Pop Smoke was a popular American songwriter, rapper, and singer who was known as the face of Brooklyn drill.

He was riding high on success before his life was cut short. He was shot in February 2020. A rapper who sounded similar to him started making waves months later.

Who’s the rapper that sounds like Pop Smoke?

Dusty Locane is the rapper who sounds quite similar to Pop Smoke. When he put out his first single called ‘Rollin n Controllin Freestyle’, on August 7th, 2020, he probably didn’t know he will become viral.

Who is the rapper that sounds like Pop Smoke

But eventually, his voice reached people globally who started to draw comparisons between him and the late Pop Smoke. This is when things started to turn around for the Brooklyn rapper.

What makes Dusty Locane sound similar to Pop Smoke?

People have pointed to the similarity in the growls of Dusty Locane and Pop Smoke. Many say the ad-libs are also quite similar to the late Pop Smoke. His delivery is also quite similar to the late rapper.

Some have accused Dusty Locane of trying to take the place of Pop Smoke rather than creating music of his own and being unique. Dusty Locane is unperturbed and continues to make music.

Where was Dusty Locane born?

Dusty Locane was born on June 11th, 1999 in Canarsie. His father is Haitian while his mother is Trinidadian. He was raised in Soca.

From his childhood, he was interested in singing as he loved listening to music and singing along. He was more interested in going to college to play professional basketball but had to leave after just attending for a semester.

What is Dusty Locane’s real name?

Dusty Locane’s real name has not been revealed yet to the public and he is carefully keeping it under wraps at the moment. Maybe in the future, he might reveal his actual name.

pop smoke cousin rapper

When did Dusty Locane show interest in music?

He never thought about rapping until he was released from jail. He said it was eight months after coming out of jail that he realized he wanted to rap and he did.

This is when he started to think seriously about his career in the music industry. Although it just happened by chance, he is happy he has made an impact on the Brooklyn drill scene.

Why does he call himself Dusty Locane?

When asked by Fucious Tv about his choice of name Dusty Locane, he said the two parts of his name were picked for two distinct reasons.

He said ‘Dusty’ refers to a personality trait whereby you do things a particular way and you are courageous. It is a term used often where he grew up. ‘Locane’, which means gang, was added to make the name sound fancy.

Is Dusty Locane related to Pop Smoke?

It was rumored that Dusty Locane is Pop Smoke’s cousin due to how similar their style of rapping is. But Pop Smoke’s brother, Obasi Jackson, cleared the air and said that the two are not related thereby putting the rumor to rest.

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Dusty Locane also came forward to clarify that they simply knew each other when they were kids.

Did Pop Smoke know Dusty Locane?

Dusty Locane and Pop Smoke grew up in the same neighborhood in Canarsie and went to the same school; P. S. 66. They knew each other in elementary school until 5th grade before Pop Smoke moved away. Dusty Locane revealed this in an interview.

Why didn’t Dusty Locane come forward when Pop Smoke died?

Although Dusty Locane knew Pop Smoke, he felt it was wrong to come up and say that he knew him all along.

Even when Pop Smoke became famous for his rapping, Dusty Locane said that he didn’t want to go around saying that he knew him because it would be trying to take advantage of Pop Smoke’s popularity.

How did Dusty Locane become so popular?

When Dusty’s first single debuted, it crossed more than a million views on YouTube. Things started to speed up when DJ Akademik posted on Instagram.

He posted a clip of the song along with the caption ‘Tell me y’all heard this… this dude sounds exactly like the Big Woo. We finna vibe out to this dude.’ It blew up after that as it reached a brand new audience.

Which label is Dusty Locane signed to?

Dusty Locane is signed to Empire Distribution, Records and Publishing Inc. Empire is focused on releasing albums in mainly the hip-hop genre although it sometimes releases music from other genres too. Some of the top artists it has signed are Cardi B and Kendrick Lamar.

Who does Dusty Locane look up to?

Dusty Locane doesn’t shy away when talking about people who have had a big influence on his music.

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He says he looks up to 2pac, Jay-Z, and The Notorious B.I.G. as they have paved a way for other musicians to create their names in the industry.

What was Dusty Locane’s debut single?

His debut single was called ‘Rollin N Controllin Freestyle’. It debuted in August 2020 and within a short span of time, it had more than 1 million views on YouTube and other music streaming platforms. By May 2022, his debut single has amassed over 39 million views on YouTube. 

What is Dusty Locane’s debut album called?

His debut album is called Untamed and it was released at the starting of December 2021. He was going to release it in November but due to the sudden death of Young Dolph, he pushed the release date to December.

Is Dusty Locane fearful about always being in the shadow of Pop Smoke?

As his stardom is attributed to the similarity between him and Pop Smoke, many wonder if he feels pressurized. Dusty Locane is chill about it and says ‘Time will do the talking for me.’

Although some people have been harsh saying Dusty Locane is imitating Pop Smoke’s style, his recent album has shown that he has range and he is capable of doing it on his own.

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