes A Comeback In Episode 1 Of Young Justice: Outsiders

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Young Justice: Outsiders

The time has come and Young Justice: Outsiders is finally back. After last season aired six years ago, we were left with a few questions: What happened to the team after Nightwing left? What impact will Wally’s death have? The first episode of Young Justice: Outsiders is called “Princes All,” and it is written by Brandon Viette and Greg Weisman. We pick up at the end of season two where Nightwing takes a leave of absence from the team and has Aqualad take over. He says that if Aqualad needs help, Batgirl is still there.

Current Time: 2 Years Later…

On July 4th in Markovburg, a brother was getting bad news from a doctor. The news was that they could not find a heart transplant for his sister, Anna. It seems her heart has just given out, but there’s a catch. The next scene shows a teen girl being transported through a morgue. She appears to be very much alive but densely drugged. She falls asleep and awakes in a tube filled with tar. The doctor who confirmed her death is running experiments on her, and somehow the tar has turned this girl into a meta-human. This is where we begin.

A Meeting With The Justice League

During a Justice League meeting, Batman and Green Arrow, along with the rest of the crew, officially leave the team. Batman and his team believe that they can do better without the Justice League. We do not know what they are up to yet, but it leaves fans wondering if it’s the better route? Are Batman and the rest of the team going to go their separate ways or start a team amongst themselves?

Nightwing and Oracle are later tracking meta-humans that have come up missing. Nightwing is knocking out some of the thugs at a warehouse that has some of the missing meta-humans. A company that goes by Bedlam is turning kids with that meta-human gene into meta-humans. Nightwing saves the kids and destroys the warehouse, but not before getting samples of the tar substance. This leads to Markovia, and, suddenly, Nightwing puts together a temporary team to try and help take Bedlam down. This team consists of Dick Greyson (Nightwing), Artemis Crock (Tigress), Conner (Superboy), and Jefferson Pierce (Black Lighting).

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 1 Seems Promising

In this first episode, we got a lot of new information. Aqualad is now Aquaman and leader of the Justice League, Artemis is living with Roy (now going by Will) and his daughter Lian, Batgirl is now Oracle, and that’s just some of it. In this episode, we see everything that has changed in just two years. How fast time can change everything! One thing that was refreshing is that Miss Martian (M’gann) is now showing herself off as a white Martian instead of disguising herself as a green Martian. I hope we get an episode where there is an explanation about what made her comfortable enough to show her true self.

Fans of this show have been waiting for a third season for six years. With that comes a lot of high hopes and expectations. I was smiling throughout the whole episode and I am sure long-time fans were too. Just seeing these characters is like seeing old friends I haven’t seen in years. What makes it even better is that we have twenty-six episodes ahead of us. Young Justice: Outsiders is the Teen Titans reboot we did not get. Every DC fan of Young Justice will enjoy this show.

Young Justice: Outsiders premiered on DC Universe, which you can subscribe to for 7.99 a month. They have the previous two seasons and the newest third season. If you want to watch the episodes there, you can. Let us know how you liked it and if you enjoyed the season!

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