Why does Mika have Celty’s head

Why does Mika have Celtys head 2022?

Wondering why does Mika have Celtys head? Celty’s death has left Mika feeling lost and confused. Join her as she explores her feelings and learns more about the strange connection she shares with Celty

Durarara is an action thriller anime series following the mundane life of Mikado Ryugamine who decided to move to Ikebukuro, a district in Tokyo, to reunite with a friend who invited him.

It is based on the novel series with the same name that was written by Ryohgo Narita. The plot intensifies with the intersection of several diverse characters. 

Mika Harima is a prominent character in the series as she appears as Anri Sonohara’s friend in the series.

She belongs to a wealthy household and is known for her intellect. She can cross various bounds to get what she wants, and that is seen through her stalker tendencies to win Seiji Yagiri’s affection.

She is obsessed with him and does not shy away from invading his privacy. To ensure that Seiji reciprocates her feelings, she even decides to undergo plastic surgery and insert Celty’s head instead.

Why does Mika have Celtys head

Shinra informs her about the head and she suggests Mika to address the head as Celty. Seiji believes that Celty has come alive and turns extremely affectionate towards her and that fulfils Mika’s intention. 

Why does Mika have Celtys head?

Seiji and Mika’s Bond 

Seiji continues to have a relationship with her assuming she is Celty, until one day it is revealed that she is Mika.

Even though he was shocked initially and required time to process the reality, he comes around and decides to accept Mika for who she is.

He also insists that Mika find her real head. So the two continue their romantic relationship throughout that journey. 

The approaches that Seiji and Mika have toward each other in the relationship are different. It may appear that Mika is more in love with Seiji than the other way round.

She constantly tries to find ways to please him and make sure he stays in the relationship with her. He is passive towards her and believes in expressing his love through deeper actions than generic romantic gestures.

He has always protected her in several instances, for example, like the time when he punched a thug in the face in the first season because he was attempting to obstruct their love.

seiji durarara

They compliment each other because Mika has a vibrant personality compared to Seiji who is calmer with an undertoned demeanour. 

Mika Vs Naime

Before their relationship blossomed, Mika was insecure about Celty’s head and did not want it to be removed at any cost.

This was seen during the ‘daily life’ arc where Namie attempted to undo the plastic surgery that had caused that change.

This soon turned violent as Namie is seen pinning Mika to the ground and using a powerful drug to paralyse her. She then kisses Mika, imagining it to be an indirect kiss to Seiji.

Further, she also tries to scar her face with a chemical, but at that point, Mika turned things in her favour.

She was motivated by her defensive tendencies towards Seiji and hence threatened Namie with the evidence she had collected against her and Izaya’s activities.

Mika carried out her stalking procedure by bugging the house and their phones, though it was later revealed that Izaya had taken notice of those suspicious activities.

Before Namie could act upon her rage, Seiji intervened and kissed Namie to show how wrong it was, but that action had the opposite effect.

Namie was rather overjoyed with Seiji’s move and let go of her vengeful plan for that moment. 

Despite everything, Mika couldn’t push Namie away from their lives because she is Seiji’s sister and they share a strong connection.

He is financially dependent on Namie and hence, she possesses certain power over him. Mika’s dislike for her is evident when she throws the phone into the fountain after seeing Namie’s call.

She also attempts to pull them apart when she encourages Seiji to escape from his sister’s surveillance, but the attempt turns sour when the Headless Rider locates her and chases after her.  

Naime’s History 

Namie also holds some influence in Seiji’s life due to her successful professional life. She is the former chief of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals and goes on to work as Izaya Orihara’s secretary.

She is an ambitious woman who has always believed in seeking power through consistent hard work.

She doesn’t usually appear to be a people person, but Seiji is an exception because she is extremely protective of him and finds ways to keep him afloat in times of need.

When Seiji was born, both their parents struggled to manage their family due to economic hardships and didn’t provide Namie and Seiji with the care and affection they needed and craved for. Hence, Seiji was all that Namie had and that deepened their relationship. 

The prologue of Durarara shed light on the events that happened a year before the action of the series, and it revealed a connection between Namie and Celty’s head.

durarara does celty find her head

It is revealed how Namie has travelled to America and while working for Nebula, she was involved in studying Celty’s head. 

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