Will Celty get her head back

Will Celty Get Her Head Back 2022?

Wondering will Celty get her head back? Then read on to find out all the answers, as well as find out what happens next in this exciting installment of the Erased series.

Celty Sturluson is one of the chief characters of the anime series Durarara and is also referred to as ‘The Headless Rider’.

She is an Irish mythological figure called Dullahan who embarked on a quest to get her stolen head back from Japan. 

Will Celty get her head back?

Finding Celty’s Head

During the ‘Haruna returns’ arc of the series, a set of news reports indicated that there was a ruptured head found on the streets of the city and Celty suspected that it was her own.

Will Celty get her head back

Even though Izaya was in possession of it initially, Kasane Kujiragi stole it back from her and submitted it to the rightful owner, i.e. Celty.

The process of attaching the head back to her body gave unusual results, Celty ended up suffering from amnesia and lost her memory entirely. 

Shinra was upset over this and wanted to bring back her memories. However, this event was followed by another catastrophe when he was kidnapped by Kasane, who made an entrance by kissing Shinra in Celty’s presence and then stabbed him with the Saika knife making him a child of Saika.

Kasane orchestrated it to force him into being affectionate towards her but her plans failed.

Celty on the other hand went on a rampage around the city because she couldn’t tolerate seeing Shinra with Kasane.

In reality, Celty was merely pretending to have lost her memories so that her going away wouldn’t hurt Shinra.

how did celty lose her head

However, Shinra overcame the Saika’s curse eventually and tried to bring things back to normalcy. 

Celty and Shinra’s Relationship 

Celty met Shinra when she was searching for her head. They had meals together and developed an affectionate relationship.

There have been instances of them being vulnerable around each other and opening up about their emotions. It takes some time for Celty to be in acceptance of her feelings because of the trauma she has undergone.

Shinra remains patient and understanding of her thoughts despite her not having a head. They are playful towards one another and this is seen when Shinra makes sexual advances toward her and Celty makes fun of him for the same. 

During the Mika Harima arc, Celty was apprehensive of the head that looked just like hers and later figured out that Mika had undergone plastic surgery to replace that head.

She was furious at Shinra for being aware of it and yet not informing her. Shinra confessed that the only reason he kept this from her is that he liked her for what she was.

He was apprehensive of the head changing her, and changing the way she feels about him. As an apologetic gesture, he asked her to punch him and they eventually hugged each other, resolving the issue. 

what episode does celty get her head back

Their relationship strengthened after the turmoil they go through when Celty gets her head back. Shinra eventually found out that Celty had her memories all this while and asked her to change her mind about leaving.

Celty was uncomfortable being around Shinra and hence he decided to separate her head once again.

He was under the impression that the memories of being a Dullahan are associated with her head, and being without it might restore their relationship.

Shizuo participates in the process as Shinra attempts to disengage Celty from her head. He puts his life at risk to make it happen, and Celty jumps to protect him with her shadows.

Even though the plan fails and Celty retains her memories, she realizes Shinra’s extent of love and hence decides to stay amongst the humans and reinvent herself in their presence. It is indicated in the series that they get engaged in the future. 

Shingen’s Role in the Equation 

Shingen is a scientist working for Nebula and Shinra’s father. He was aware of Celty being supernatural and was intrigued by her, given his eccentric personality.

He came across Celty in Ireland and beheaded her using Saika to examine her head personally.

He didn’t reveal it to her till the Saika arc when he got to know about Celty’s relationship with Shinra. This is the reason Celty does not appreciate Shingen’s presence in their life. 

does celty love shinra

However, Shinra maintains a functional relationship with his father. They share a common interest towards supernatural creatures and mythological fables.

Shinra was also present when Shingen was conducting surgery and dissecting Celty’s head.

He is a devoted father and that is seen when he sold Saika’s sword to Anri’s parents to protect Shinra from Namie’s grandfather who threatened to kill him.

Despite his love for Shinra, he couldn’t accept his relationship with Celty and the prospect of Celty calling him father. Celty shares a mutual feeling too because she finds him to be creepy and unbearable. 

He also finds a like-minded companion in Emilia Kishitani who shares his obsession with supernatural creatures.

Being his second wife, she plays the role of a stepmother for Celty and Shinra. 

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