Where Does MrBeast Live

Where Does MrBeast Live?

MrBeast, or Jimmy Donaldson, is among the top YouTubers in the world with over 96 million subscribers as of May 2022.

His philanthropic projects that rake in millions of views a month have garnered him fame and brought him to the limelight.

Where does MrBeast live?

MrBeast lives in Greenville, North Caroline in the United States of America. Knowing how rich he currently is, he can live anywhere he wishes.

Where Does MrBeast Live

But he chose to reside in North Carolina because it is cheaper than other states.

Is MrBeast in touch with his family?

MrBeast is in touch with everyone except his father. His father divorced his mother when MrBeast was still young.

His mother, Sue, works as the LLC’s chief compliance officer while also being the manager of his accounts. MrBeast’s stepfather, Tracy, works as the LLC’s operations manager.

Did MrBeast go to college?

MrBeast was encouraged to go to college by his mother even though he started earning from his YouTube channel.

He ended up enrolling in a community college but it didn’t last as his passions lay elsewhere.

He dropped out pretty quickly from college much to the disappointment of his mother but he says he never regrets his decision.

When did MrBeast upload his first video?

MrBeast was only 13 when he uploaded his first YouTube video. The video was him playing Minecraft on his laptop.

He had a voice-over in this video as he explained what he was doing and why. MrBeast was interested in YouTube from the beginning and tried relentlessly to master the algorithm.

His goal was always to garner interest so that he could capture the attention of people all over the globe.

When did MrBeast start to gain subscribers?

MrBeast’s perseverance paid off when he started to get more subscribers starting in 2015.

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This is after he started to make videos on people’s worst introductions on YouTube.

By June 2016, MrBeast had 30,000 subscribers as people started to enjoy the content he was posting on the platform.

What quality makes MrBeast so successful?

MrBeast was not born into a rich family but he worked his way up by never giving up on his dream. Even though his mother was skeptical in the beginning, he worked hard and proved that he is among the best YouTubers in the world.

His efforts today are lauded by celebrities. He worked hard to understand the YouTube algorithm and spent a lot of time mastering his skills.

When did MrBeast go viral for the first time?

MrBeast went viral when he counted 100,000 on YouTube in 2017. This challenge took him more than 40 hours but he said it was worth it because that video went viral and more people started to notice him.

He said he knew it would be a hit. This was after he dropped out of his community college and he wanted to make more money on YouTube.  

When did MrBeast hit the 1 million subscriber mark?

After the counting video went viral, MrBeast realized what type of content will garner more clicks and views.

He focused on other challenges that were unheard of and started to upload those videos on YouTube.

He started to get more subscribers faster than ever before and towards the end of 2017, he reached the milestone of a million subscribers.

How many channels does MrBeast have?

He has 5 other channels besides the MrBeast channel on YouTube; Beast Philanthropy, MrBeast Gaming, Beast Reacts, MrBeast Shorts, and MrBeast 2.

Beast Philanthropy has over 8 million subscribers, MrBeast Gaming has over 27 million subscribers, Beast Reacts has over 17 million subscribers, MrBeast Shorts has over 13 million subscribers, and MrBeast 2 has more than 6 million subscribers. He has different types of content in his other channels.

What is the Beast Philanthropy channel about?

The Beast Philanthropy channel was started by MrBeast in September 2020. All revenue that he earns on this channel goes towards helping others and making their lives better.

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This includes his merchandise sales, sponsorships, and ad revenue. By the end of 2021, more than 1 million meals were donated by this channel.

Why does MrBeast give away money?

MrBeast has always said he loves giving away money so others can lead better lives. He realized that philanthropy is what he truly believes in and says he feels satisfied when he knows for sure he has helped someone in one way.

When he solely focused on giveaways and uploaded those videos, his earnings shot up and before long he was easily making over $100,000 per month from YouTube alone.

Which is the most viewed video of MrBeast?

The most viewed video of MrBeast is ‘$456,000 Squid Game in Real Life!’ with more than 253 million views. MrBeast tried to replicate the popular Squid Game games while altering them a bit.

The winner won $456,000 and 456 players participated in the game. It is still a highly watched video on YouTube. At the time, this video had the most views in 24 hours with 43 million views.

How many subscribers does MrBeast have in May 2022?

Today he has 96 million subscribers on his main channel which is the MrBeast channel on YouTube.

His videos have over 6 billion views currently and that number is likely to keep increasing rapidly in the coming months as support for him grows every single day.  

What awards did MrBeast receive?

He won Streamy Awards’ Breakout Creator in 2019. In Streamy Awards 2020, he won Creator of the Year, Live Special, Social Good: Creator, and Social Good: Nonprofit or NGO.

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In the same year, he won the YouTube of the Year award in the Annual Shorty Awards. He won the Streamy Awards’ Creator of the Year award in 2021 as well. In April 2022, he won the Favourite Male Creator in Kids’ Choice Awards.

How much does MrBeast earn?

MrBeast is one of the richest YouTubers thanks to his dedicated subscribers and his philanthropic work.

It was estimated in November 2021 that MrBeast took home around $3 million per month which includes his profits, royalties, and sponsorships.

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