Who does Mikado end up with? Read on to find out who Mikado ends up with and what happens to him.

Mikado is one of the protagonists from the show Durarara, which is an action thriller series exploring the underworld activities in the Japanese district of Ikebukuro.

He was brought up in a small neighbourhood and after moving to Ikebukuro, his life took an adventurous turn. The show presents his journey from being an innocent boy to a much more mature and darker individual who comes to embrace both his good side and bad side. 

Who Does Mikado End Up With

Who Does Mikado End Up With?

Who are the three figures of the love triangle in the Mikado?

The Mikado anime series follows the story of Mikado, a young man who moves to Tokyo in search of a new life. Along the way, he meets several interesting characters who become part of his life and help him to cope in the big city.

One of the most important aspects of Mikado’s life is his complicated love triangle. So who are the three figures of this love triangle?

First and foremost is Anri Sonohara, Mikado’s childhood friend who he reconnects with once in Tokyo.

She is a calm, level-headed girl who supports him in his pursuits and tries to understand his ever-changing ambition. The two eventually grow closer and explore their feelings for each other.

Next, we have Kyohei Kadota, a laid-back gang leader and old friend of Mikado’s. He gradually learns more of Mikado’s struggles and is the one who ultimately helps Mikado to find his way. Kyohei is protective and reliable, and has a strong bond of friendship with Mikado.

Finally, there is Masaomi Kida, an old classmate of Mikado and Anri who is also a bit of a troublemaker.

He serves as an interesting distraction to the couple and often tries to break the ice between Mikado and Anri.

Also, despite his cynicism, Kida is deeply devoted to his friends and compassionately stimulates Mikado and Anri’s relationship.

All three characters have an important role to play in the lives of Mikado and Anri, and the love triangle that develops helps shape the emotional connection between the two.

It is obvious that Mikado and Anri share a great bond, but as of 2023, it remains to be seen which of the three figures Mikado ends up with. Ultimately, it is his journey that will determine which path he will take, and who he will end up with.

Mikado and Masaomi

Mikado kept in touch with Masaomi even when they lived in different cities and once Mikado started school in Ikebukuro to stay closer to Masaomi, things changed.

He met Anri Sonohara in school and they became good friends. It was also slightly competitive since they were both put in positions of power as class representatives. She was a part of his circle, and along with Masaomi, he used to spend time with her outside of school. 

Since they were often seen spending time with each other, their friends assumed that they had begun dating. They themselves were found wondering about the same thing, but they later went on to deny it and insisted that they were just friends. 

Mikado and Anri 

Mikado has expressed her interest in Anri in various situations but was never clear with his intention. When Masaomi left the city, he was upset and as a gesture of friendship, decided not to act upon his feelings for Anri. 

Things worsened between them when Mikado was changed under Izaya’s influence and Anri was losing him to the dark side. His behavior was changing and despite Anri trying to save him, his antics remained the same.

He was insensitive towards her and even pushed her away. Anri’s feelings were visible when she reached out to Masaomi to bring Mikado back to his senses. Since he was not letting her know about Saika as well as the workings of Dollars, she had no other option but to intervene. 

After Mikado found his way out of the mess, he was filled with guilt and repentance about the pain he had caused his friends and Anri. It is known that in the spin-off seasons that Mikado and Anri take the plunge and start dating. 

The Villain of Durarara 

Since the beginning of the series, Izaya has taken the title of being a bad influence and he is often seen messing around with the other characters. He can be regarded as a psychopath who derives pleasure out of disturbing others and spending time brokering sensitive information.

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He is not physically strong but has a sharp mind that helps him further his agenda of overpowering people. He studies others intently and even accurately predicts their next future actions. He does not have cordial relationships with anyone and engages in harmful activities. 

He has performed a range of questionable deeds such as tricking Masaomi’s girlfriend and later kidnapping him while dodging Masaomi’s calls. Once he also used an online portal to talk to suicidal girls and assured them that he wanted to die with them.

He did not actually go through with it and just wanted to make fun of those girls and drugged them to make Celty dump them in random parks. Manami Mamiya was one of those girls who remembered Izaya’s actions and resented him for the same.

Izaya preyed on the weaknesses of people. He had gathered a group of followers that consisted of many distressed boys and girls who were going through issues such as poor mental health, abuse, financial problems and so on.

He exploited their vulnerability and pulled them to the darker side. He was controlling them in a manner where if he would ask those people to die, they would.

Masaomi’s romantic interest Saki Mikajima was also a victim to Izaya’s antics and apparently, he was the one who pushed Saki to develop feelings for Masaomi. 

After Masaomi was able to rid himself of Izaya, he started influencing Mikado by taking control of the Dollars portal. He was the one who pushed the users to go through with the criminal activities.

He manipulated Mikado into admitting that he is the leader of Dollars and in the process, he embraced all the activities that took place under the group. 

The Effect Of Dollars 

Dollars started off as an innocent group but Izaya used it as an instrument to weaken Mikado and change him for the worse. But towards the end of the series, things changed.

After the Dollars and members of blue squares merged, he held a meeting and took aggressive measures to cleanse the group and take it back to the ideal.

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He wanted to catch all the members of the group who attacked innocent citizens and force them to leave the group since it wasn’t a place for harmful thugs anymore. He managed to catch Adabashi and his followers and protected the victims as well as Anri who they were supposed to kill. 

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