Who is Who in the Chat Room in Durarara

Who Is Who In The Chat Room In Durarara 2022?

Want to know Who is Who in the chat room in Durarara? Find out who is who and what their role in the story is by reading this blog post.

The Chat Room is a place where the members can chat with others about the current topics of Ikebukuro town. Random people cannot join the Chat Room and they can only participate if they have been invited by the admin; Izaya Orihara.

The Chat Room isn’t just a normal chat room in Durarara!! anime series because the meaning is much deeper than what it appears.

The Chat Room is shown throughout the series but it can become difficult to keep up because there are way too many characters to keep track of and you need to know the people part of the conversation at any given point.

Who Is Who In The Chat Room In Durarara

Who Is Who In The Chat Room In Durarara?

Characters And Their Handles In The Chat Room

Many characters in Durarara!! are shown to be a part of the Chat Room but not all of the major characters are invited to be a part of the Chat Room. Here are some of the characters, their handles, and their role in the Chat Room. 

Izaya Orihara

Izaya Orihara’s handle is Kanra and Chrome and he knows every single person in Ikebukuro. He is the Chat Room administrator although his invitation is not required for people to join.

The members need the site’s address to use Chat Room. He is the best at creating trouble and manipulating the people of the Ikebukuro town.

Mikado Ryuugamine

Mikado Ryuugamine’s handle is Tanaka Tarou. He knows Izaya and Masaomi in real life. Mikado is one of the major characters who go through quite an arc in the series. He is also a part of the Dollars gang. He uses the Dollars site too.

Anri Orihara

Anri Orihara’s handle on the Chat Room is Saika. Initially, she was not in control as there were Saika’s children who got a hold of the handle and were using it to spam other users in the Chat Room. Eventually, Anri got control of the handle and since then uses it.

Celty Sturluson

Celty Sturluson’s handle on the member-only chat room is Setton. She is a frequent member of the Chat Room as we see her log into it several times throughout the series. She is also a frequent visitor to the gaming rooms.

Mairu Orihara and Kururi Orihara

Mairu Orihara and Kururi Orihara are Izaya’s younger sisters. Mairu and Kururi are twins. Mairu’s Chat Room handle is Mai/San while Kururi’s handle is Kuru/Kyou.

These two are always up for mischief and they swap their handles with each other to confuse the various members.

Masaomi Kida

Masaomi Kida’s handle is Bacura. He is a good friend of Mikado and Anri. Masaomi’s handle was stolen at a point (by Izaya) but he reclaimed it back and uses it frequently like his friends to know what is going on currently in the town.

Chat Room Is Not The Dollars Site

Many times, both are mentioned in Durarara!! and it can get confusing which one is being referred to. Many viewers thought that the two are the same thing but with two different names. However, that is not true.

The Dollars website is different and it enables all the members to post while the Chat Room is invite-only where members can chat with others.

dollars chatroom

The Dollars website requires a password to access and it consists of forums. Some characters are a part of both while others have an account on only one of these.  

Chat Room Is Vital For The Narrative

The Chat Room in Durarara!! is critical because it helps the narrate the story and takes it forward in new ways. It provides an unconventional approach to storytelling which is one of the main reasons behind the series’ popularity.

Furthermore, the Chat Room shows the various perspectives of many characters on a single incident thereby delving into the characters even more.

It shows people’s relationships with each other and even though many know each other by name, they don’t know which handle they use! In fact, oftentimes the character identities are revealed with the help of the other characters.

For instance, we see that Izaya’s identity is revealed and Mikado is one of the first people who find out about him.

Mikado is aware of his best friend’s handle as well. When Masaomi finds out about Izaya’s handle, Izaya uses the Chrome handle for misleading him.

Celty and Anri know each other’s handles. Initially, Saika’s children used the handle Saika to troll others as they were behind the Slasher attacks causing panic among the residents and members.

Anri was not in full control of the handle until she defeated Haruna after which she could use the handle like the other members instead of spamming and trolling.

Durarara!! wouldn’t be the same without the Chat Room because there is so much going on in it that is important for the audience to understand.

durarara chat room colors

Did you like the way Chat Room was used in Durarara!!? Do you remember the handles of all the major characters?

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