The question of “Who is Will’s brother?” has caused great speculation among fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things. 

Will’s brother is Jonathan Byers, played by actor Charlie Heaton. While Jonathan is not the main protagonist of the show, he is integral to the plotline, as he helps uncover the true nature of the mysterious world in which the show exists. 

While his relationship with his brother is strained at times, the two brothers rely heavily on each other to get through their various trials and tribulations introduced by the show. 

Jonathan’s journey to understanding and accepting the world around him is one filled with both danger and discovery.

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Who Is Will’s Brother?

In the Netflix series Stranger Things, Will’s older brother is named Jonathan Byers. He is the main character in the show and plays an important role in the story. Jonathan is portrayed by actor Charlie Heaton.

Will's Brother

What happened to Will Byers’s brother?

Will Byers had a brother named Jonathan, who was four years older than Will. Jonathan had a good relationship with his younger brother, they were even known to play Dungeons & Dragons together. 

Jonathan was exceptionally smart and enjoyed learning new things, like photography.

Suddenly, during the summer, Jonathan disappeared. No one could locate him; it was almost as if he simply vanished. 

Will was heartbroken over the disappearance of his older brother, yet kept his hopes alive that Jonathan would one day come back.

The truth was soon revealed that Jonathan was kidnapped by the Upside Down’s monster. 

Stranger things began to occur in the small town, reinforcing the existence of an alternate reality.

It was then that Will and his friends searched for clues in the Upside Down, ultimately finding an unconscious Jonathan.

Who is Will Byers, the real dad?

Lonnie is the distrustful ex-husband of Joyce, and father to Will and Jonathan. He was introduced to the viewers of the show in the first season. 

At the time, Joyce’s relationship with Lonnie wasn’t great. We see later, however, that the two eventually share some brief moments in which they discuss their son’s disappearance, but their relationship remains uneasy. 

One thing is certain though. Despite Will’s strained relationship with his father. One of the major factors that play into Will’s Father being Lonnie is the fact that the Biren family had broken up the year prior to Will’s disappearance in Season 1. 

Lonnie had moved away and Joyce, his ex-wife, was raising Will and Jonathan by herself. This means that at least for the past year, Lonnie had not been part of their lives.

Who is Will’s bully in Stranger Things?

James Dante is portrayed by Cade Jones in the first season of Stranger Things. His bullies have a major impact on Will’s aliveness in Hawkins, Indiana. 

James is often shown to be the more aggressive between him and his partner-in-crime, Troy, and from the beginning is determined to make Will’s life a living hell. 

While Troy is more of a mouth-running bully, James takes the lead in physical intimidation and is unwilling to listen when Will asks him to stop. 

He has several interactions with Will throughout the first season, in which James goes out of his way to mock and threaten Will. James is also shown to be an opportunist. 

He frequently leads Troy and other friends into situations that could potentially work against Will, such as when they spy on the Party and ultimately help lead the Mind Flayer to Byers house. 

It’s clear that James is enthused by this chance to come out on top, and consistently uses his intelligence and manipulation to get his way.

Does the Byers family move back to Hawkins?

However, after leaving Hawkins in season 4, the Byers family moved to the fictional town of Lenora Hills in California, which made fans shocked and surprised. 

Many viewers had thought Hawkins would be their home forever, but this move was a huge change of direction for the series. 

Fans have speculated that Will’s brother could be a character from Hawkins that the creators of the show have cleverly hidden in the fabric of the show’s history, meaning it would be important to keep the Byers in Hawkins in order for the mystery to be solved. 

will's older brother stranger things

This is one of the major plot points that has been teasing fans ever since the reveal of Will’s brother, and it’s understandably making many hesitant at the prospect of the Byers leaving the town. 

As of now, the Byers family has made their new home in Lenora Hills, and it’s unclear if they will make the move back to Hawkins anytime soon.

What happened to Will Byers family?

Will Byers’ family has undergone a lot of hardships and trauma over the years. His mother Joyce Byers and father Lonnie Byers are separated. 

And his older brother Jonathan Byers has taken on a caretaker role for his fragile family. Will was the youngest of the Byers family and his parents were focused on helping him blossom and reach his full potential. 

who is wills brother jonathan byers

It took Will Byers three months to finally let go of the lingering emotions he had been dealing with ever since he and his friends defeated the sinister Mind Flayer

His severe PTSD required the help of his family, friends, and Dr. Owens to prevail through the toughest of times, and now with the danger somewhat in the background. 

It was time for Will and his family to embark on a new journey. With a heavy heart, he tearfully said goodbye to his friends as his family and Eleven moved out of Hawkins and relocated to Lenora Hills, California. 

Are Will and Jonathan half-siblings?

Jonathan Byers was born in 1967 to Lonnie and Joyce Byers. He is the older brother of Will Byers and is known for his gentle and reliable nature. 

Raised in Hawkins, Indiana, Jonathan was a socially isolated teenager. He developed strong bonds with the local kids, especially in relation to his sibling, Will, who he has a strong brotherly bond with. 

His determination to protect and look after his little brother often drives him to extraordinary feats, even when the odds are stacked against him.


In conclusion, it is clear that Will’s brother is a very important figure in his life. Not only has he been a constant source of support and guidance throughout Will’s life, but he has also been a mentor, best friend, and brother to him. 

Will’s brother has been someone who Will always counted on, and his presence in his life is an invaluable asset. 

Despite the fact that Will’s brother may not always be seen or heard from, his influence is ever-present in Will’s life and his spirit is ever-present in his heart. 

As a result, it is safe to say that Will’s brother is an indispensable member of his life and will always be held near and dear to Will’s heart.

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