Wolverine the Long Night #1 by Benjamin Percy, art by Marcia Takara and Matt Milla

Wolverine the Long Night #1 was not always a comic — it started out as a podcast that came out on Stitcher. Although you don’t have to listen to the podcast before you read this comic, it is quite a good and intense listen if you would like to. Nonetheless, Benjamin Percy, who wrote the original podcast script, has come back to write for Wolverine the Long Night #1 accompanied by the art of Marcio Takara and colors by Matt Milla. This is issue 1 out of 5.

Wolverine the Long Night #1 begins with two special agents, Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall, in Burns, Alaska. They are investigating a case about the murder of a crew on a fishing vessel. The fishing boat murder is not the only bloodshed to happen in this small town recently. The deaths of two women in separate accounts who were killed by a grizzly bear and a cult named Aurora have recently moved in as well.

The Art & Colors Of Wolverine The Long Night #1

The illustrations in Wolverine the Long Night #1 by Takara fit perfectly in Wolverine the Long Night #1. He really captures the feel of Alaska throughout the first issue. I especially like the Sheriff’s Office with the moose head and the fish, which is what I would picture if I thought of a Sheriff’s station in Alaska. Still, it is fairly accurate to what you would actually see.

Wolverine the Long Night #1 © Marvel Comics, 2019.

The colors by Milla are excellent; in one panel they are vibrant and haunting, like when Wolverine was on a fishing boat and in another panel they are bleak, such as the Alaskan skyline. However, an interesting aspect of Milla’s coloring is his use of various color pallets.

Where Is Wolverine?

While Wolverine is only shown through flashbacks from someone else’s perspective; he is just as much of the main character as the special agents in Wolverine the Long Night #1. For the agents, however, Wolverine is their main suspect in the murders.

Why isn’t he a superhero you may ask as we did too; well, that is not clear. However, when you find a fishing boat full of dead seamen that got torn through — it is hard not to suspect a man who has claws who recently moved to Burns around the same time.

Wolverine The Long Night #1 Versus The Podcast

This is like a conversation between audiobooks versus real books. You will get the same product no matter if you listen or read it. If you are a supporter of Marvel’s Wolverine and high storytelling then you will appreciate both. The podcast has a marvelous script, excellent voice acting, and wonderful sound design. The comic has an excellent story, amazing art, and great coloring. If you want to just choose just one you will not go wrong either way.

Wolverine the Long Night #1 © Marvel Comics, 2019.

This story is a creative idea and that is what makes it an exciting read. Interestingly enough, we only see Wolverine through other people’s eyes or memories of him, but he is not there in the flesh in Wolverine the Long Night #1. This mysterious aspect is very compelling: Who killed the fishermen? What is this cult? Was it really a grizzly bear who killed those girls? The dynamic between Agent Pierce and Agent Burns is the typical good cop/bad cop trope. While Agent Pierce gets the job done and finds the murder, Agent Burns is nice, approachable, and understanding. You can get a feel for their different personalities in the way they both treat Bobby.

A Great Start To This Mini-Series

While I cannot say this is one of the greatest Wolverine storylines to date since all five issues have not come out yet; however, just by reading Wolverine The Long Night #1 I think we have a classic. A fresh story that has not been done with classic art and colors. An intriguing take on a Wolverine story where we do not know if he is a good guy or a bad guy. This is a solid read!