In Yellowstone season 4, there is a moment when Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, becomes angry with Lloyd Pierce, played by Forrie J. Smith. The incident occurs in episode 2, titled “Phantom Pain.”

In the episode, Rip and Lloyd are preparing for a trip to Texas to retrieve a bull, and tensions are running high between the two men. 

As they are driving, Lloyd reveals that he has been hiding a medical condition from Rip, which causes Rip to become angry and frustrated with him.

It is later revealed that Lloyd has been hiding the fact that he has been experiencing phantom pain in his missing hand. 

Rip is angry because he believes that Lloyd should have been more forthcoming about his condition, and he is worried that it will affect their ability to complete the mission.

While Rip’s anger at Lloyd is initially intense, he eventually comes to understand the reasons behind Lloyd’s secrecy and forgives him. 

This incident highlights the complex and multifaceted relationship between the two men, which is defined by loyalty, trust, and mutual respect. 

Despite the challenges they face, they remain committed to each other and to the success of the Yellowstone Ranch.

Why Is Rip So Mad At Lloyd In Yellowstone Season 4?

In Yellowstone, season 4, Rip and Lloyd’s relationship becomes strained due to a business deal that Rip made without consulting the Yellowstone team. 

When Lloyd finds out, he feels betrayed and confronts Rip, leading to an argument that strains their relationship.

Why is Lloyd on Yellowstone in trouble with Rip?

In Yellowstone, Lloyd Pierce, played by Forrie J. Smith, is the foreman of the Yellowstone Ranch and a trusted member of the Dutton family. 

However, there are a few instances in which he finds himself in trouble with Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, who is the ranch’s enforcer and a close ally of John Dutton, the patriarch of the Dutton family.

One of the reasons why Lloyd is in trouble with Rip is that he hires a new ranch hand named Carter, who Rip believes is a potential security risk. 


Rip is responsible for protecting the ranch and its people, and he is concerned that Carter may not have the best intentions toward the Dutton family.

Additionally, Lloyd’s romantic relationship with Angela Blue Thunder, played by Q’orianka Kilcher, causes tension between him and Rip. 

Rip has feelings for Angela and feels that Lloyd is getting in the way of his chances with her.

Furthermore, there are instances when Lloyd does not take his role as foreman seriously enough, and Rip becomes frustrated with him. 

For example, when Rip discovers that Lloyd has allowed some cattle to roam onto a neighboring property, he is angry and confronts him about it.

Why are Lloyd and Rip fighting?

Certainly! In Yellowstone, the conflicts between Lloyd and Rip reflect the broader themes of the show, which are focused on power dynamics and relationships. 

The show depicts a world in which characters are driven by their desire for power, control, and security, and in which their relationships are often defined by loyalty, mistrust, and conflict.

The relationship between Lloyd and Rip is a microcosm of this broader dynamic. As the foreman and enforcer of the Yellowstone Ranch, they both hold significant power and responsibility. 

why is rip mad at lloyd in yellowstone

However, their different approaches to leadership, their romantic rivalry, and their trust issues create tension and conflict between them.

This tension and conflict drive the drama of the show, and they reflect the larger power struggles that define Yellowstone’s world. 

The series explores how characters use their power to protect and advance their interests, and how they navigate their relationships in this context.

Why is Lloyd so important in Yellowstone?

Lloyd Pierce, played by Forrie J. Smith, is an essential character in Yellowstone for several reasons.

Firstly, Lloyd is the foreman of the Yellowstone Ranch, which is the primary setting for the show. As such, he is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the ranch, overseeing the work of the other ranch hands, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. 

He is a skilled and experienced rancher, and his knowledge and expertise are essential to the success of the ranch.

Secondly, Lloyd is a trusted member of the Dutton family, who own and operate the Yellowstone Ranch. He has worked for the family for many years and is considered a loyal and dependable member of their inner circle. 

He has a close relationship with John Dutton, the patriarch of the family, and is fiercely committed to protecting the family’s interests.

yellowstone season 4: lloyd death

Thirdly, Lloyd is a complex and multifaceted character who adds depth and nuance to the show. He is a quiet and contemplative man who is not afraid to speak his mind when necessary. 

He has a dry sense of humor and a no-nonsense approach to life that makes him an interesting and compelling character to watch.

Is Lloyd Rips father on Yellowstone?

No, Lloyd Pierce (played by Forrie J. Smith) is not Rip Wheeler’s (played by Cole Hauser) father in Yellowstone. While their relationship is complex and at times strained, they are not related by blood.

