While scrolling through the plethora of YouTube recommendations, there was a trailer that stood out. It starred a few familiar faces in what seemed to be a dark romantic comedy movie, but after looking more into it, it turned into a discovery of a show about loss, coping, and secrets. Netflix’s Dead To Me tells a story about human grief presented in a strangely elegant manner. The show was created by Liz Feldman and it stars Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, and James Marsden.

What Is Dead To Me About?

Dead To Me is about Jen, a recently widowed real estate agent who lost her husband in a car accident and her friendship with Judy. An art teacher at a retirement home who maintains a positive attitude despite the loss of her husband, who died of a heart attack.

Jen in the bathroom in Dead To Me.
Dead To Me | Saeed Adyani / Netflix

The show explores their friendship and how they mourn losses, while Jen slowly discovers the mystery behind her husband’s death. The show tackles how the two characters cope and support each other with their loss. As Jen slowly spirals into depression and aggravated grief, she depends on Judy for her infectious positive outlook. While Judy depends on Jen to gain more self-confidence to be more open and true to herself. The two quickly develop a friendship based on overcoming their misery and their flaws. Their friendship has a lot of touching moments as we see some great performances between Applegate and Cardellini going from funny to tense to heartwarming.     

Moral Dilemmas

The characters deal with their grief the best way they can; however, it affects their morality throughout the show. Similarly, Jen and Judy cope through different stages of grief because they are incapable of moving on to the next stages. Jen copes through anger and depression, two stages that continually cause the other. Which causes some trouble as she lashes out whenever things don’t go her way and becomes depressed later on. Judy copes through bargaining and acceptance, two stages where there should be a more self-serving process. As a result, Judy recklessly tries to bargain with everything to live a life she can be consciously happy with.

Judy in the dark in Dead To Me.
Dead To Me | Saeed Adyani / Netflix

This creates an interesting dynamic between the two as they both try to balance their personal struggles with their grief, as both characters have a functional approach to their issues. Utilitarianism is an ethical practice where the most ethical choice is the one where it causes the most good and causes the least amount of suffering. In their cases, Jen believes that acting on drastic ideas is the best and most efficient means to find her husband’s killer. While Judy bargains with herself by using grief as motivation. Believing that she can improve every situation by trying to handle everything herself.

Don’t Let The Trailer Fool You

While Dead To Me is a show that has well-developed characters within its core cast, it has been advertised as a light-hearted dark comedy. Despite the advertisement, the show is a drama at its core with comedic elements that help viewers connect with Jen and Judy. Just by watching the trailer you would think it is a dark comedy movie about friendship.

It is advertised as such to keep the show’s plot twist a secret and prevent assumptions. Regardless, the twist is introduced in the first two episodes, but it is not a huge revelation for the viewer. It acts as a plot device to keep viewers interested in the character development within their female leads.  

Why You Should Binge-Watch Netflix’s Dead To Me

Dead To Me is a great drama about a tragedy that will make you want more. With only ten episodes averaging around thirty minutes, it is a show that can be casually binged through a weekend. Immediately after its release, Netflix has already renewed it for a second season. If you are in need of a show to binge-watch, Dead To Me will not disappoint.