Tokyo Revengers is an acclaimed Japanese manga series that began appearing in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine in March 2017.

It was written and illustrated by Ken Wakui and was even adapted into an anime television series by Liden Films. 

When did Tokyo Revengers Manga end?

When Did Tokyo Revengers Manga End

The manga series has gained momentum since 2017, and they announced the onset of the final arc in May 2021. However, as of 2022 it is still continuing and is known to be on the verge of wrapping up the series.

What is the final arc of Tokyo Revengers?

It is the eighth story of the manga that is further divided into two sub-arcs. It began with the 207th chapter and covers the ‘Three Deities Arc’ and ‘Kanto Manji Arc’. 

What is Tokyo Revengers about?

It focuses on Takemichi Hanagaki who was initially a part-time worker, but following his girlfriend’s death, he discovered that he could travel back in time.

He used it to move 12 years in the past and experience what life was like when he was still dating Hinata Tachibana. He later goes on a quest to prevent Hinata from dying in the future. 

Does Takemichi end up with Hinata?

Takemichi and Hinata managed to get engaged in one of the timelines. But he attempted to find Mikey that got him shot three days before the wedding. So their relationship ended in that timeline.

What happens to Hinata in the end? 

During the Valhalla Arc, it is revealed that Akkun drove the car into her in the original timeline led to not only his own death but also Hinata’s. Takemichi was unable to save her from that fate and swore that the fight with the past wasn’t over and he’ll continue to change his future with Hinata. 

How many volumes does Tokyo Revengers have?

As of April 2022 there are supposed to be 27 volumes. They are also divided on the basis of chapters, s0 the arcs reveal more about the plot. 

What is the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers about?

As of May 2022, the latest chapter is the 253rd, which focuses on the return of Takemichi’s ability to see the future.

It is a recurring image that last occurred during Draken’s death. It wasn’t a pleasant sight for the members of the Tokyo Manji Gang as they were constantly experiencing defeat and struggling to escape their fate. 

Who is the other time leaper in Tokyo Revengers?

 As a shocking revelation, the power of time leaping was triggered by Naoto Tachibana when he shook hands with Takemichi.

The first trigger was experienced by Takemichi when he was ruthlessly pushed from the train platform. 

Who is the strongest in Tokyo Revengers?

Mikey can be regarded as the strongest character because he has never faced defeat during any fight.

He is known to be ‘invincible’ and has taken up leadership roles such as the leader of Toman in the past, and leader of the Kanto Manji gang in the future. 

Is Tokyo Revengers based on a true story?

It is speculated that the writer Ken Wakui was a gang member during the 2000s. His experiences may have had a significant impact in crafting the premise and action scenes of Tokyo Revengers.

Who is Kawaragi Senju? 

Senju is the Fifth Division Captain of the second generation Tokyo Manji Gang. Formerly, she was also one of the Three Deities of Kanto, the boss of the gang named Brahman. She formed that delinquent group with Manjiro Sano and Kanta Manji Gang. 

Does Senju like Takemichi? 

Senju has an amicable relationship with Takemichi and they get along well. Initially, he had to forge a necessary alliance with the Brahmans to save Mikey and that made him Senju’s target.

But eventually, they got to know more about each other, and they developed a more trusting relationship. 

Who is Emma’s crush in Tokyo Revengers?

Emma is extremely fond of Draken and has a crush on him. It can be seen in some parts, as illustrated through her immense happiness when he got her a birthday gift.

She used her physicality to attract him and also used it to her advantage to make him jealous. 

Does Draken die in Tokyo Revengers?

Takemichi was aware of Draken’s fate and used his powers to try and save his life. When he learned that he would die of stabbing, he managed to heal him after he was stabbed during a fight.

But when he checked his whereabouts during the present, he realized that Draken was still dead. 

Does Kisaki know about Takemichi? 

Kisaki was not a time leaper but he was aware of the causes and consequences of time leaping.

This also indicates that there are more people who possess the same ability. Apart from that, Kisaki has mentioned that he is aware of Takemichi’s powers. 

Is Izana Mikey’s brother?

Izana and Mikey are not biologically related but he is Mikey’s older adoptive brother and he was briefly raised by Emma.

He and Mikey do not get along since Izana doesn’t like Shinichiro’s affinity towards Mikey. Being the leader of Tenjiku, he has always been capable of competing with him. 

Is Mikey evil? 

Mikey is not inherently evil but his dark side takes over only when he succumbs to the devils residing inside him.

Shinichiro, Baji and Emma perform their duties as his confidants to keep his actions in check. But after a point, Mikey denies even Takemichi from looking for him or trying to fix him.

Does Takemichi tell Mikey he is from the future?

In the 119th Chapter, Mikey and Takemichi are seen discussing this particular detail.

While Mikey is displeased and says that his life is filled with pain, Takemichi assures him that he will travel back in time and try to fix things as much as he can. It shows that Mikey is aware of his abilities. 

Who is Takemichi’s best friend? 

Atsushi Sendou also referred to as Akkun, is Takemichi’s closest friend as seen in the series. They are the same age and relate to each other. Akkun shows complete loyalty and always stands by Takemichi.

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