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FANFIC FRIDAY: 10 Wynonna Earp FemSlash Fic Recs

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Hello, fanfic readers!

Today we continue our FemSlash June month with Wynonna Earp‘s Waverly and Nicole! Just like the previous two Fanfic Fridays, Wynonna Earp is yet another show with a canon F/F couple that’s returned this month. We hope you enjoy these 10 awesome fic recs, as well as the new season!

small town gun

By: isawet
Summary: Waverly Earp doesn’t remember Nicole Haught, but Nicole Haught remembers Waverly Earp. Fluffy wayhaught, Nicole backstory.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/F – Fluff


By: wrackwonder
Summary: Every new relationship experiences growing pains. Doesn’t mean it can’t hurt so good. A continuation of Episode 202.
Rating: Mature – F/F

Waverly Earp’s Quidditch Playbook

By: Half
Summary: Waverly Earp’s adventures with Quidditch, siblings, and a haught redhead.
Rating: Teen and Audiences – F/F – AU-Hogwarts

Like a Boomerang

By: HaughtBreaker, jaybear1701
Summary: Months have passed since the S1 finale and a recently rescued Waverly struggles to come to terms with the horror she’s inflicted while possessed. The team must band together to stop a mysterious revenant while Nicole and Waverly try to repair the bond that’s barely keeping them together.
Rating: Mature – F/F – Post-Canon, Angst, Smut, Wayhaught-Freeform, Original Characters-Freeform

you make a girl go (ooh oh ooh)

By: pirateygoodness
Summary: Waverly doesn’t want to be crude, or rush things but goddamn she wouldn’t mind if this stupid town and her stupid family could stop having demon emergencies long enough for her to have sex at least once. (First time fic, spoilers through to the end of ep 1.12.)
Rating: Explicit – F/F – First Time

Wild Love

By: Pretence101
Summary: “I’m a big girl. I know what I want.” Waverly wets her lips, “I’m just nervous. I’ve never done this before. You probably have…expectations.”
Rating: Mature – F/F – First Time, One Shot

I’ll Be There

By: notthegoblin
Summary: Waverly drunk dials Haught in the middle of the night. As always Haught is there when Waverly needs her.
Rating: General Audiences – F/F


By: jaybear1701
Summary: Nicole Haught will do just about anything for Waverly Earp, even if that means standing still.
Rating: Mature – F/F – Canon Compliant

Scale From 1 To 10

By: koolknj93
Summary: Wynonna has started to call Nicole ’15’ but won’t explain why. So, Nicole asks Waverly for a possible explanation. Basically, Wynonna is amused, Nicole is confused and Waverly is pissed!
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – F/F – One Shot, Funny

Looking For You

By: dance_tilyouredead
Summary: Everything is fine, right up until the lager tap bursts. She squeals and jumps backwards, but there’s no getting away from the spray. She swears and smacks at the tap until the beer finally stops. “Great. Perfect.” That’s when she hears a light chuckle coming from the door and her heart falls halfway to her feet. Here he is. The fool.
Rating: Mature – F/F – Fluff, Tropes, Soulmates AU

You wrote a fic and would like it to appear on Fanfic Friday? Or maybe you want to suggest a fic you loved? If so, let us know by leaving a comment down below, tweeting us, sending us an ask on Tumblr or emailing us!