This week Hulu announced a Veronica Mars revival is in the works with creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell attached to the project. While the production is not a definite announcement yet, here is why the world needs to make sure it happens.

“The Revival”

The project, which has not been greenlit yet, would likely be a limited series revival. Both Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell would be set to return to the Veronica Mars Revival. This is with an important side note; it won’t affect Kristen Bell’s schedule with The Good Place.

Hulu and Warner Bros. Television have declined to comment so the details of what the series may be or who would be involved beyond Bell is unknown. The only indication that this is probably happening comes from the fact Rob Thomas has retweeted an article about it and a now obvious hint that he was probably working on a revival.

The Series That Keeps On Coming Back…

For some, this Veronica Mars revival may be surprising. And, not because bringing an old series back is surprising anymore (we get a new one every week) but because Veronica Mars is on its fourth go around. Since the original series ended in 2006, Veronica Mars has had a film which was partially funded by fans through Kickstarter, a web series on The CW Seed, and two novels.

Each story since the original series has been great. The film brought Veronica back to Neptune after a nearly a decade. It allowed fans to see Veronica find herself again as she realized being a private eye was the only life for her. As well as, of course, the fact that she and Logan belonged together forever. There was also a web series, Play It Again, Dick, which was a metaseries where Ryan Hansen tried to convince his co-stars to return for a revival focused on his character Dick Casablancas.

Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham have also released two canon novels about Veronica as a finally grown up PI, Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line and Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell. The books have allowed fans the opportunity to see what happened to Neptune after the events in the film. Including watching Veronica reconnect with her mom, finding out she has a half-brother and finally getting a Pony. It also brought back characters from Veronica’s past like Leo and Duncan. 

Why This Is The Revival We Need!

The announcement of this potential limited series has actually spurred many articles about why we need to stop making so many revivals. For fans, new content to fall in love with is always a plus but you’re never going to say no to more of something that you loved. Unless they ruin it. Veronica Mars has a stellar track record of not ruining it.

From the movie to the books, while not loved by all (nothing is), Rob Thomas has allowed Veronica to grow up from a problematic teen who didn’t listen to a problematic adult who doesn’t listen. Almost just as importantly, the story has never been given ridiculous plot twists that are nearly impossible to come back from.

He’s allowed his character to grow up without giving them perfect adult lives with nowhere for them to grow. The books really showcase why this Veronica Mars revival needs to happen because, in the books, Neptune is on the precipice of a major change which is very reflective of our own society right now.

The Thousand Dollar Tan Line & Mr. Kiss and Tell

The Thousand Dollar Tan Line is a great follow up to the events of the movie. Veronica takes over Mars Investigations while Keith recovers, Logan and her have an adult relationship for the first time. She also reconnects with her mother, Lianne. In Mr. Kiss and Tell, Logan and Veronica’s relationship is less than perfect.

Throughout the novel, they both realize they will always put their own careers first. There is also the full fall out from the Celeste Kane and Weevil incident in the film. Also, there’s a Sheriff’s election that put someone other than a Lamb in office for the first time in the series. As it always did though, the Veronica Mars books highlight the many issues in our society from the class divide to race issues.

In each novel, there is always a great mystery which Veronica is working on that you are also waiting for her to figure it out. Which is what made the television series so good to begin with. This is why Veronica Mars is a great story that can keep on returning in whatever form the universe and Rob Thomas will allow.

Give Us The Veronica Mars Revival!

While we might be in a television landscape that is currently oversaturated with revivals both good and bad. Veronica Mars is one of the few we need. It is built to go on because Neptune will always have crime.

…And, above all else, Veronica will always make a few mistakes trying to bring them to justice. So, Hulu, if you are reading this, please bring back the Veronica Mars revival.