The Twilight series comprises 5 movies that were inspired by The Twilight Saga books by Stephenie Meyer.

Imprinting plays a crucial aspect in The Twilight Saga as it changes the relationship dynamics of the main characters.

When A Wolf Imprints What Does It Mean?

What is wolf imprinting in the Twilight saga?

When a wolf imprints, the person imprinting (also known as the imprinter) feels an inexplicable attraction towards the person he is imprinting on (also known as the imprinted).

When A Wolf Imprints What Does It Mean

An imprinter feels a strong urge toward the imprintee and he does not have a choice when it comes to choosing the imprintee. In the books, imprinting is done to find a soulmate.

Who can imprint?

It is the Quileute shape-shifters that can imprint on someone else. In the books and the movies, it is shown that the men are the only ones who imprint.

Although it doesn’t clearly state nor deny if female shape-shifters like Leah can imprint, it may be a possibility.

What is the relationship between the imprinter and imprintee?

After imprinting has successfully occurred, the imprintee is the most important individual for the imprinted.

It automatically becomes the imprinter’s duty to protect the imprintee no matter what happens.

The imprinter must give his life if that’s what it takes to safeguard the imprintee from potential harm. The imprintee becomes the top priority in the instant after imprinting.

When a wolf imprints what does it mean?

In the books, imprinting is done to find a soulmate. We are never explicitly told the real reason behind wolf imprinting in the Twilight movie series.

Jacob’s father, Billy Black, assumes that imprinting is crucial for shape-shifters as it makes them more powerful.

Sam Uley thinks that imprinting occurs because the imprinter believes he is most likely going to be involved with the imprintee for reproduction purposes.

Can a wolf imprint on another wolf?

This is not possible until the complete transformation takes place. This means the imprinter has to wait until the person has transformed and then can imprint. This can take place instantly after the transformation.

Does imprinting happen at a certain age?

Imprinting can happen at any time. The age of the imprintee does not matter. It can happen when the imprinter is an adult and the imprintee is a child or when the imprintee is an adult.

Imprinting isn’t in anyone’s control. For example, Jacob Black and Quil Ateara V imprint on children while Paul Lahote, Sam Uley, and Jared Cameron imprinted on young adults.

What happens when the imprinter imprints on a child?

When the imprintee is young, then the imprinter must protect like a sibling and a friend. The imprinter must be there for the imprintee whenever she requires him and needs him.

The imprintee will have romantic feelings towards the imprinter only after she has become an adult. This is when the imprinter will also start to have romantic feelings towards the imprintee.

What happens if the imprintee dies?

The books nor the movies reveal what will happen to the imprinter if the imprintee dies. However, it is likely going to be quite painful for the imprinted.

It isn’t revealed whether the imprinter can imprint someone else post the original imprintee’s death either.

When can a wolf imprint?

There is no specific timeline for when a wolf can imprint. It can happen at any age when it needs to happen. For example, in the case of Jacob, he was in love with Bella from the first time he meets her.

But he is unable to imprint her despite his true love for her. It is when he looks at Renesmee that he feels that connection and bond and imprints her instantly.

Who has imprinted and on whom?

Jacob Black imprints Renesmee Cullen after her birth. Sam Uley imprints Emily Young despite being in love with Leah.

how does a wolf imprint on someone

Quil Ateara V imprints Claire Young and Paul Lahote imprints Rachel Black. Jared Cameron imprints Kim.

In which movie does Jacob imprint on Renesmee?

Renesmee is the daughter of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. She is a half-human and half-vampire hybrid.

Jacob imprints her in the movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and in the second book of Breaking Dawn.

Why was Jacob unable to kill Renesmee?

When Jacob thought that Bella died while giving birth to Renesmee, he thought the child was a monster and wanted to kill her instantly.

But he couldn’t do it because he imprinted on her; something which was beyond his control.

How does Jacob imprint on Renesmee?

It happens in an instant after Jacob meets baby Renesmee. All it takes is a look into the eyes of the child for Jacob to imprint on her. He feels compelled to imprint her even though he never plans on doing it.

Why is Bella angry when Jacob imprints on Renesmee?

Bella and Edward are quite upset when they find out that Jacob imprinted on their daughter.

They are aware that the imprinting process means their daughter will eventually fall in love with Jacob and they will become a romantic couple.

Eventually, Edward and Bella accept the situation and know that Jacob will take good care of their daughter.

How does Jacob stop the werewolves when they are attacking the Cullens?

According to absolute law, wolves are not allowed to kill the imprintees. The wolves think that Bella is dead and they have no idea that Renesmee has been imprinted on by Jacob.

When the wolves go to fight the Cullen family, Jacob intervenes and tells Sam that he has imprinted on Renesmee. This makes the wolves stop the fight then and there.  

Can Renesmee reject Jacob?

The imprinter and imprintee are said to have a special bond that is strong and powerful. Even though it may take time, Renesmee is highly likely to fall in love with Jacob and very unlikely to reject him.

can a wolf imprint more than once

But if she rejects him, it may push Jacob over the edge and may encourage him to end his life by committing suicide.

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