Lately, Superman’s life has been a bit rocky. Our hero has dealt with the destruction of both the Shrunken City Of Kandor and his fortress. As well as saving the Earth from being trapped in the Phantom Zone. Now, after stopping the revenge-seeking alien Rogol Zarr, he tries to get his life back together. This is easier said than done because his son has returned from space and he is not the same boy he once was. That is where Superman #7 begins.

Superman #7 is the beginning of a new story that will change Superman’s life. Before readers can swoop into this issue there is certain information they should know. The Superman series picks up where the mini-series Man of Steel ended. There are a few comics that are necessary to read to fully understand Superman #7. So, let’s swoop into Metropolis and find out what has been happening in Superman’s life so far.

The ‘Super Comic List’

Here is a list of comics to read before you begin Superman #7:

The Superman Story So Far…

After the events of Man of Steel, Superman has been on the search for his family in space with no luck. After his heroic duties, he finds out that the Earth has been sucked into the Phantom Zone. As this occurs, Rogol Zarr, who has been trapped in the Phantom Zone, notices that Earth and Superman are now inside. He then begins to plan an attack on Earth and Superman. Superman begins to hypothesize that this event may have occurred during Rogol Zarr’s first attack on Earth.

Superman #7
Credit: Superman #2, DC Comics 2018

This was later debunked when Superman found out that this event isn’t Zarr’s doing at all; but, instead, a certain group of people. As Superman must deal with this group, a new problem arises. He must now stop and fight Zarr before he reaches Earth. Suddenly, the Atom finds the answer to save everyone and get them out of the Zone. With the Atom fixing the problem, he is devastated over Superman’s final decision. Remaining in the Phantom Zone, Superman and a new villainous ally begin to fight Rogal Zarr in a very bloody battle.

The Cliffhanger In Superman #6

Almost defeated, Superman is about to throw his final blow. Suddenly, he appears on Earth. The Atom was able to pull Superman out. Feeling terrible from the recent fight, he begins to go back to his heroic duties. Very distraught, he begins to sense someone that he knows, but they seem different in some way. Having doubts he turns and finds his son flying above him.

Actions In Action Comics?

Now Action Comics has its own storyline occurring during the run of this series. It is hard to place this somewhere but this fits perfectly in the last pages of Superman #6 when Clark is back on earth doing his heroic duty. In Action Comics #1004 Clark finds Lois Lane in a disguise and begins to ask her what is happening. After a kiss and some love-making, Clark wants answers.

Superman #7
Credit: Action Comics #1004, DC Comics 2018

Lois explains her reason, but the main reason was that she wanted to be alone. Superman detests that idea at first, but he surprisingly agrees to let her be alone for a while. The book soon ends with the couple kissing in the sky.

A Reunited Family

Superman #7 begins right where Superman #6 leaves off. Clark hugs his son and begins to question Jon’s appearance. Superman then takes Jon to Lois and the reunion becomes very emotional. Jon then begins to explain what exactly happened in space. The trip begins with a gigantic alien attack. Later, Jor-el, Jon, and Lois travel to a planet to get some food.

Superman #7
Credit: Superman #7, DC Comics 2019

Lois begins to feel uncomfortable when her space suit begins to attract attention. As she has the Superman crest on her suit, aliens begin to ask her for help. Jor-el steps up to say he will help these people in need. Lois then realizes that there is no point in being up in space and decides to leave. As Jon then ends the story, he explains that Jor-el is completely insane and must be stopped.

A Super Mistake With Superboy

First things first, before the review goes any further: why did this series age up Jonathan Kent? Jon Kent has been one of the most interesting characters to read in the Superman comics. Having a young Kryptonian learning his powers was glorious in itself, but having Superman as his father is mind-blowing. Superman must save the world, deal with family issues and his alter ego, all at the same time. Superman has already had an interesting life, but having Superboy as a sidekick was wonderful.

Superman #7
Credit: Superman #6, DC Comics 2018

Now he is seventeen; a better option would have been if Jon had come back very troubled but still a child. Clark would have to deal with a new Jon and remind him of who he is. This way, though, ruins much of the family dynamic the Kents had. Now it has become depressing. Understandable that the series may have an arc about Lois and Clark feeling lousy for not being there for Jon as he grew up and then reconnect with him, but this probably wasn’t the best move.

Standing Out From the Crowd

In Superman #7, there are moments that stand out. First, is the scene with Clark and Jon in the sky together. It is the perfect reaction a father would have if this happened to their son. It was also a fabulous touch to have Clark believe his son’s transformation was because of kryptonite. As opposed to coming to the conclusion that Brainiac may have created Jon, that was wonderful. As this issue focuses on the story of Lois and Jon’s first few days in space, it was great to see their actions in the situation they were in. Meeting Lobo was also a great touch as well. It came out of nowhere and his cameo was quite nice.

Credit: Superman #7, DC Comics 2019

Another scene that was written well was Lois in the food court. Just her noticing everyone looking at her because what she was wearing was interesting. That the Superman symbol means a lot to people in other worlds is absurd to think about. It puts into perspective how powerful Superman is. That his crest is just as powerful as he is. Having all of the aliens there and pleading with her for help was an interesting route to go. It furthered the idea that Superman is a beacon of hope in every galaxy.

Woah! Cover Up Mrs. Kent

There is one moment that is entertaining in this issue. It is slightly cheesy and strange because it truly comes out of nowhere. After Clark and Jon converse in the sky, Clark decides that they need to go to Lois. It then cuts to Lois in her new apartment in a robe typing on a computer. Clark appears before her and she smiles. She then begins to slowly take off her robe until Jon pops up behind Clark. Lois suddenly covers herself in horror. It was definitely a weird moment. Just feels odd peeking into that part of Superman’s marital life, but it’s still kind of funny.

Superman #7
Credit: Superman #7, DC Comics 2019

Superman #7: The Final Reaction

In the end, Superman #7 was an enjoyable read. It explained what events occurred in space, but it did not spill all the beans just yet. This issue was promoted as the lost years; but, in actuality, it was like the lost days. There is still more of a story to tell and I hope the next issue is the last flashback we get so that we can finally get another big confrontation with Clark and Jor-el. Superman #7 had high moments, a surprise cameo, space battles, and comedy. The first part of this series was a downer and it’s great to see there are lighter moments to come.

Superman #7
Credit: Superman #6, DC Comics 2018

DC Comics has taken the character to a lot of places and put him through many obstacles, making the timeline of events very complex and convoluted. Hopefully, soon, his personal life can get normal because we all know Superman’s heroic life will never be normal. Lastly, I do hope this Jon is a clone because I love the version of Jon being a child in a world of heroes. The story could bring Jon back and have a clone too, but then you will have confusing moments like the Wally West’s. So maybe that isn’t such a good idea. Hopefully, if he stays as a teen, we can grow to like the new Jon. Until next time, keep those Superman capes handy for the next adventure.