In this jam-packed review, we will be covering two books that are quite similar in topics. First, we have, Girls Resist! by KaeLyn Rich and secondly, we have, Wonder Women written by Sam Maggs and illustrated by Sophia Foster-Dimino. Both of these books are published under Quirk Books and amazing features from this year. Easily in our top five.

We will be reviewing and conversing about Girls Resist! first and then Wonder Women secondly. Both of these books compliment each other incredibly well in terms of content, so The Daily Fandom wanted to make a whole review in one for the both of them. As always, each book will be linked and the authors just the same.

Girls Resist! A Guide To…

…activism, leadership, and starting a revolution. Is the correct title of the book; and, good golly, it goes into depth about each one of those topics. Girls Resist! is about 233 pages long. The book is a comprehensive guide for teens who are ready to stand up for change or make one along the way as well.

Girls Resist! delves into particular topics such as — Activism 101, Creating a campaign plan, Protests, petitions, and taking action, and so much more we will delve into ourselves. KaeLyn Rich is a staff writer for the queer website A feminist, direct-action organizer, nonprofit lifer, and sexuality educator. KaeLyn Rich is a marvelous author, person, and someone who will boast about a little later on in this article.

Much Needed Advice To The Upcoming Generation

Now, throughout GIRLS RESIST! we get a ton of great advice, especially on page twenty-three and twenty-four about ‘Gender Norms.’ On this two pages, we learn all about how to confront the gender norms and how to break the binary. Rich gives us a few pieces of advice on how to be more inclusive in the pronouns we use.

  • Instead of saying: ‘men and women,’ try saying ‘everyone.’
  • Instead of: ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ try saying, ‘distingusted guests.’

Throughout the book, the reader is left informed and enlightened. The above example is not the only time Rich makes an impact. Rich then goes on to help you make a team, create a campaign digitally, and explain what ‘Messaging‘ is. (See below for what ‘Messaging‘ is.)

  1. Messaging is everything you put out to the public that tells what your campaign is about.
  2. It’s a strategy that takes your campaign plan – your goals, targets, potential allies and opponents – and distills it into the words that resonate, persuade, and cut to the heart of your issue.
  3. It is about using your words to win.

If you want to feel empowered and enlightened, I would check out GIRLS RESIST! What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing. Both of these books today are powerful and can be used to empower the little girls we know we once were. We need more empowered young girls in 2019.

Wonder Women – 25 Women Who Changed History (For The Better!)

In Wonder Women by Sam Maggs, illustrated by Sophia Foster-Dimino we have 25 innovators, inventors, and trailblazers who changed history. This book is so wonderful because we got the chance to read about some unique trailblazers in history we may not have known otherwise.

A Magnificent Book To Read

Maggs and Foster-Dimino’s book is formatted by topic, we have science, medicine, adventure, innovation, and espionage (not in that order). What this book does well is informing the reader in such a unique way. It is essentially made for your wonderful daughters, cousins, aunts, sons, and brothers to read.

I’m going to speak when and where I wish. No man will stop me.

Marie Equi, 1872-1952 (Wonder Women)

It is meant to teach these young kids about women innovators. Women you don’t hear about in history class or talk about in your day-to-day life. For example, and to be noted below:

  • Ada Lovelace – 1815 to 1852 | British Mathematician and Programmer.
  • Anandi Joshi – 1865 to 1887 | Indian Doctor
  • Marie Equi – 1872 to 1952 | American Doctor and Birth Control Advocate

A few examples of great women that we learned about for the first time in this book. What is an added bonus in this already fantastic book are the endings to the section. In each section there is a “honorable mention” section, basically, and it’s going to other amazing women that they may not have had the time to mention in-depth like the previous. 

On top of that, they also have a Q&A with different women in each section. The Q&A is going to be a woman in that particular field, but it adds to the uniqueness of this book. One of our favorite aspects of this book were those moments you would reach at the end of a section. It was a humbling experience to now have this book on our bookshelf. 

The Takeaways from GIRLS RESIST! and Wonder Women

What I love about both of these books is the pure foundation to inform. Both of these authors had the motivation to motivate and inform the reader and did an outstanding job on each book here.

If you have the time and want to feel empowered on your way to work, school, and in general life read these two books. Read them, buy them, and adore them on your bookshelf every day. They are those books that – in a few years’ time – you will incredibly happy you bought.

Here’s to the future generation!

Girls Resist! by KaeLyn Rich and Wonder Women by Sam Maggs and Sophia Foster-Dimino.
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