Where Does Requiem for the Phantom take place? Are you a fan of the Phantom? If so, then this blog is for you! In this post, we will discuss where Requiem for the Phantom takes place and some of the interesting facts about the show.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is a story about assassins who are trained with the motto ‘kill or be killed.’ The series centers around two characters, Reiji and Eren, who are hired by Inferno and how they unearth the truth about the manipulative organization members and its questionable motives.

The story is filled with twists and turns which make it a compelling watch. What makes the story even more interesting is its locations and how they weave into the story.

Where Does Requiem For The Phantom Take Place

The anime series takes place mostly in America and throughout the series, we are made well aware that the events are taking place in the U.S.A.

Where Does Requiem For The Phantom Take Place?

Why The Location Matters

The anime series takes place in America and it starts when Reiji witnesses a Phantom (Ein) murdering a reporter. He is a Japanese tourist until his memory is completely wiped out because of what he witnessed and his survival skills.

where does requiem for the phantom take place in

He is then stuck in America because that is where the organization Inferno is located. Inferno is the backbone of the series because it is the one using the Phantoms to their advantage without any good intent.

Although Inferno is secretive, the location of the organization is apparent from the start. The creators did a good job of keeping things transparent from the start when it comes to locations.

The story of Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is set in America and so it makes sense that the major part of the story takes place in America only.

Throughout the series, different parts of the U.S. are referred and these places actually exist. For example, in the first episode, we see the lead characters going to Las Vegas to carry out a mission.

In the next episode, Ein is sent to kill someone in the United States itself. Most of the missions of these Phantoms take place in America; whether they are sent alone or together.

It is clear where they are being sent so the audience is well aware of where the characters will be carrying out a mission. This made the series interesting because everyone is at par with the story.

The location matters because the Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is heavily set in the United States of America. And to show the significance of the place to all the characters, the location is often used as a way to propel the story.

It may be the reason why the missions are also set in various places in America rather than being all over the place. It helps with the continuity of the story and makes it seem more realistic.

Although the series may be grim for some viewers, it is undoubtedly a story that will stick to the mind long after you have finished watching it. The real locations and references used may be the reason why.

Other Locations In The Series

Although the majority of the main events in the Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom take place in the U.S.A., there is a shot of Mongolia at the end. Mongolia is important for Ein and this is critical for the narrative because it is the only part of Elen’s past that she has held on to.

phantom requiem for the phantom reiji love interest

It is the only part of her memory that Inferno hasn’t been able to successfully erase. In the final episode of the series, we see Mongolia. The anime series’ creators did a good job of focusing on the locations instead of letting it be a blur in the background.

It adds to the depth of the story and makes it more meaningful. This is particularly true for the major characters.


Could the creators have used imaginative places? Of course, they could have. But they probably wanted the series to have a lasting impression on the audience so using real places that exist today was a way to achieve that goal.

Using real names makes us believe more and it keeps us invested in the story according to anime lovers. Plus, if you look at the nature of this particular anime then you will notice that it is realistic in some sense as life is so unpredictable. The use of locations was done masterfully.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is a dark, gripping, and intense anime series that has many fans all over the world. The majority of the series takes place in America while the ending shows shots of Mongolia.

The creators did a good job of ensuring that the audience knows which place the characters are at by having someone or the other says the name of the place.

This brings more clarity to the anime and ensures that even if someone is watching the anime after a break, they know where the series is taking place. Do you think the creators made the right decision about basing it in the U.S.?

Do Requiem for the phantom involve Historical context?

Requiem for the Phantom is an exciting anime series that draws together elements of action, thriller, and romance to churn out an entertaining experience for any viewer.

Amidst a flurry of gunfire, beautiful characters, and mysterious settings lies an incredibly intriguing world of history and myth.

The story of Requiem for the Phantom takes place in a variety of locations, from the nameless city in North America to the mysterious code-named Stronghold located in Eastern Europe.

While the focus of the anime takes place in the present day, there is an underlying sense of history that heavily influences the characters, world, and overall plot.

Throughout the course of the series, there are several references to real-life events and objects – most notably references to the events of the crusades and their relevance to the main story arc’s antagonist.

This theme allows the audience to make a connection between the present and past, as the audience is able to understand how the legacy of the historic Crusades continues to haunt modern-day characters and circumstances.

Another interesting aspect of Requiem for the Phantom that deserves to be noted is its incorporation of mythological elements.

The antagonists of the story bear remarkable similarities to Norse mythology, particularly their use of the illusive and powerful weapon known as the ‘Phantom’.

This mythical object serves as a way for the antagonists to tap into their own individual and collective fears – fears based on the abyssal depths of human history and suffering.

And so, Requiem for the Phantom does involve historical context in more than one way – from its references to actual events to its use of myth to further drive its intricate story.

While the use of history is arguably little more than a backdrop for what is an incredibly engaging anime, its presence nevertheless adds to the atmosphere and overall narrative of Requiem for the Phantom.

The show truly brings to life the ominous undertones of our own history, painting a vivid portrait of a world marred with strife and human suffering.

What is the story backdrop of Requiem for the Phantom?

“Requiem for the Phantom” is an anime series with a stunning backdrop. It takes place in a future world where the balance of power has been disrupted by the development of a special type of artificial intelligence called the Einhander.

This was designed to be a perfect killing machine, able to eliminate any target with impunity.

The story follows a young amnesiac named Ein who, after being assigned to this new project, slowly discovers the truth behind Einhander’s existence and his own mysterious past.

The story focuses on the effects of Einhander’s development and its implications in the power balance of the world.

The setting is an advanced city that is teeming with cutting-edge technology and cybercrime. This city is a constantly expanding mass of chaotic activity that is filled with gangs and criminals, who capitalize on the secrets of the Einhander for their own gain. Even the police are not free from corruption and influence.

“Requiem for the Phantom” combines all of these elements to create a gripping story full of action and intrigue. From the beginning of the series, we are presented with a world full of danger and a man who is desperately searching for his lost identity.

Through the episodes of this story we follow Ein as he struggles to keep his past buried while still discovering the shocking truth of this powerful technology.

The backdrop of “Requiem for the Phantom” is visually stunning, steeped in a dystopian yet vibrant atmosphere.

The series offers beautiful landscapes, intense battles, and a powerful soundtrack, all set against the backdrop of a cyberpunk world where the lines between justice and chaos have been blurred beyond recognition.

Although rooted in the cyberpunk genre, “Requiem for the Phantom” is so much more than a cyberpunk story.

It is a story about self-discovery, friendship, and ultimately about the human spirit. It shows a world where people are grappling with the implications of their own mortality and technology’s power over their lives.

Overall, “Requiem for the Phantom” is a riveting story that will keep viewers hooked from start to finish. Its stunning fantasy setting and thrilling action sequences make it truly unique and worth watching.

If you are looking for an anime series with a unique backdrop, unique characters, and a gripping storyline, you should definitely check out “Requiem for the Phantom”.

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