Longmire is a popular Western crime series that ran from June 2012 to November 2017. The first three seasons aired on A&E and the next three seasons aired on Netflix. Longmire is based on the book series Walt Longmire Mysteries by Craig Johnson.

Who is Hector on Longmire?

The character Hector in Longmire is a Cheyenne. He is also extremely strong as he used to box earlier and he resides on the reservation.

Cheyenne People who do not trust in the judgment of the court hire Hector to set the record straight and to get the justice that they rightly deserve.

Who is Hector on Longmire

Hector is often described as a vigilante and he is highly respected by the people of his community.

How was life before Longmire?

Life before Longmire was vastly different for Hector. Before his trailblazing, tough-guy climb to stardom, Hector was just another shy and unassuming otaku, hopelessly devoted to the world of anime.

A huge fan of Japanese culture, Hector’s bedroom was filled to the brim with collectibles, posters, and figurines adorning all four walls, most of which ranged from the iconic Dragon Ball characters to the less well-known ones from Meitantei Conan.

Hector had a lot of hobbies, but his biggest passion was watching anime. Every night before bed, Hector could be found plastered in front of the television or laptop, rooting for his favorite characters and getting lost in the world of fantasy and adventure that comes with being a fan of the genre.

There were times when Hector would even stay up all night, just so he didn’t have to miss a single episode of his beloved series.

Outside of his loyal devotion to entertainment, Hector was a skilled martial artist who spent much of his spare time in the dojo, perfecting his deadly technique.

With such an impressive knowledge of mixed martial arts, Hector quickly made a name for himself as a competent fighter.

Even though anime and martial arts occupied much of his time, Hector was also an avid painter. He had an eye for talent, and created masterpieces during his free time. His abstract works were praised by many and often sold for high prices.

In a lot of ways, Hector was in a content and happy place before Longmire. He had many hobbies and interests to keep him occupied and was living a life of quiet peace. But things changed when he was discovered by Cowboy Walt and cast in the hit crime drama.

It was this show that propelled Hector to the status of fame and success, and it’s clear that any life before then was just an ordinary one.

When does Hector first appear in Longmire?

We are first introduced to the character Hector in the episode ‘The Dog Soldier’ which is the 5th episode of season 1 of Longmire. From the get-go, it is easy to see how tough he is.

Why does Walt lock up Hector?

Walt thinks that it may be Hector who kidnapped the boys in the first place which is why he deems it best to arrest him and keep him locked up at that time given the circumstances.

Crystal also describes a man who tries to cause harm to her as she is driving. The man she describes fits Hector perfectly. This is when Walt tries to find Hector.

Why does Hector attack Walt?

what happened to hector on longmire

Walt tries to go after Hector but Hector can get hold of Walt before that. Hector attacks Walt showing that he is a powerful man who can easily kill.

Walt soon wakes up which is when Hector tells him that he is innocent. But Walt takes him into custody and throws him in jail on suspicion of murder and kidnapping.

Does Hector kidnap the children?

When the children are safely returned, Walt talks to them and the children say that it was the dog soldier. Hector is not the kidnapper as is revealed later on. 

Did Hector kill Miller Beck in Longmire?

Henry hires Hector to kill Miller Beck. Hector goes ahead with the plan and goes to Denver. However, Hector doesn’t kill Beck but critically injures him by beating him up with all his strength.

Hector knocks out Beck’s teeth and tells Walt he gave the teeth to Henry which are later found in Red Pony. Henry is arrested due to this revelation although Walt isn’t convinced he is the murderer.

Why does Crystal try to frame Hector?

She knows the law is more likely to be sympathetic towards her than to Hector. It is her evil ploy to slip through the system and save her reputation.

She knows that Hector is an easy target and if he goes behind bars then he may never come out again. We find out the truth when Walt confronts her and tells her he knows Hector didn’t commit a murder.

Why was Hector hired to kill Beck?

Miller Beck was responsible for the death of Martha Longmire which is the reason why Henry hired Hector to murder him.

