The Maze Runner is a highly acclaimed dystopian book series by James Dashner consisting of five books. The movie adaptations of the books have also been released to impressive reviews.

The Grievers are nightmarish monsters that are present in the books and the movies.  

Who created the Grievers in Maze Runner?

What are Grievers?

Grievers are half-animal and half-mechanical creatures that are built to kill their victims. Their body is the animal portion while their tail and limbs are mechanical enabling them to move swiftly and attack the Gladers quickly.

Their sharp limbs act like weapons that enable them to attack and inflict harm instantly. Grievers generally hunt at night but they can hunt during the day if they find anyone in the maze.

Who created the Grievers in The Maze Runner?

The World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department created Grievers. The organization is abbreviated WICKED in the book trilogy and W.C.K.D in the movie franchise.

WICKED’s other creations include the Bulb Monster, The Glade, and Beetle Blade.

Is it possible to kill Grievers?

As the creature is strong and is loaded with weapons, it is difficult to kill. But it is possible to kill a Griever. In the film adaptation, we see that kills the creature by allowing it to be crushed to death.

This means if a strong enough force is present, the Grievers can be killed for good.  

Who designed the Grievers in the movie adaptation?

Ken Barthelmey is the creator and character designer who helped design the Grievers. He even contributed to designing mazes for the movie along with director Wes Ball.

When designing the Grievers, he took inspiration from a range of creatures such as coconut crabs, scorpions, and slugs to give the creature its unique shape.

Do the Grievers in the book and the movie match?

The Griever in the book is described to look like a slug while in the movie it is a combination of scorpion and spider. Both of them are equally terrifying. The change might be to add effect to how scary these creatures are.

Implications for Maze Runner Series

The mysterious figures known as Grievers in the Maze Runner series have left an impression on viewers throughout the series.

Not only are these creatures fearsome, but they are also highly mysterious due to their unknown origin. Questions have been raised about who created the Grievers and what their purpose is in the movies.

In this article, we will explore the implications of the Grievers in the Maze Runner series and what answers they may bring to the viewers.

The Grievers are intimidating creatures that fill the viewers with a sense of fear and intrigue. They are shown to be relentless and unpredictable, making them difficult targets for the heroes of the series.

This has led to fans making several theories about their character and purpose. The Grievers could represent the dangers of the maze or could symbolize a higher power that is manipulating the characters in the movies.

The mystery of who created the Grievers also has interesting implications for the viewers. At the end of The Scorch Trials, it is revealed that the mysterious WICKED organization created the Grievers.

This was an important revelation that helped build tension between the heroes and WICKED, adding an extra layer of drama to the series.

The nature of the Grievers, as well as their origin, follows some of the conventions of popular anime. For instance, the Grievers have a distinct design, featuring sharp claws and a jagged body, which is a classic attribute of many anime villains.

In addition, their unknown origin, the fact they are difficult to defeat, and their terrifying nature, are all similar to villains featured in the anime genre.

These anime-inspired implications of the Grievers extend beyond the design and character traits. They also add another layer to the story, as the viewers must consider the motivations and intentions of WICKED.

This means that not only are the viewers asking who created the Grievers, but they are also asking why. This adds complexity to the story and raises interesting questions for fans to consider.

The implications of the Grievers for the Maze Runner series are far-reaching and give viewers a deeper sense of understanding and appreciation for the films.

The mysterious creatures offer a level of intrigue to the films and their findings will become essential for the final installment of the movie series.

While the answer to who created the Grievers may remain a mystery, the implications for fans and viewers continue to give the series a well-rounded and exciting story.

When do the Grievers appear?

Grievers are seen in The Maze Runner and Maze Runner: The Death Cure in the movie adaption of the books. In the books, Grievers appear in The Maze Runner and The Death Cure.

What is the purpose of Grievers?

WICKED wants only strong Gladers to remain so that it can create a cure for the Flare which can save the humans. Grievers help remove the weak Gladers because these people are unable to save themselves from the creatures.

Grievers have only one purpose; to hunt and kill the Gladers they find. It is up to the Gladers to find a way to save their life.

How do the Grievers attack the Gladers?

Grievers attack by stinging the Gladers. Even a single sting causes immense pain to the Gladers which can last for up to many weeks. The only way to survive a Griever attack is to take the Grief Serum to retain some memory of the past.