Lloyd and Rip have worked together on the Yellowstone Ranch for many years, and they have a deep respect and admiration for each other. However, their relationship is defined by loyalty and respect rather than familial ties.

It is worth noting that there has been speculation among fans of the show that Lloyd might be Rip’s biological father, but there has been no confirmation of this from the show’s writers or producers. 

As of the end of season 4, the show has not addressed this theory or provided any evidence to support it.

Does Lloyd forgive rip?

In Yellowstone, Lloyd Pierce and Rip Wheeler have a complicated relationship that is defined by loyalty, respect, and occasional conflicts. 

While they have had disagreements and fights in the past, they have also shown forgiveness and understanding toward each other.

There are several instances throughout the show where Lloyd has forgiven Rip for his mistakes or misjudgments. 

For example, in season 3, Rip mistakenly hires a new ranch hand named Wade, who turns out to be a drug addict and a thief. 

When this comes to light, Rip is devastated and apologizes to Lloyd, who forgives him and helps him deal with the situation.

do rip and lloyd make up

Similarly, in season 4, Rip becomes involved with a group of vigilantes who are targeting drug dealers in the area. 

Lloyd is initially skeptical of this plan, but when he sees that Rip is committed to it, he supports him and helps him carry it out.

Who is Lloyd’s son on Yellowstone?

Lloyd Pierce does not have a son on Yellowstone. While Lloyd is a father figure to many of the ranch hands and is respected and admired by the younger generation, there is no indication in the show that he has a biological son.

It is worth noting, however, that Lloyd’s relationship with the other characters on the show is complex and multifaceted. 

He is a mentor, friend, and confidant to many of the other characters, including Rip Wheeler, Kayce Dutton, and Jimmy Hurdstrom. 

He is a respected and influential figure on the Yellowstone Ranch, and his expertise and knowledge are essential to the success of the ranch.

What did Rip do to Lloyd’s hand?

In Yellowstone, there is an incident in which Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, accidentally injures Lloyd Pierce’s hand while trying to help him. The incident occurs in season 2, episode 6, titled “Blood the Boy.”

In the episode, Lloyd is working on a fence and is struggling to get his hand free from a tight space. 

Rip tries to help him by using a hammer to loosen the fence, but he accidentally hits Lloyd’s hand with the hammer, causing a serious injury.

Lloyd is taken to the hospital, and it is revealed that his hand is badly broken and will require surgery. 

This incident causes tension between Lloyd and Rip, as Lloyd blames Rip for the injury and is angry and frustrated with him. 

Rip is remorseful and feels guilty about what happened, but he also believes that Lloyd is overreacting and is unfairly blaming him for the accident.

Did Lloyd raise rip?

In Yellowstone, there is no indication that Lloyd Pierce raised Rip Wheeler. While their relationship is complex and multifaceted, with Lloyd serving as a mentor and father figure to Rip. 

There is no suggestion in the show that Lloyd was Rip’s primary caregiver or played a significant role in raising him.

However, Lloyd and Rip have worked together on the Yellowstone Ranch for many years, and they have a deep respect and admiration for each other. 

Lloyd has played an important role in mentoring and guiding Rip, and he is one of the people that Rip turns to for advice and support.

Why did Lloyd cry with Jimmy?

In Yellowstone, there is a scene in which Lloyd Pierce, played by Forrie J. Smith, cries with Jimmy Hurdstrom, played by Jefferson White. This emotional moment occurs in season 3, episode 4, titled “Going Back to Cali.”

In the episode, Jimmy is struggling with the demands of working on the Yellowstone Ranch and is contemplating leaving to pursue a career as a rodeo cowboy. 

He confides in Lloyd about his fears and insecurities, and Lloyd offers him some advice and reassurance. The two men then share a touching moment in which Lloyd embraces Jimmy and cries with him.

The reason for Lloyd’s tears in this scene is not explicitly stated, but it is likely a combination of factors. 

Lloyd has a deep connection to the younger ranch hands, including Jimmy, and he has served as a mentor and father figure to many of them. 

He is also a man who is not afraid to show his emotions and is not ashamed to cry when he feels moved or touched by something.


In conclusion, the tension between Rip and Lloyd in Yellowstone season 4 is palpable. As we’ve explored, this animosity stems from a multitude of reasons, including personal grievances and professional disagreements. 

It’s clear that both men have a history that runs deep and has carried over into their present interactions. 

While it’s difficult to know how this dynamic will play out as the season progresses, what is certain is that the intensity of their relationship adds an extra layer of drama to an already captivating show. 

As viewers, we can’t help but feel invested in the fate of these complex characters and their complicated relationships.

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