World Away is a web series on the struggles of a young woman who decides to go on a one-way trip to Mars and has to say goodbye to her family and friends. World Away is a 6 part series and every episode runs 5-6 minutes. Unlike many other web series, the series has been posted on on their Vimeo, where you can already watch all the episodes.

Quinn is a brilliant and alienated young woman who has been training in secret to be part of a privately funded, four-person team about to depart from Earth on a one-way trip to establish the first off-planet human colony on Mars. She led her friends and family to believe that she was doing her PhD overseas.  With five days left on Earth, Quinn returns home to say goodbye to her friends and family who are all just hearing about the trip for the first time. In the final moments with the most important people in her life, Quinn comes to question the reasoning behind her decision to leave everything behind.

The series stars Bea Santos (Coconut Hero, Save Yourself) and was created by Elias Campbell (Ivy, The Guest) and Maxim Gertler-Jaffe (QuanTom co-producer), directed by Campbell, Gertler-Jaffe and Evan Hamza with Helen Cerny serving as Executive Producer. The series was financed through an Indiegogo campaign and later shot over the spring, summer, and fall of 2014 in Toronto.


At the moment, there are no plans for a second season. However, the creators say that if there was to be one, they would employ the same circumstances but follow a different character.

“The idea for World Away first came from our curiosity about the people who would agree to take part in space colonization projects like MarsOne and SpaceX. We’re interested in the human side of these projects, the universal questions raised when  taking a one-way trip is a way of voluntarily ending one’s life on Earth,” says Campbell.

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