Let’s all agree that Yoonjoo Song is super cute. A lot of people consider her the Korean barbie because of how cute she is!

Do we spot her boyfriend in the reflection?

Yoonjoo Song’s Profile

Place of Residence : Seoul

Birthdate : May 7th 1992 

Height : 167 cm

Weight : 48 kgs

Shoe size : 23.5 

Profession : Model

About YoonJoo Song

Yoon Joo is a popular clothing brand model. She’s mostly famous for her modeling in fashion magazines. 

She’s popular in Korea because of her super cute face and some consider her a perfect Barbie lookalike from Korea.

Unfortunately, apart from her modeling, she doesn’t do many interviews and cannot be seen in the media extensively.

Official Model of Brand BabinPumpkin

Yoonjoo is the official model of the clothing brand Babin Pumpkin that’s popular in Korea, US and China. She’s the only model in all of the Instagram posts. 

She has 120,000 followers on her Instagram account, but we aren’t sure if she controls the account as there is no verified blue tick mark. 

She loves travelling to Japan, as we see her jet setting to Japan, when she isn’t working.

There are a lot of scam accounts of Yoonjoo on Instagram that ask for money through the platform to interact with her on IG. 

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So who is Yoonjoo Song’s Boyfriend?!

Yoonjoo Song’s boyfriend remains a mystery. She had posted a picture of a man in a car and when people asked her if that was your boyfriend, she didn’t respond! And later deleted the picture.

But we might have a glimpse of Yoon Joo Song’s boyfriend in this picture. 

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