Lois Lane #4 is the best The Question comic we have had in years. Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins continue to astound me in their ability to have their finger on the pulse. They know what people want and they just keep giving it to us. And the potential of where the overall plot of the series is going is fascinating within its own right, that I find myself enamored with this comic every month. Lois Lane #4 takes what would most likely be two small scenes from ordinary superhero comics and makes them the centre piece. And it works beautifully.

Like Mother, Like Son

The Lois half of Lois Lane #4 picks up after the cliffhanger of the last issue. I have mentioned that this comic is ultimately just a slice of Lois’ life, and this really drives that home if it wasn’t obvious to others. It is arguably the most relatable moment in the series so far, and there have been quite a few of those. We have seen Lois the reporter, Lois the wife, now it’s time for Lois the mother.

Lois talks to her son in Lois Lane #4.
Lois Lane #4; DC Comics 2019

Jonathan, the new Superboy, has been offered a position in the future superhero team, the Legion of Super-Heroes. He’s already talked to dad about it, now it’s time to talk to his mother. After what happened the last time he went gallivanting around the universe which caused him to be stuck with Ultraman, they are understandably worried. But Jon is a teenager, he doesn’t think things through. He shows up to his mother’s place unannounced and she almost walks in on him naked, thinking he was Clark. This is a funny set-up and is a nice inversion of the first issue.

But the real crowning moment is when they sit in dinner in the middle of the night together. The resulting conversation, including the line “I’m sitting in a pizza joint in Chicago at four in the morning with my son. Of course, I’m happy.” is something most people relate too. The loving nature of Lois but also her parental right to put her foot down is handled with care. She treats Jon like an equal until she has to do otherwise. You can tell Rucka is pulling from his own parenting experience.

Questioning The Questions

This part of Lois Lane #4 is what got me so excited. This isn’t like the last issue where I cried and cried at seeing my two favourite characters together again at last. Instead, this is them sitting down and hashing out the insanity of everything that has gone on in their lives. The Questions are questioning things. When I saw the solicitations for this issue and I realized that Rucka was going to address the elephant in the room that is the continuity of the Question, I was practically jumping for joy.

Renee talks to Vic
Lois Lane #4; DC Comics 2019

Lois Lane #4 doesn’t answer everything, nor does it clear up certain details about the continuity. Instead, it makes sure that we, and Renee, understand that the events of 52 happened, but people have forgotten. Whether this is tied into the events of Rebirth and Doomsday Clock, I’m sure will be answered down the line. Considering how this issue ends, I suspect we will get that answer, or at least part of it, next month.

But to be honest, I could care less about the overall continuity of the DC universe. I have my two favourite characters back, written by one of the few people that I trust to write them. I just have to know how Vic is alive and I am good for them both being the Question. Just give me Renee and Vic’s team book DC!

Lois Lane #4 Corrects Many Mistakes Made In The Past

While not as emotionally impactful as the previous issue, Lois Lane #4 delivers on what it sat out to do. This continues to be one of the best things DC is putting out, and you need to read it.

The cover of Lois Lane #4