Why Do We Love The Yandere?

Yuno Gasai is smiling and slightly blushing in a creepy manor.
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One day, you’re walking down an empty hallway of your school. You’re on the way to the cafeteria to get some food before going back to the study hall. When you turn the corner towards the cafeteria, you find a blonde girl that was named Karen, laying down on the floor dead. There was another girl you knew as Yuki, standing over Karen, covered in blood and calling you, “Senpai.”

If not understood, Yanderes’ could be vicious and scary. However, no one would know until it’s too late. They stare a lot, they smile from ear to ear, they laugh too loudly when speaking to their crush, and they kill other competitors that even look in their crush’s direction. It’s easy to see why Yanderes’ may not be so liked in the Animanga world. Yanderes’ appear to be misunderstood.

What Is A Yandere?

Basically, a Yandere is a person, usually a female, who is obsessed with their crush who they usually name, Senpai. However, this obsession is very deadly. When around their crush, they are really sweet and kind towards their crush alone. They would try and laugh with them and throw big smiles and little giggles at their corny jokes. It’s actually kind of cute. However, when they see someone else talking, looking, or touching the Yandere’s crush, that person becomes a target and will most likely get killed before the day ends.

Yanderes’ are highly bipolar. They can switch between the sweet and the deadly in a matter of seconds and is usually not seen as a Yandere until it is too late.

What Do They Do As A Yandere?

As a Yandere, the goal is to get their crush to like them by ANY means necessary. That includes, but not limited to, walk-by stabbing in the school halls, kidnapping female classmates and torturing them for talking to Senpai, handing out poisoned milk cartons as gifts to other girls who look at Senpai with wandering eyes, etc. A Yandere will find a way to make their crush love them.

While having this obsession towards their crush, it’s common for a Yandere to have a dedicated shrine to their ‘true love.’ This would include Senpai’s underwear from gym class, the toothbrush he brought to school, and one of his socks that was extra dirty and smelled just like Senpai. Also maybe a single bite from an apple Senpai had during lunchtime and even the band-aid that Senpai had on because he scrapped his knee the day before.

1. Mikasa Ackerman From Attack On Titan

Mikasa may be one of the best characters on Attack On Titan. After being saved by Eren from an attacker who killed her family, she grew up to be Eren’s protector. She went into the military and never left Eren’s side. She’s like a hawk eye that is constantly open. She tries to remain at his side at all times and goes headfirst into danger just to protect Eren, even if it costs Mikasa her life.

2. Yuno Gasai From Mirai Nikki

Yuno Gasai embodies the meaning of a Yandere. She’s a sweet girl that likes to hide behind corners and spy. However, because of her past, she grew an obsession with Yukiteru who told Yuki they would get married when they grew up. In the later years, Yuno would use various methods to make sure that Yukiteru stayed by her side.

3. Misa Amane From Death Note

Misa is a cool, down-to-earth Yandere. She’s sweet and smiles almost all the time. Misa speaks of death as if it’s normal. She dedicates herself to Light in his plans, taking out whoever is in his way. Misa even gives up half of her own life span and risks her safety to make sure Light succeeds in everything he wants to do. Also, if you’re curious about what it means to be a yandere, check out Yandere Simulator and get ‘Senpai’ to you before he sees anyone else.

Why Should We Love Them?

Yanderes’ are the most loyal people in the Animanga world. No matter what, a Yandere’s crush is everything to them and almost nothing can make them be seen as otherwise. At least the crush knows that he might not have been stabbed in the back by a girl he barely knows. Yanderes’ aren’t cheaters. They’re too dedicated to their future love to move on to a new person without a logical reason. If push comes to shove, the crush will die before a Yandere moves onto the next target of affection.

It’s also like having an unknown bodyguard or an angel in disguise always looking out for you. Even though most of the kills that a Yandere stacks up may be uncalled for, there are still other kills that were. For example, if that crush is being called ugly by some other egotistical girl and she really hurt his feelings, the Yandere has his back. If there’s a guy trying to push around that crush in the halls and the bullies walk away, giving the crush some scratches, the Yandere has his back. There won’t be any hesitation about it either.

What makes a yandere so lovable is their undying love, affection, and attention that they give. They can be sweet, kind and shy. Even though the Yandere’s obsession can be overbearing, it also shows that they visibly care. They would go to the ends of the world for them and wouldn’t be questioned about it. It’s easy to wish for that kind of loyalty and dedication for yourself that a yandere gives. Maybe not so much the killing part, but everything else is like a dream come true.