Released in 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas stands among the best Halloween classics even today! With memorable characters such as Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, Barrel, and Sally, the movie is one that will remain on top of classic animation movies in years to come.

Who is Shock in The Nightmare Before Christmas

Shock is a member of the group known as Boogie’s Boys in the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. The other two members are Lock and Barrel.

Lock is the leader of the trio although Shock tries to be the leader at times even though she eventually settles to just following Lock’s instructions. The trio is also called the ‘best trick-or-treaters’ in town.

Who are Lock, Shock, and Barrel?

Lock, Shock, and Barrel live in Halloween Town and they are known for causing mischief just for fun. Essentially, they work for Oogie Boogie and are known as his henchmen.

They are the secondary antagonists in the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas as Oogie Boogie is the main antagonist. However, they play a crucial role in the movie as they kidnap Sandy Claws.

How did Shock die?

Going by her looks such as the stringy and wiry hair, purple lips, and ashy skin, many believe that she was possibly electrocuted. Some theories suggest that she died of natural causes one of them being suicide.

But since she is a 7-year-old child, this theory doesn’t seem correct. There are no immediate clues about what could have happened and so it is not completely clear.

How did Lock and Barrel die?

Lock may have frozen to death because of his blue lips, pale skin, and yellow eyes. During Halloween, he wears a Devil costume which is associated with fire meaning he wants warmth.

Barrel’s death was probably caused by drowning because of how his face is extremely pale and his lips are green. He wears a skeleton costume which may point to his desire for a proper funeral.

Is Shock the smartest of the trio?

Shock is shown to be the smartest one out of the three because she is always scheming and making plans that are most likely to work.

We see this side of her especially when she is putting together a plan to abduct ‘Sandy Claws’ in the song ‘kidnap the Sandy Claws’. She is logical even though she wants to wreak havoc just like the other two.

What are the personality traits of Shock?

Shock knows that she is intelligent and she doesn’t shy away from being the witty one. She is the most confident member of the Boogie’s Boys group and she shows her desire to be the leader of the group as the other two are dumb in her opinion.

She doesn’t let arguments and fights between the trio last for long and diffuses them as soon as possible.

Is Shock a girl or a boy?

There is debate as to whether Shock is a girl or a boy because the trio is referred to as Boogie’s Boys by the Mayor. Shock is a girl because she dresses like a witch.

If you pay close attention to her voice then you can tell that it is that of a girl compared to the other two characters. Her dressing also indicates that she is a girl.

When does Shock appear in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

We see Shock along with her cohorts Lock and Barrel when Jack Skellington calls for them so they can kidnap Sandy Claws.

barrel from nightmare before christmas

Jack clearly specifies that they must not involve Oogie Boogie but the trio’s crossed fingers along with their mischievous laughter shows they are not going to comply. They appear together throughout the movie.

Which song do the trio sing when they are planning to kidnap Sandy Claws?

They sing ‘Kidnap the Sandy Claws’ where they think of a variety of ways to kidnap Sandy Claws from Christmas Town.

Each member comes up with a unique idea of kidnapping Sandy Claws and what to do thereafter with him. For example, throw him in a boiling pot, throw him in the ocean, and capture him in a cage.

How significant are the names Lock, Shock, and Barrel?

There is a deeper meaning to their names. ‘Lock, shock, and barrel’ is a phrase that refers to essential gun parts which means Lock, Shock, and Barrel are probably based on that as they always appear to be together.

The phrase also means a ‘set of something’. The trio is always seen together in the movie depicting their closeness and their ability to work better in a group.

Why do the Boogie’s Boys serve Oogie Boogie?

It is likely they are scared of Oogie Boogie who is the primary antagonist in The Nightmare Before Christmas. They admit wanting to always keep Oogie Boogie happy showing they are fearful of the consequences if they do otherwise.

They are shown to feed Oogie Boogie in his lair and even send Sandy Claws later in the movie.

how did lock shock and barrel die

Who voiced Lock, Shock and Barrel?

In the 1993 movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, Catherine O’Hara is the voice behind Shock while Paul Reubens has voiced Lock and Danny Elfman has voiced Barrel in the movie.

In the video games, Shock is voiced by Kath Soucie, Lock is voiced by Jess Harnell, and Barrel is voiced by Jeff Bennett and Dee Bradley Baker.

Does Oogie Boogie have less screen space than Boogie’s Boys?

Yes, his screen space is less than that of the Boogie’s Boys. Although Oogie Boogie is mentioned many times, his shadow appears first in the start of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

He is shown towards the end of the movie when Lock, Shock, and Barrel send Sandy Claws down to his lair. This is when we see him properly for the first time.

Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie?

The actual story takes place between Halloween and Christmas so it can be a movie that can easily be enjoyed during both holidays!

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