Who do you think about phantom and inferno are? This is a discussion on two of the most popular WWE wrestlers today and their fans.

Inferno and Phantom are the backbone of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom storyline as they are ingrained in every episode of the series.

From start to finish, Inferno and the Phantoms’ paths cross in expected and unexpected ways.

What are these two mysterious entities all about? Let us delve into each in some detail to get you a better understanding of them and the main character in each of these groups.  

Who Do You Think About Phantom And Inferno Are?

Phantoms: Powerful trained assassins

The three phantoms are Eren or Ein, Reiji or Zwei, and Cal or Drei. The start of the anime is with the Phantom Ein who has just murdered a person and Zwei witnesses it.

At the time he is a tourist. Soon, his memory is erased and his new name is Zwei. He becomes the second Phantom. Phantoms in this series are trained assassins.

They are merciless because they are ordered to kill whoever Inferno wants. It is a depressing life they live because they have no memories of their lives before becoming Phantom.

The majority of the story is focused on Reiji and his internal struggles with life and his forever craving for it.

Phantoms are created by Scythe Master who is part of Inferno. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom has intriguing arcs which put focus on the main leads of the series.

Ein is the top assassin who is known for her exceptional skills. She is also the most experienced of the lot who teaches Zwei all he needs to know to become a Phantom.

Her relationship with Zwei is portrayed beautifully because it is shown in its complexity. The way the different characters are connected and how their story moves forward is shown uniquely.

Each character has a purpose and it is their journey that makes Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom a worthy watch.  

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Although Zwei and Ein are introduced in the first arc, the third Phantom, Drei is introduced in the second arc.

She is not a Phantom from the beginning but a series of events eventually turn her into a Phantom just like the other two leads.

The relationship between the three gets more complex as the story progresses and a particular Inferno member is the primary reason behind that.

The Phantoms are well-developed characters showing their various layers as the story progresses. We feel like a part of their journey. But for the major part of the series, it is Ein and Reiji who are the main Phantoms.

Inferno: Mysterious crime syndicate

Inferno is a mafia organization. Raymond McGwire is the president while Scythe Master, Claudia McCunnen, and Isaac Wisemel are the executives who work in the organization.


Inferno is up to no good and we can see that from the very beginning as is evident by the actions of those who run the organization. Inferno is located in America and it is in charge of controlling highly-skilled assassins.

It brainwashes these assassins so they can be literal killing machines at the will of Inferno members. Inferno is a highly hateable organization because it is ethically and morally wrong on all levels.

It forces its Phantoms to kill people and doesn’t care much about anything else apart from its power.


Scythe Master is the mastermind behind Phantoms as he is. Because of Phantoms, Inferno was able to get more powerful as it was able to easily eliminate its rivals.

It gained control of a particular area much faster because of the Phantoms. Inferno doesn’t particularly care about the Phantoms because for them they are merely tools that are supposed to be used as they please.

This is what makes Inferno an antagonist in the series. The members show no remorse for their actions which makes them the worst. Inferno’s members seem to dislike one another and use each other too.

Inferno’s members work towards their own goals which is why they are not supportive of each other. Take the instance of Scythe Master who hates Claudia.

Scythe is a sadist because he enjoys using people for his gain, especially the Phantoms. He even says that he is a puppet master which shows how much control he has over people and he does as he pleases without fear of the ramifications that may ensue.

He is probably hated by everyone who watches the anime series! That makes him an interesting character because he is so evil that there is no end to it and he isn’t afraid to show his true colors.

who do you think about phantom and inferno are made

It is without an ounce of doubt that Inferno and Phantoms are essentially the story of this violent, dark, and mysterious series.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is a series that is worth your time because of the plot twists, character portrayal, music, and animation.

What do you think of Inferno and its members? Who do you hate the most in Inferno? Who is your favorite Phantom among the three and why?

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