Eventually, it is revealed that it was David Ridges who had hired Beck to murder Martha. Ridges worked for Barlow Connally who was the mastermind behind all this murder and he is the main culprit behind everything.

Why does Walt release Hector in episode 5 of season 1?

Nighthorse tells Walt that he doesn’t have a case against Hector and so either he has to file a case or release Hector. Walt chooses to release Hector, a move that confuses his staff.

who killed branch on longmire

However, he points out that it doesn’t make sense that the families would have paid Hector as he demands a lot because those people cannot afford it.

What is the line that he tells Vic and Branch when he releases Hector?

Branch along with Vic tries to reason with Walt saying that they should arrest Hector and keep him in custody as he attacked him.

But Walt does not listen and lets Hector go. He says the iconic line ‘You have to let a killer believe he is free to catch him.’

When does Hector last appear in Longmire?

If we are talking about the original Hector, then he appears for one last time in the 5th episode of season 3 which is when he is found murdered. This Hector does not make an appearance again in the Longmire series.

How was Hector murdered in Longmire?

He is murdered in the 5th episode of season 3. This was an unexpected twist that no one saw coming. Vic, Walk, and Branch find Hector in a cave who has been shot 3 times.

He identifies a photo of Bridges and tells them he is his attacker. Rather than let him die inside the cave, they bring him out so that he can die in peace. He does.

Who takes over as Hector after the original Hector dies?

Henry is the one who becomes the new Hector after the original one dies. This all starts after Malachi takes the Red Pony from him which infuriates Henry.

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He feels like he has nothing to live for anymore. To bring justice to the Cheyenne people who depended on Hector, Henry decides he will be the next Hector.

Who first finds out who the new Hector is?

The Chief of the Cheyenne Reservation Police, Mathias, is the one to figure out that Henry has taken the role of Hector.

He then gives two options to Henry; go to jail because he has the evidence of committing the crime or do exactly what he says as Hector.

Initially, Henry takes up the offer of the second as it will keep him out of trouble.

Why does Henry stop being Hector?

Mathias manipulates Henry and puts his life in danger when he gives him a task. Henry tells him he prefers to go to jail rather than be manipulated and purposefully put in danger as the new Hector.

He eventually decides that he cannot fulfill the role of Hector and so stops being someone he is not.

Development over the course of the Longmire Series

Hector is an intriguing, mysterious character in the Longmire television series, first appearing in the second season and becoming a series regular for the remainder of the show.

He is the owner of a local restaurant and the head of security for a powerful land acquisition company. Despite his rough exterior, Hector reveals himself to be a man of good character who is loyal and devoted to his friends.

Throughout the series, as the characterization of Hector developed, we saw him as a complicated individual with a sad past and few people that he could trust.

He is deeply troubled and haunted by his past and desires to free himself from it, yet it often draws him back in and can often be seen lurking in his expressions.

Throughout the series, he is shown as an important friend and a surrogate father figure to Walt and his deputy, Vic.

We also see Hector developing relationships with his ex-wife and her new partner, as well as his son whom he had abandoned when he was young.

This is a great opportunity to watch a character evolve and each time Hector adds a new layer of depth to his character.

It’s revealed that Hector used to be a soldier in the Mexican army, and later lived a dangerous life as an illegal immigrant in the United States.

Aside from his intricate personal narrative, Hector also provides a valuable service to the citizens of Absaroka County.

He runs a restaurant that caters to locals and visitors alike and his security company helps protect citizens from big corporations and malicious actors. He’s come a long way from his past, despite the painful memories that haunt him.

In the show, Hector is a major source of comic relief and his absent-mindedness often provides fun moments of lightheartedness amidst tense situations. He is also a source of great wisdom, providing invaluable advice to Walt and Vic when they need it most.

Hector is a complex character who has grown dramatically over the course of the Longmire series. He’s gone from a streetwise criminal to a respected businessman, from a lost soul to a loving father and friend.

He’s a great example of how people can change for the better, with some time and effort. His evolution in the show has been a joy to watch as he comes to terms with his past, embraces his new life and connects with the people around him.

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