Wondering why did Deku’s Eyes change? Read on to find out the reason behind his transformation.

As a die-hard fan of the My Hero Academia anime, I couldn’t help but notice the moment when protagonist Izuku Midoriya’s eyes underwent a drastic transformation. 

At first, he had these big, round, and innocent-looking eyes that depicted his shy and timid personality. 

But then, suddenly his pupils shrank and appeared more intense, with a hint of madness and determination not present before. 

Naturally, being so invested in the character and his journey, I couldn’t resist wondering: Why did Deku’s eyes change?

With so many mysteries and intriguing aspects to the story, it’s no wonder why fans are always eager to explore deeper into the hidden details. 

This article aims to answer precisely that question by delving into the narrative and character development in anime. So grab your hero costume, and let’s dive in!

Why Did Deku’s Eyes Change?

Deku’s eyes change in “My Hero Academia” when he uses his Quirk, One For All, to show the intensity of his power and reflect his emotional state.

Deku's Eyes Change

What is the color of Deku’s eyes?

Deku’s eyes in the anime and manga “My Hero Academia” are usually depicted as green. However, the shade of green can vary depending on the lighting and emotional state of the character. 

When he activates his Quirk, “One For All,” his eyes turn a brighter shade of green and emit a glow.

Why Did Deku's Eyes Change?

Why do Deku’s pupils turn white?

Deku’s pupils turning white is a stylistic choice made by the creators to emphasize the intensity and power of his Quirk, “One For All.”

When Deku activates his Quirk to its fullest potential, his eyes turn a bright shade of green, and his pupils become white.

This is meant to represent the immense amount of energy and strength he is channeling through his body, which causes his eyes to appear almost ethereal or otherworldly.

The white pupils also serve as a visual cue to show that Deku is surpassing his limits and pushing himself beyond what is normally possible. 

It adds to the overall dramatic effect of the scene and creates a sense of awe and wonder for the viewer.

Why does Deku turn evil?

To the best of my knowledge, Deku has not turned evil in the anime or manga “My Hero Academia.”

Deku is portrayed as a hero who wants to use his power to help others and make the world a better place. 

Although he faces many challenges and obstacles in his journey, he remains true to his values and convictions.

However, there have been instances in the series where Deku has had to confront the darker side of heroism and question his own actions and motives. 

For example, in the “Provisional Hero License Exam” arc, he struggles with the idea of using his Quirk to harm others, even if it means passing the exam.

deku eyes color

Overall, while Deku faces many difficult decisions and moral dilemmas throughout the series, he remains a heroic character who is motivated by a strong sense of justice and compassion.

What is Deku’s dark form called?

Deku’s dark form is called “Blackwhip,” which is a manifestation of one of the previous wielders’ Quirks that he inherited along with “One For All.”

During the Joint Training Arc in the anime and manga “My Hero Academia,” Deku learns to access this power and is able to manifest it as a black tendril-like energy that can extend from his arm. 

This power allows him to grab onto objects and swing around like a whip, hence the name “Blackwhip.”

It’s important to note that while this power has a dark appearance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Deku has turned evil. 

The use of this power is still in service of his goal to become a hero and protect others.

What is Deku’s real quirk?

Deku’s real quirk in the anime and manga “My Hero Academia” is “One For All,” which he inherited from All Might.

“One For All” is a Quirk that accumulates and passes on the strength of its users to the next generation, making each subsequent user even more powerful than the last. 

This Quirk is unique in that it can be passed on willingly, and it’s not something that can be gained through normal means like other Quirks.

Deku initially didn’t have a Quirk, but after being chosen by All Might to inherit “One For All,” he gained incredible physical strength, speed, and agility. 

Over time, he also develops the ability to access other Quirks that were passed down to him from previous wielders of “One For All.”

In short, Deku’s real quirk is “One For All,” which he uses to fight villains and protect others as a hero.

why are deku's pupils white

Why does Deku’s arm turn red?

Deku’s arm turns red when he uses his Quirk, “One For All,” at a high level of power. This is due to the physical strain and damage that his body sustains when using the Quirk.

The red color in Deku’s arm is meant to represent the extreme exertion and stress that his body is undergoing, and it’s a warning sign that he’s pushing himself too hard. 

When he continues to use “One For All” at this level of intensity, he risks injuring himself or even causing permanent damage to his body.

This condition is known as “Quirk Overuse Syndrome,” and it’s a common risk for heroes who use their Quirks excessively. 

In Deku’s case, he’s particularly susceptible to this condition due to the incredible power of “One For All” and his determination to use it to its fullest potential.

To prevent further injury, Deku learns to control his power and use it in moderation, as well as seek medical attention when necessary. 

Despite the risks, he remains committed to using his Quirk to protect others and become the best hero he can be.

What is Deku’s strongest form?

Deku’s strongest form is known as “100% Full Cowl.” This form allows Deku to use his Quirk, “One For All,” at its maximum power while also maintaining control over his body.

It’s a technique where he channels the power of “One For All” throughout his entire body, giving him immense strength, speed, and agility.

When using this form, Deku’s entire body glows with green energy, and his eyes turn a bright shade of green with white pupils. 

However, using this technique puts a tremendous strain on his body and can cause injury or even permanent damage if used for too long or too frequently.

Throughout the series, Deku has had to train and improve his abilities to reach this level of power. He continues to work on mastering “100% Full Cowl” while also learning to access and use the various Quirks he’s inherited through “One For All.”

Which episode does Deku turn evil?

While he faces many challenges and obstacles throughout the series, including difficult moral choices and physical injuries, he remains a heroic character who is motivated by a strong sense of justice and compassion.

There have been instances where Deku has been shown in a more intense or aggressive state, such as when he uses his Quirk, “One For All,” at a high level of power. 

However, this doesn’t mean that he has turned evil. Rather, it’s a reflection of the immense physical and emotional strain that comes with using such a powerful Quirk.

Who is Deku’s main villain?

Deku’s main villain is considered to be Tomura Shigaraki, the leader of the League of Villains.

Tomura Shigaraki is a powerful villain with a strong Quirk called “Decay,” which allows him to destroy anything he touches. 

He is also the successor of All For One, the previous leader of the League of Villains.

Throughout the series, Deku and Shigaraki have clashed numerous times, as they have opposing views on the role of heroes and villains in society. 

Shigaraki seeks to tear down the hero society and bring about chaos, while Deku is determined to become a hero and protect others.

Their conflicts have led to several intense and epic battles, as well as moments of personal growth and reflection for both characters. 

As the series progresses, their rivalry continues to evolve, and their ultimate confrontation is anticipated by many fans.


In conclusion, the reason behind the transformation of Deku’s eyes is a complex and multi-faceted issue. 

It is not just a matter of aesthetics or a random comic book trope. Rather, it is a reflection of Deku’s character development, his growing confidence, and his willingness to embrace his true self. 

By shedding his old fears and insecurities, Deku has truly become a hero in his own right, and his eyes are just one small reflection of that tremendous journey. 

So, the next time you see Deku’s glowing eyes, you can be sure that it’s not just for show. It’s a symbol of the incredible growth and transformation that this young hero has undergone, and a reminder of everything that he has overcome to get to where he is today. 

All in all, this is just another reason to love and admire the amazing world of My Hero Academia!

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