American Pickers is a reality TV show on the History channel, where Mike and Frank, with the help of Danielle, look for antique gold in America by visiting locations that are reselling their collectibles or throwing them away. 

Who passed away on American Pickers?

Rumour has it that Frank Fritz from American Pickers passed away in a fatal car crash. However, Frank is very much alive and kicking.

A person that the Picker duo did pass away, and was paid tribute to in the show, is Staunton Al Morkunas- a toy collector whose house they seemed to have visited in one of their episodes. 

Who Passed Away On American Pickers

Who is the new guy on American Pickers?

Season 22 of American Pickers created quite some furor, given the absence of Frank Fritz. This well-loved character was replaced by Jersey Jon, who had made a few appearances on the show himself before Season 22. 

Jersey Jon is a talented picker in his own self-taught glory, with an eye for observation and vintage objects, of course.

Apart from his ability to restore practically any antique from decades and centuries ago, he also harbours a deep love for motorcycles. 

Nicknamed ‘Preserver of Memories’ by his town, Jersey Jon easily rose to fame through his regular appearances in Season 22. 

Why is Frank no longer on American Pickers?

The reason for Frank Fritz’s absence is not without controversy. Several rumors have surfaced since the premiere of season 22, and Mike Wolfe, Dainelle Colby and Frank have made their own statements during press interviews and on their social media. 

While Frank insists that all he had was a back surgery followed by a pandemic, after which the show seemed to have seamlessly moved on from him, there seems to be some underlying feud with co-stars that is being spoken about as well. 

While no one can confirm anything for good until the producers give a statement (and it is high time that they do), it is clear that Frank Fritz might not be returning to the show anytime soon. 

Who is Mike Wolfe married to?

Mike Wolfe was married to Jodi Faeth from 2012 to 2020, and they have a child together as well. Mike and Faeth filed for divorce within ten years of marriage, and they now have joint custody of their daughter, Charlie. 

What does Robbie Wolfe do for a living?

what happened to the man on american pickers

Robbie Wolfe is the brother of regular American Pickers host Mike Wolfe. He became renowned after his many appearances on the same show and rose to be a TV star.

He is a successful American entrepreneur as well and owns his own landscaping company called RJ Wolfe & Sons which he has been running for more than two decades. He also had a short stint as a musician. 

Is American Pickers Cancelled?

No, American Pickers is not canceled. Frank Fritz, however, one of the co-hosts has seemingly left the show. This is why a lot of fans feel like it would not be the same anymore.

Frank has been replaced by Jeremy Jon, who has appeared on a few episodes before as well, so the audience has been quite kind in accepting him. 

How many seasons are there on American Pickers? 

American Pickers on History Channel has been running for a whopping 3 seasons, the pilot premiering in 2010, and the latest one airing early this year (2022).

what happened to the partners on american pickers

What is American Pickers about?  

what happened to the original partner on american pickers

American Pickers is a reality TV show that follows Mike Wolfe and  Frank Fritz, antique collectors, and pickers. The two hosts travel around America and buy, dig up, and scavenge for vintage items that might have been put up for resale.

A third collectible enthusiast Danielle Colby runs the Antique Archeology, which Wolfe owns, which also acts as the home base for Mike and Frank, and the show of course. 

The series has been running since 2010 on the History Channel and is produced by A&E Television Networks along with Cineflix Media. 

Where can I watch American Pickers? 

You can watch the show American Pickers on the History channel, and also stream it on HULU. It follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, who travel all over the American nation in search of vintage antiques and collectibles. 

Are Mike and Danielle from American Pickers dating? 

what happened to mike from american pickers

Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby share a very wholesome and fulfilling friendship for the longest time. However, they are not dating, much to fans’ dismay.

However, Danielle is dating photographer and artist Jeremy Scheuch, and both of them are even engaged to be married! Mike Wolfe on the other hand, was married to Jodi Faeth until 2020; the two have gotten divorced since, but share joint custody of their daughter Charlie. 

Why did Mike and Frank fall out?

The popular History Channel show American Pickers became an overnight success when it premiered in 2010.

The show follows Mike and Frank, two professional pickers, as they travel the country in search of hidden treasures in old barns and sheds.

Mike and Frank have an ironically close relationship, but toward the middle of the show’s 14-season run, it became clear that something had changed in the dynamic between them. Fans began to speculate about why Mike and Frank had fallen out.

