Are you curious to know who wins Thanos or Ghost Rider? Read on to find out who wins the battle. In this article, we’ll examine how a theoretical fight between Thanos and Ghost Rider would end, hopefully providing some insight into this beloved Marvel debate.

The Marvel Universe is filled with some of the most iconic characters in cinema history. With the success of the Avengers franchise, a plethora of characters have been introduced to the cinematic screen. 

One of the most beloved and talked about characters is undoubtedly the Mad Titan, Thanos. Since his introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have been constantly debating who would win in a fight between Thanos and another Marvel character. 

Who Wins Thanos Or Ghost Rider?

Can Thanos defeat Ghost Rider?

Thanos is a powerful Titan who has made appearances throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and is usually at the center of any conflict or crisis.

He is one of the strongest beings in the cosmos and has a powerful grasp of reality-altering weapons and tools. Meanwhile, Ghost Rider is a supernatural being imbued with hellish energy.

Who Wins Thanos Or Ghost Rider

Both Thanos and Ghost Rider are powerful forces and their battle would likely be epic. Both characters are exceptionally talented warriors and their fight would be explosive.

Thanos has access to a variety of powerful weaponry, such as the Infinity Gauntlet and its various gems, as well as telekinetic and reality-altering powers. Ghost Rider is also incredibly potent, wielding hellfire and his impressive steel chain.

Given their respective levels of power and knowledge, it’s hard to gauge who would ultimately win a fight between these two entities.

Thanos’ weapons and tools would be able to come in handy but it’s difficult to tell if they would overpower Ghost Rider’s abilities. Similarly, Ghost Rider’s hellish abilities may be overwhelming for Thanos.

How did Thanos kill Ghost Rider?

Thanos is a dangerous and powerful Titan, a leader of the planet Thanos in the Marvel Universe. He is a master strategist, frequently manipulating events to achieve his goals of ravaging entire civilizations and planets. 

Thanos wields a shard of the powerful Time Stone, granting him the ability to travel through time and space. With it, he can travel to the past in order to drag a younger Thanos to the future, as an additional asset in his ultimate plan to kill the Fallen One. 

Recently, the Cosmic Ghost Rider was smashed by the Fallen One using the Asgardian hammer Mjolnir, so Thanos may need this extra help in order to overthrow him.

Who is King Thanos?

King Thanos, the epic villain from Marvel’s movie universe, is one of the most powerful beings to ever exist in their cinematic universe. 

His ruthlessness and monstrous strength make him an indomitable force that is feared throughout the galaxy. 

King Thanos is an alternate-reality version of Thanos from the Thanos solo run and Cosmic Ghost Rider Marvel Comics storylines. 

He is a powerful force to be reckoned with as he has already defeated the Avengers and is well on his way to victory in his genocidal quest. 

He is now being set up as the main villain of the Multiverse Attraction in which his immense power will surely be on full display as he attempts to bring his chaotic vision to life. 

Those brave enough to challenge him along his path will soon realize that his skill and power extend far beyond any imaginable limits.

Why Ghost Rider is so powerful?

Ghost Rider wields a mystical chain that, when ignited, grants him the ability to dish out supernatural vengeance on those he finds deserving. He also has enhanced strength, durability and reflexes, allowing him to take on big baddies such as Thanos.

Another element of Ghost Rider’s power comes from his Penance Stare, his most powerful and feared power. 

The Penance stare, also known as the Soul Glare, enables Ghost Riders to look into a target’s soul, then force them to confront the totality of their sins and repent. 

At one glance Ghost Rider and his enemies are forced to feel all the pain and suffering they have caused over their lives. This has seen him take on some of the toughest villains in the Marvel pantheon.

Paramount to Ghost Rider’s strength is the persona he takes on when fueled by the Spirit of Vengeance. He is fearless, relentless, and immovable. He strikes without mercy and without hesitation-acting swiftly and without compassion to those who cross him.

That being said, it might still be an even match when pitting him against Thanos. While Ghost Rider may possess some serious powers of vengeance and wrath, he could be outgunned by Thanos’ god-like strength. 

Ghost Rider might be the only one with the power to make Thanos feel empathy, but it remains to be seen if the Mad Titan will succumb to his opponent.

What God created Ghost Rider?

God’s involvement in the creation of Ghost Rider transcends the bounds of both physical and metaphysical realms. 

In the Marvel cinematic universe, as well as in the comic books, Ghost Rider’s origin story has been depicted as involving a deal between the Rider and Mephisto, the satanic entity who is responsible for seemingly magical events. 

This origin story points to God, as no one else in the Marvel universe has control over Mephisto. While Mephisto was revealed to be responsible for the transformation of Johnny Blaze into the Ghost Rider, it was ultimately God who allowed Johnny to survive the ordeal.

In the comics, it is revealed that the only reason Johnny Blaze was able to cope with the demonic transformation into Ghost Rider was God’s blessing, without which, he would not have been able to endure the transformation. 

God did not just bless Johnny Blaze, but also allowed him to become merely a conduit for heaven’s righteous anger and judgment, allowing him to cleanse the world of evil. Ultimately, it is the divine intervention of God that gave the Ghost Rider his powers and his mission.

What is Ghost Rider’s weakness?

Ghost Rider’s significant weakness is his reliance on the power of his Penance Stare to combat evil. The Penance Stare absorbs the sins of its victims, forcing them to feel immense remorse and repent their wrongdoings. 

It is a powerful tool, but it cannot be used haphazardly, as any user could potentially have a devastating consequence. 

Furthermore, despite the power of the Penance Stare, Ghost Rider is still vulnerable to many of the same weaknesses as other human beings, such as physical injury, psychological traumas, and magical attacks.

Despite his weaknesses, Ghost Rider is still a powerful character and has proven himself against many great opponents in the Marvel universe. 

However, in a face-off between him and Thanos, it’s likely Thanos’ magical power would tip the odds in his favor, leaving Ghost Rider the loser of that battle.

Who does Thanos fear?

When Thanos finally had control over all six Infinity Stones, he ascended to a level of power that he could have never hoped to achieve before. 

With all six stones in his possession, Thanos was now close to becoming one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. 

While on his mission to acquire the stones’ power, Thanos openly showed a level of fear when it came to facing off against the Hulk, thus making his journey to ultimate power more of a risk than expected. 

Despite his uncertainty, Thanos’s ambition and resilience allowed him to reach his goal and eventually gain control of the stones.


In conclusion, Thanos wins when it comes to a battle between the two formidable forces. Despite Ghost Rider’s impressive supernatural powers of the Penance Stare and his supernatural combustion powers, Thanos’ god-like strength, powerful weapon and armor, and unmatched intelligence make him an opponent that Ghost Rider cannot match. 

No one knows for sure what would happen in a fight between Thanos and Ghost Rider, but based on these criteria, it is clear that Thanos comes out on top.

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