‘WWW.Working!!’ Review: All the Ships Sail in Wagnaria

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It might not have been one of the most talked-about anime in these past months, but WWW.Working!! is, without a doubt, one of the most solid series from the Fall Season. Having a more than established viewership by now, WWW.Working!! delivers just what’s expected of it: a charming cast, good comedy, and lots of romance.

NOTE: This review includes mild-spoilers

“Another Working anime season?!” is what most viewers might have thought when WWW.Working!!‘s (and its bizarre title) was first announced. It’s true – this is not he first anime this franchise gets, but, interestingly enough, it’s the first one that is actually adapting the original web manga. The previous series, which includes 3 seasons and a special episode, is based on an alternative setting with different characters. WWW.Working!! features the original characters from the original manga, so you don’t need to have watched the alternative series in order to follow this one. However, if you liked the previous series, you will enjoy this one just as much.

The best thing about WWW.Working!! is the characters. Even if they’re not the same cast as last time time, they way the characters are written makes them extremely likable and fun. This is also probably due to the fact that the characters are very similar to the ones from the alternative setting. We might not have a Popura this time, but the main female lead, Miyakoshi, is physically identical to Inami. And Todoroki from Working! looks like the love child of WWW.Working!!‘s Shiho and Muranushi. This is also a surprisingly large cast, but it never feels like there’s too many characters. Not all of them appear in every episode, and it seems like the right amount of screentime was given to each character and their relationship. The only exceptions here being the manager himself, the american boy, and the blonde fro the kitchen. Neither of them had much to add to any of the events that took place, and the series could have perfectly done without them.


For being a slice of life/comedy series, Working has always had a surprising amount of romance in it. The end game couples are pretty clear from the beginning, so the entertainment comes from seeing them figuring out their feelings for each other, as well as how they end up getting together. Because of this, most of the comedy comes from typical misunderstandings and other shenanigans. While Working had three seasons to develop the romance, WWW.Working!! gets the job done much faster by making all ships sail in the span of 13 episodes. Whether this is a sign that there won’t be a sequel for this setting is unclear (the franchise is pretty popular in Japan, after all). Fortunately, the pacing of the romance doesn’t feel rushed, nor forced at any moment. However, the whole Valentine chocolate gag got a bit repetitive towards the end.


Apart from the likable cast, what makes WWW.Working!! work (pun intended) is the fact that it features teenagers outside high school. Most anime feature teenagers because anime producers know that’s usually the age range of people who watch (and buy) anime. Sometimes it’s also because they know most viewers wish to return to their teen years to do things differently. This is why there are soooo many anime set in high school (the only exception being when it’s a fantasy/supernatural series).

Working falls somewhere in the middle – there’s no supernatural elements in it, but we don’t see the characters in high school either. The part-time job being the setting allows for the usual fun dynamics for people their age, but instead of focusing on studying or popularity, it’s all about greeting customers and serving tables. You might prefer one cast over the other, but the truth is WWW.Working!! does exactly the same things its predecessors did right. Getting a new set of characters is just the icing on the cake.