Freaks (2019) is centered around a 7-year-old girl Chloe and her paranoid father who keeps her inside this dilapidated house to protect her from the outside world.

Freaks first screened at TIFF in September 2018 to a packed audience and has attracted interest since then.

Will There Be A Freaks 2

How much did Freaks make in total?

Freaks was released in the USA on 13th September 2019.  Globally, Freaks made a little over $340,000 mainly because many people didn’t even hear about the movie.

If people had known, then there is a chance that the turnout at the theatres would have been much higher earning the movie much more at the box office and thereby driving profits.

Why was Freaks Cancelled?

Freaks was a groundbreaking show that ran between 2018 and 2021 that changed the way we approach TV and the concept of genre-blending.

However, much to everyone’s dismay, the show was suddenly canceled after its third season — causing massive disappointment with its fan base.

So why was Freaks canceled? According to reports, there were many contributing factors. First and foremost was the expense associated with the show’s production.

With its high-concept storyline, ambitious graphics, and incredibly talented cast — Freaks was an incredibly expensive show to produce.

The cost of making each episode only increased as the show went on, taking a major toll on the show’s budget.

Another reason why Freaks may have been canceled was its lack of commercial success. While the show was adored by fans, it never truly broke into mainstream viewership.

Despite many attempts at the advertisement, Freaks simply could not capture a wide enough audience to become profitable.

A third reason for Freaks cancellation may have been the show’s clash with streaming services. Although widely viewed on streaming platforms, Freaks was not widely supported by streaming services.

Netflix, who produced the show’s first two seasons, reportedly wanted to pursue different shows and, as a result, was not willing to financially invest in Freaks any longer.

It’s a shame that Freaks was canceled and no one can say for certain why it was shut down.

However, due to the immense cost associated with its production, the show’s inability to break into the mainstream market, and its clash with streaming services, it’s likely that these three reasons may have been part of the cause.

Whatever the case, the series will no doubt remain a beloved memory among fans and its effects on the genre of television will not be forgotten.

Will there be a Freaks 2?

Adam B. Stein, the co-director, told The Hollywood Reporter that he didn’t make the original Freaks (2019) movie thinking it will have a sequel. It just happened coincidentally.

He added that if people are interested then there might be a Freaks 2 in the future. However, there has been no confirmation about a sequel being made yet of this new gem.

What will Freaks 2 be about?

When the co-directors spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, they admitted that they created a world that allows for further exploration.

This means if Freaks 2 comes out, it is likely to have new characters and answer questions that the first movie left in the viewers’ minds.

The directors haven’t spilled anything else with regards to the sequel yet because it is still uncertain if there will be a sequel.

Pros and Cons of a Freaks 2

The question of whether Freaks 2 should be produced has been somewhat of a hot topic in the film industry. On one hand, many believe that it could be the perfect follow-up to the original Freaks hit and bring a great amount of excitement and entertainment.

On the other hand, others argue that creating a sequel may ruin the original and take away from its magic. In order to better understand the potential pitfalls and payoffs of creating a Freaks 2, it’s essential to look at the pros and cons.

The Pros:

A Freaks 2 could bring back some of the beloved characters who made the first movie a hit. Reunited with all the original actors, it could be an exciting experience in and of itself.

Not to mention, a Freaks sequel will surely draw the attention of longtime fans of the original, as well as new fans who haven’t seen the original.

Furthermore, with the original creative team in place, a Freaks sequel could be a great opportunity to explore some of the unanswered questions and mysteries that were left in the first movie, provide some closure and do justice for fans who have been eagerly awaiting answers for years.

The Cons:

The risk of creating a Freaks 2 is that it may end up being something that isn’t nearly as successful or exciting as the first film.

It’s inevitable that there will be some differences between the original and the sequel due to the passage of time, and fans may find these changes to be distracting or unsatisfying.

Furthermore, Freaks 2 may be judged harshly because of its predecessor and have an uphill battle when it comes to acceptance from longtime fans.

Despite the potential drawbacks, there is still a strong possibility that Freaks 2 could be a great success.

Whether or not that chance should be taken is ultimately a decision that can only be made by fans, the original creative team, and perhaps most importantly, the movie studio that purchases the rights to produce the potential sequel.

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that a Freaks sequel has the potential to be a great success if done right and could reignite the passion of fans who have been waiting for years to see a sequel to the beloved original.

Why the sudden interest in Freaks?

When the movie came out in 2019, it didn’t receive the attention it deserved. It was Netflix that pushed Freaks to the limelight and revived the movie from the dead.

This is when the movie was served to people globally and it garnered interest for its unique theme and sci-fi genre. At one point, the movie was even in the top 10 most trending titles on Netflix.

Is Freaks worth the hype?

Freaks takes a fresh take on the sci-fi category and it is worth the hype because the story is compelling. Of course, the movie has its shortcomings but that doesn’t take away the value that this movie offers to viewers.

It interests you from the start and although the ending might be a little vague to some, it is still worth a watch.

What do the reviews say?

Most of the reviews have been positive. For instance, The Verge is bold enough to say that this sci-fi movie ‘is the best mystery-box movie to come along since 10 Cloverfield Lane’ putting it in the league of the best sci-fi movies.

Is Freaks based on a true story or a book?

Freaks is a complete work of fiction and is not based on real life. Although there is a book called Freaks, there is no connection between the book and the movie.

The movie is not based on any book and has been conceptualized by the writers and directors of Freaks.  

Is Freaks a horror movie?

Many have called the movie a good mix of sci-fi and horror. While there is some gore, it is not horror in the sense of ghosts. It is haunting in other ways which is why many put it in the horror genre although the movie leans more towards sci-fi.

How did they cast the character of Chloe in Freaks?

Chloe is a major character in the movie and the directors agree that they couldn’t have gone ahead with the project if they didn’t find the right Chloe!

They auditioned girls and boys because for them the character was important, not the gender. They finalized Lexy Kolker when they saw her impressive audition.

How did they cast Dad in Freaks?

As Freaks is a low-budget movie, they were clear from the start that they won’t be paying the actors a lot due to budget constraints.

Emile Hirsch was cast a week before shooting and he loved the script so much that he was ready for the pay cut. As he was a new father at the time, he connected to his character.

How did Chloe grow up so fast?

Her father can manipulate time. Whenever he awakens each morning, he stops time which means Chloe is growing up much faster than normal.

He does this every day so that Chloe, who was born not too long ago, is already 7 years old. This time manipulation allows him to ensure the safety of his daughter from outside malicious forces.

Does Dad die at the end of Freaks?

He saves Chloe by allowing her to escape for one last time using his time manipulation powers. Then he succumbs to his injuries, as Agent Ray shoots him before this, and then dies.

Is Chloe able to save her mother in reality?

Towards the end of the movie, we see Chloe using her telepathic ability to free her mother from the Mountain where she was captured and kept. Chloe is able to save her mother in the end.

Is the movie tied to real life in any way?

The movie portrays society and how it pushes against those who are different than others. Many have pointed out that it has political themes going on as the script was written during the 2016 elections.

How did they manage to make a good movie with such a low budget?

The directors of Freaks attributed their creativity to the limitations. They said that they had a vision and they worked with what they could get their hands on.

They were able to creatively cut costs without hampering the storytelling. For example, the directors used many props available from a TV series they did for Disney.

Why is the movie Freaks rated R?

There is sufficient violence in the movie for it to be rated R. It also has quite some expletives which are deemed inappropriate making the movie R-rated.

However, some argue that a PG-13 rating would have been sufficient as the movie is not on the extreme side. 

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