The Beatles were an English rock band comprising of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Recognized to be one of the most influential bands of all time, they gloriously resonated with the hopes and dreams of the 1960s. They continue to be a coming-of-age anthem worldwide even today. 

Which two Beatles are still alive?

Ringo Starr, whose real name is Richard Starkey, is alive, making music and touring. Considered to be the wealthiest drummer alive, the 81-year-old musician lives with his wife Barbara Bach

Paul McCartney is also alive, and making music. His experiments with various genres has left his fans terrified, and in awe.

He continues to be resoundingly popular amongst The Beatles’ fans. The 79-year-old musician lives with his wife Nancy Shevell

Who are the four Beatles? 

The four Beatles are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. While each member joined the rock band at a different point of time, The Beatles as we know it, officially comprises these four musicians.

Who formed The Beatles?

John Lennon is believed to have started the band. He asked Paul McCartney to join his then band The Quarrymen back in 1957, Liverpool.

After many rotations of names and members, the band formerly stuck to the name The Beatles, and rose to success in the early 1960s. 

How many Beatles are dead?

Two of the Beatles members are dead. 

John Lennon was the first Beatle member to die, at a mere age of 40. His cause of death, tragically, was his unparalleled fame. The musician was killed by an obsessed fan outside his apartment in New York City on 8 December, 1980.

He was shot several times by Mark David Chapman in the presence of his wife Yoko Ono; the couple had just returned from a recording studio. 

Guitarist George Harrison succumbed to cancer, and died in 2001 in Los Angeles. The musician is believed to have battled several types of cancer, and he ultimately died of lung cancer on November 29th, at the age of 58. 

What is The Beatles’ most popular song?

‘Yesterday’, ‘Hey Jude’, ‘Here Comes the Sun’, and ‘A Day in the Life’ are considered to be the most popular songs by the band, in terms of streaming statistics, reviews by music critics, and their evergreen relevance. 

Is there a fifth Beatle?

The ‘fifth beatle’ title is best attributed to either Stuart Sutcliffe, Pete Best or George Martin. While there is no official ‘fifth Beatle’, there are a lot many candidates who vie for the title. These three men seem to be the most popular choice. 

Pete Best was the original drummer of the band; but Pete was let go in 1962 and was later replaced by Ringo Starr.

Stuart Sutcliffe was the original bassist of the band, but he succumbed to a sudden death in 1962.

He was part of the ‘original Beatles’, a band of five men, and even helped Lennon come up with the band name. 

Sir George Martin is also often referred to as the ‘fifth Beatle’. He produced most of the band’s original albums, whilst also playing the piano for some of their singles.

He even played string and horn instrumentation for the songs ‘Yellow Submarine’ and ‘Elanor Rigby.’

Who was The Beatles’ manager?

Brian Epstein was The Beatles’ manager from 1962 until his death. 

When did The Beatles break up?

The English rock band officially broke up on 10th April, 1970, much to the dismay of their fans and listeners worldwide. 

Why did The Beatles break up?

The Beatles’ band manager Brian Epstein died of drug overdose in 1967. This left the members disoriented and unable to manage themselves, which led to increased hostility amongst them.

Allen B. Klein was hired as an alternative in 1969, but the band was unable to find comfort and work with him. 

While the four members had their own theories for calling it quits, they all agree that Epstein’s role as a manager was significant to the survival of the band, and his absence left a hole in their functioning.

Where can I listen to The Beatles?

The Beatles are available for streaming on almost all services, the most significant of them include Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Youtube Music, Deezer and Rhapsody. 

How many albums have The Beatles sold?

The Beatles are believed to have sold more than 600 million units worldwide, making them the best-selling musical artists. 

What is The Beatles’ first song? 

The Beatles released their debut song ‘Love Me Do’ on 5th October 1962 from the album ‘Please Please Me’. This song was an instant hit for a new band, much to everyone’s surprise. 

What was The Beatles’ original band name?

Back in 1956, John Lennon formed a skiffle band with a bunch of his friends. They initially called themselves Blackjacks, before renaming themselves as The Quarrymen.

The Quarrymen is believed to be the original Beatles band name. Soon The Quarrymen became Beatales as tribute to Buddy Holly and the Crickets; which then became Silver Beetles.

They finally settled on the name ‘The Beatles’ and stuck to it for the rest of the band’s career. 

Why are The Beatles called the Fab Four?

The band’s press officer Tony Barrow used the nickname ‘fabulous foursome’ to describe the band and its members when writing sleeve notes for their albums. The media, fans and paparazzi uproariously approved the nickname, and widely adopted it as ‘the Fab Four’. 

How many number one hits did they have?

The Beatles has a grand total of 20 #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The band holds the record to the most number one hits of all time, despite lasting for less than a decade. 

Songs like ‘Love Me Do, She Loves You’ and ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ paved the way for their initial successes, while their more popular songs ‘Penny Lane’, ‘All You Need Is Love’, and ‘Hey Jude’ made them a worldwide sensation to reckon with!

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