Want to know who is Sutton in Durarara? Check out this blog post for all the details on the character, from his background to his story arc.

The Chat Room is where some people from the Ikebukuro town discuss the latest news including gossip with other members.

With all the major characters being a part of the Chat Room, it can get confusing which alias is used by which character.

It can be difficult to keep track because they are not always so straightforward! We are here to tell you who is Sutton or Setton in Durarara!! Chat Room and why this character is among the most compelling ones in the anime series and manga.

We will also get into why the Chat Room is vital for Setton when compared to the other major characters in the anime series.

Who is Sutton in Durarara?

Who is Setton?

Who Is Sutton In Durarara

Setton is Celty Sturluson’s online name in the Chat Room. It is not revealed why she chose that alias though. Celty is one of the regulars in the Chat Room including other major characters such as Mikado Ryuugamine, Masaomi Kida, Izaya Orihara, and Anri Sonohara.

The Chat Room enables members to speak to one another about buzzworthy everyday happenings including incidents that are affecting the town’s people in mostly bad ways.

The Chat Room is not accessible to everyone as one needs to be invited to be able to use the Chat Room. Celty has been living in the town for many years and so she is a big part of the chat.

Izaya Orihara is the Chat Room’s admin. Celty got the site’s address from him which is how she is a part of the Chat Room.

We see her as a frequent user of the Chat Room. Setton also frequents gaming rooms along with a variety of message boards.

She doesn’t just listen to the news but is one of those determined characters who want to do something about it. She is serious about her duty to help the residents of Ikebukuro and so doesn’t just stop at consuming the news.

She speaks to the people and gets to the bottom of the matter such as in the case of the Slasher who attacked her. Instead of retaliating and just killing the Slasher, she decides to find out complete information about the Slasher through the Chat Room.

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Why the Chat Room is important for Setton?

We often see Celty logging into the Chat Room throughout the anime series and even in the light novels. The Chat Room is important because Celty gets information from it and can discuss serious matters with others easily.

As Celty’s head is missing, she communicates via typing and so for her, the Chat Room is a convenient way of speaking to the other members of the town.

who is sutton in durarara anime

Although Celty gets sufficient information when she is working, she still is surprised to learn about some new things when she has logged in to the Chat Room. The Chat Room is vital for her to know about some serious matters such as the Slasher.

The Chat Room shows us more layers of the different characters through their interactions. For instance, in the Saika Arc, Celty finds out about Shizuo’s rampage from Izaya through the Chat Room.

She goes to meet Shizuo as she respects him and asks him if he is alright. If it wasn’t for the Chat Room information she received, she might have probably found out about the matter at a much later date.

We see how Shizuo gets upset about Celty not killing the Slasher when she meets him and tells him about the attack from the Slasher. This is one of the instances where we see Celty going out of her way to understand a situation.

She gets more information about the Slasher from Izaya after she logs into the Chat Room. Izaya informs her about the Slasher attack on Shuuji (the man who interviewed her earlier).

The Chat Room in such instances acts as a way for Celty to find out about the Slasher and go to the right people to get reliable information.

Although Izaya doesn’t give away information quickly, he ends up helping her in the end by telling her about the Saika and how it controls people.

For Celty, getting information from the Chat Room is helpful because she cannot just roam around the town like the other characters. She doesn’t have that level of freedom.

The Chat Room in Durarara!! is interesting because it gives the audience a peek into what the various characters think about a certain topic.

Setton is among the major characters who derive information by chatting with others in the Chat Room. For Celty, the Chat Room is the place to gather the information that can help her find her attacker and solve crimes happening in Ikebukuro.

Her interactions through the Chat Room reveal her relationship with the other characters in Durarara!! Do you think Celty could have found a better alias in the Chat Room or do you think Setton suits her personality?  

What are all the durarara chat room identities?

When it comes to the mysterious chatroom identities of the beloved anime Durarara, there are a few people that stand out.

Among them is the infamous Sutton, who’s identity is still a bit of a mystery. So, who is Sutton and what are all the other identities lurking within the Durarara chatrooms?

First and foremost, we have “The King” who is often considered to be the ruler of the chatrooms. He is the mysterious figure behind the Durarara chatrooms, who remains anonymous alongside other identities like The Count, the Doctor, and of course, Sutton.

The King is known for taking part in various events and activities in Ikebukuro, and is said to possess a great knowledge of Ikebukuro’s secrets.

Next up is The Count, a mysterious entity who proclaims themself as a powerful figure within the chatroom. They often engage in transactions, where they will offer up powerful items or services in exchange for information.

This makes The Count both mysterious and intimidating, and their true identity is still yet to be revealed.

The Doctor is an unknown figure who communicates and mediates disputes between different chatrooms. They don’t often reveal their identity, and it’s suspected that they have a deep understanding of humans and the internet.

Other than their presence in the Durarara chatrooms, not much is known about The Doctor.

Last but not least, we have the mysterious Sutton. Not much is known about them, but their identity has become the subject of much speculation.

Some believe that Sutton is a lawyer or someone connected to high society, due to their tendency to dictate the laws of the chatroom.

Others believe that Sutton may be an AI, as a few of the messages they’ve sent contain words that don’t match up with any realistic humans.

Regardless of who they may be in the real world, Sutton remains an enigmatic figure within the chatrooms.

So, these are some of the mysterious identities that lurk among the chatrooms in Durarara. As of yet, their true identities remain shrouded in mystery and speculation.

From The King to Sutton, each of these identities offer something unique and intriguing to the Durarara chatroom. Who knows who or what lies beneath the surface of these digital identities? Only time will tell.

What is the significance of chat room colors in Durarara?

Durarara 2023 is an exciting and quirky anime series set in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district that follows a cast of characters with intertwining lives.

With so much going on in this complicated story, it can be a bit confusing to keep track of all the characters. One important character that is often discussed is Sutton, and their significance in the story is integral.

But what is Sutton’s role, and what is the significance of chat room colors in Durarara?

Sutton is a chatroom user belonging to the Moonlight Blade chat room; the colors of the chatroom represent each of the characters’ personalities, while also contributing to the narrative of the story.

The colors reveal connections between the characters, providing clues and clues as to who they are and how they might be related.

For example, Shizuo and Izaya are both blue; this suggests a rivalry between the two, as blues are cooler and tend to argue with each other.

Meanwhile, other chatroom colors like yellow and pink indicate a sense of joy, innocence, or friendship.

Yellow is associated with Celty and Shinra, who are close friends; meanwhile, pink is associated with Anri, who is often portrayed as an innocent character.

By looking at their respective colors in the chatroom, it’s easy to get an idea of what their relationships are like and how they might have an impact on the story.

The use of colors in the chatroom also reflects the overarching themes of the series, such as anonymity and identity.

The use of colors makes it easier for viewers to differentiate between characters, highlighting the fact that even though they share the same online space, they’re all unique individuals with their own personal stories.

As most of the characters in the series remain anonymous, the colors provide an extra layer of mystery, as we don’t know who each character is until their story is revealed.

In summary, chatroom colors are significant in Durarara because they provide a way for the viewers to distinguish between the different characters, as well as a way for the series to explore the nuances of identity and anonymity.

The colors also offer clues as to which characters may have a connection with one another, revealing the complicated web of relationships that exist in the series.

Most importantly, the chatroom colors are essential for understanding Sutton’s role in Durarara, as the colors helped to reveal Sutton’s identity and the true nature of their relationship with the other characters.

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