When the show began, Mike and Frank’s friendship was undeniable. They knew the ins and outs of each other’s personalities, from Mike’s love of antiques to Frank’s sarcastic banter.

Together, they made a formidable team, snatching up vintage finds with apparent ease. Each show brought exciting new discoveries and often ended with the two pals laughing and embracing, celebrating the day’s take.

But as the show progressed, viewers noticed a subtle difference in Mike and Frank’s relationship.

Although they were still laughing and remarking on the interesting pieces they found, their interactions lacked the same enthusiasm and lightness they had before. It seemed clear that something was wrong between them.

Theories emerged as to why Mike and Frank had fallen out. Some fans speculated that the two were arguing over money, as they often were shown negotiating with sellers over prices.

Others pointed out that the many years on the road had taken its toll, and the constant travel and exhausting days of picking had worn on their friendship.

More than a few thought that their friendship had been the victim of the show staff’s decision to focus more on the treasures and less on their personal dynamics.

Regardless of the reason, it’s clear that something shifted within Mike and Frank’s friendship.

Their banter and deep connection may disappear from time to time, but Mike and Frank are still true friends, who can ultimately put the past aside and work together in pursuit of the next great find.

What did Frank from American Pickers go to jail for?

According to WQAD, Frank Fitz was arrested in 2017 after driving the wrong way on an Iowa interstate. He was charged with an OWI and acknowledged drinking before getting in the car.

The “American Pickers” co-host ultimately pleaded guilty and agreed to the court’s terms

Do Mike and Frank both own Antique Archaeology?

No, the American Pickers duo own separate antique shops, which house premium and valuable collectibles that they have acquired through their travels in the United States.

Frank Fritz runs Frank Fritz Finds in Savannah, Illinois, and Mike owns Antique Archaeology in Nashville, Tennessee.

It is Mike’s antique shop that makes more appearances on the American Pickers show so a lot of viewers believe that both the hosts co-own the set-up, however that is not true. 

Do the American Pickers actually drive?

who on American pickers died

Yes, despite having a huge crew, the pickers always drove to every location. So an elaborate fleet of vehicles follows the cast as they hop from one house to another, discovering and collecting items. 

How old is Frank and Mike from American Pickers?

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, of them, are 56 and 57 years old respectively. Frank was born on the 11th of October in 1965, and Mike Wolfe was born on the 11th of June in 1964.

Who is replacing Frank on American Pickers?

Since the passing of Frank Fritz, one of the main characters of the popular TV show American Pickers, that left fans of the show asking who would be replacing him.

After his death in November 2020, his family, colleagues, and fans have been mourning his loss and the void he left behind.

Mike Wolfe, the namesake of the show, has been the most outspoken about his partner’s loss. He tweeted: “I can’t believe that my partner, friend, and brother for so many years is gone. Frank Fritz has been a part of my life for a long time.

I am sorry to all of the Pickers fans and everyone else who has known Frank, but most of all, I am sorry for his family’s loss. We love you, Frank.”

The production company for American Pickers, Cineflix, has also released a statement about their loss: “Frank Fritz was an original and beloved member of the American Pickers family.

His good-natured enthusiasm, optimism, and wit made those long days of pickin’ and digging into history all the more enjoyable.

His enthusiasm and passion for the treasure hunt shared through the TV screen made him an iconic figure in the world of collecting. He will be missed.”

Replacing Frank won’t be an easy task to do. In the show, Mike and Frank would travel the country in search of items with historical or cultural significance, as well as interesting stories behind each item.

It’s clear that the bond Mike and Frank shared was unique, and fans enjoyed their dynamic for 19 seasons. To build up the chemistry, a new picker will have to “click” with Mike the same way Frank did.

At the moment, there is no official word on who will be taking over the show, but the fans have a few suggestions. Some are advocating for Danielle Colby-Cushman, who was a full-time fixture on the show since Season 3.

She is the co-owner of Antique Archaeology, where the show’s finds get stored. There are also some devoted fans who are proposing other collectors from the show, such as Robbie Wolfe and Mark Wahlberg.

The production company has been mum about who will be replacing Frank, but one thing is for sure—it won’t be easy to replace him.

Frank was a crucial part of the show, and bringing on someone new to fill his shoes will be a delicate process that requires patience, chemistry, and dedication to continue the legacy that he left behind.

Fans are eagerly waiting to find out who the new American Pickers team member is, and if it can ever be the same without the ever-present Frank.

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