Wil Wheaton has an idea for a game that every TV fan will love

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Last San Diego Comic-Con’s edition had the pleasure to feature a Nerd HQ Panel with geek stars Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day. Wil and Felicia have worked together in several projects such as The Guild and Geek and Sundry‘s Table Top. Therefore the panel was more focused on gaming than on TV shows.

When asked by a person from the audience if they had had any game ideas in mind, Wil Wheaton revealed that he actually had an idea for a game that was based on John Scalzi’s novel Red Shirts. In case you haven’t read the book, Red Shirts is about a group of ensigns that join a space mission abroad the Intrepid spaceship. The main character, Andrew Dahlh, soon realises that, in each mission, a crew member dies. After further investigation, it is revealed that all of them are actually characters in a TV show.

And the influence is clear in this one. This is how Wheaton describes his idea:

“It’s sort of a cooperative-competitive game where one group is playing as the characters in a bad science fiction TV show and one set of players is playing as the writers on that bad science fiction TV show. Neither side wants the show to be cancelled so you have to work cooperatively to make the show exciting and have good ratings but the characters don’t want to get killed so they have to work against the writers who are trying to make the show exciting by killing them”.

Sounds very meta and cool, right?

Apparently, Scalzi was on board with the idea but, “unfortunately”, someone else had already made game called Red Shirts that was very similar to Wheaton’s idea. However, the actor said that it’s still a thing that he has “in development” and that he thinks it’d be “a lot of fun”.

How do you feel about this idea? Would you like to play this game?