The Doctor’s newest adventures look like they’ll be wilder than ever! 

As the September 19th premiere of the ninth series of BBC sci-fi Doctor Who draws ever closer, impatient fans have had their appetites wetted with many sneak peeks of actor Peter Capaldi’s second season on board the TARDIS, including a newly released second trailer. 

The trailer features more glimpses of popular guest star Maisie Williams, of Game of Thrones fame, in her secretive role, as well as a bevy of new and old enemies, like the Zygons (whom the Doctor will be facing alongside returning favorite Osgood) and the Daleks. (Check out the trailer below!)

Speaking of Daleks, UK Whovians are getting the chance to stretch their creativity muscles through BBC’s Make It Digital program, which has launched the Mission Dalek competition. The contest calls upon all creators to formulate a story of one of the Doctor’s confrontations with his lifelong foes based on given clues. To find out more information, download creative assets, and join in on the fun, visit the competition’s page on the BBC website at