If no serum is provided on time, then the Glader will eventually die due to the Griever attack.

What happens when a Griever attacks?

A Griever can attack a Glader once or multiple times. A process known as The Changing takes place right after a Glader is stung by a Griever which signifies physical and mental changes that occur.

The Glader’s veins turn blackish and greenish while his eyes become bloodshot. He will experience unbearable pain and go into a coma-like state of unconsciousness. He will hallucinate and have seizures in some cases.

What does the Griever sting contain?

The Griever sting contains a mutation of the Flare. This means the mutation is transferred directly to the person who has been stung. The Grief Serum which is an antidote can cure this mutation completely.

What is a Griever hole?

The Griever Hole is a place where the Grievers rest and it is also a way to get out of the maze. It also has a computer through which Grievers can be deactivated.

The hole itself isn’t too large; measuring just a few feet. The Griever hole can be found farther away from the Cliff.

What is the Flare?

The Flare is a virus that causes devastation among the human population as it turns humans into Cranks; zombie-like beings.

In the movie adaptation, the Flare was spread by humans who came into contact with the Cranks. In the books, the virus was airborne.

Who founded W.C.K.D?

It was founded by many governments after they all realized that the Flare is highly destructive and life-threatening to the human race.

Who was the first glader in the Maze?

The name Thomas is forever etched in the annuls of the Maze Runner saga. But before he and his fellow Gladers decided to fight their way out of the Maze, somebody else had already taken the first step in their journey to freedom – the first glader to brave the mysterious depths of the Maze.

But who was this anonymous brave soul and why did they take the chance of escaping from the hellish confines of the Maze?

The first glader to set foot in the Maze was an unnamed teenager, whose life had been changed forever by the trials and tribulations of the Glade.

Before they had entered the Maze, they had been other inhabitants of the Glade, living the same mundane existence of routine maintenance and living in fear of the shadowy monsters lurking in the darkness of the Maze.

Yet, despite the looming danger, this mysterious teen had set foot into the unknown. Perhaps it was a moment of desperation, or maybe it was an act of faith – faith that beyond the walls of the Maze, there was something worth fighting for.

Whatever the reason, this nameless adventurer was the first to embark on a journey of hope, and the first to take a risk that could save all the Gladers.

While there is no official record of their identity, their actions are immortalized in the ever-growing legend of the Gladers.

Without the pioneering spirit of the first glader, perhaps none of the Gladers would have been ever been brave enough to fight their way out of the Maze.

A glimmer of hope had shined a light of courage into the darkness of the Maze, and the first glader had been its first lighting.

The answer to who created the Grievers in Maze Runner is still a mystery, but what we do know is that the courageous first Glader was the one who first had the courage to battle the darkness and create a path to freedom for all of their friends in the Glade.

Although their identity may be lost to us, they will always be remembered as the original Glader who dared to brave the unknown and seek a way out of the Maze.

Why was W.C.K.D. founded?

W.C.K.D. was founded to research and find a cure for the Flare and save the human civilization. Some people, such as young children, were immune to the Flare.

W.C.K.D. wanted to extract patterns from these individuals to find the cure so the remaining humans could be saved from the virus. W.C.K.D did this by sending these select people to the Trials.

Why were two different groups sent to the maze?

It was all to experiment and find patterns that would help in the creation of the cure. The Group A members, also known as the Gladers consisted of all boys until Teresa arrives.

The Group B members consisted of all-girl members until the arrival of Aris, a boy. W.C.K.D. wanted to understand how the groups and members would do when they were exposed to different variables.

Is W.C.K.D a good organization?

W.C.K.D is not a trustworthy organization as it goes about unacceptably finding a cure. It hides important information from people such as the fact that it released the Flare to keep the human population under control as there were insufficient resources.

W.C.K.D puts people in dangerous situations that can have deadly consequences.

Who constructed the maze?

In the fourth book of the series, The Fever Code, we find out that different people built the mazes. The Group A maze is constructed by Teresa and Thomas while the Group B maze is constructed by Rachel and Aris along with two other people.

How many are immune to the Flare?

The Immunes are also known as Munies in The Maze Runner. Less than 1 percent of the total population consists of Munies. Most of the Gladers are immune to the Flare.

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