Sex Death Revolution #1

What’s Wrong With Esperanza In Sex Death Revolution #1?


Witches are all the rage right now; whether you are a warlock, invested in WICCA, or a witch, the pop culture craze is back and stronger than ever. Aside from Chilling Adventures Of Sabrinathe comic book medium has invested itself in the return of dark magic. Sex Death Revolution #1 invites itself into the craze of dark magic in the best way possible.

In Sex Death Revolution #1 (under Black Mask Studios) we get 50 pages of wonderful writing and art by Magdalene Visaggio (writing), Becca Farrow (illustration), Harry Saxon (coloring), and Zack Saam (lettering). 

Sex Drugs & Rock N’ Roll?

Not quite, but similar. Life is a story, right? Except her’s, the main character’s, is being rewritten. Manhattanite Sorceress Esperanza (what a name!) is still reeling from the collapse of her cover, so Esperanza is trying to rebuild. However, everyone in her life is saying she has done and said things that never happened, terrible things.

Sex Death Revolution #1
Sex Death Revolution #1 | © Black Mask Studios

So what’s the deal? Before Esperanza can catch her breath, she becomes someone entirely different… someone she used to be once upon a time. Life is full of changes, isn’t it? Well, for Esperanza it is. 

Can It All Be Changed In Sex Death Revolution #1?

Someone is changing Esperanza’s past and who better to help than the love of her life, Shannon? The writer on board for Sex Death Revolution #1 is Magdalene Visaggio (@MagsVisaggs), who does an outstanding job captivating the reader by the start of the first page. The moment you begin to read this fantasy and dark magic tale is the moment you are engulfed in who Esperanza and Shannon are.

Who was this coven and why was it disbanded? Along for the ride are a series of friends who were in the ‘coven’ as well, and a few characters who play a vital part; Warren, Liz, Suze, and Marcus. Each character, however, is written uniquely. There’s no point throughout where the reader is perplexed about which character is talking or what character is in a particular scene.

Sex Death Revolution #1
Sex Death Revolution #1 | © Black Mask Studios

That is great writing. This first issue gives us a grand story, in fifty pages we get a sound basis for an entire future series. There are multiple questions, multiple people taking place, and above all else, a story that I want to know more about. What has happened to Esperanza? What is going to happen to Shannon? Who is changing her past? What are the answers to these questions?

Wait, It Gets Better…

Not only is the writing a great aspect of the comic thus far. The themes are as well – noting a few great themes just off the bat: LGBTQIA +, transgender themes and topics, and a normal depiction of a lesbian relationship (we need more of those, am I right?) These themes add a certain quality to the story that is taking place.

They are all seemingly normal things, it’s not mentioned (not really) and you don’t have to go through a speech about what it is. It just happens, is mentioned, and we keep moving. That is fantastic, especially for the medium taking place. These are normal things, and they should be depicted as normal. A great quality to an already fantastically written first issue. 

Two Peas In A Pod — The Design

When the first issue has not only high writing but also great art, what is to be expected other than praise? The art is just as wonderful, from the characters, to the scenes, to the dark magic; it is all depicted gracefully. The art team consists of: Becca FarrowHarry Saxon, and Zack Saam. Together they make the perfect team to add the art to the writing. From the illustration, to the coloring, to the lettering; it all pans out so gracefully.

Sex Death Revolution #1
Sex Death Revolution #1 | © Black Mask Studios

If you pay close attention you will notice Esperanza slowly changing in subtle ways. From the beginning of the issue to the end, she looks a bit… different. You don’t notice it at first, but when we went back to reread it for context, we truly noticed those subtle changes. That is a gift in itself to do.

In a comic with a handful of characters, it is easy to have ‘same-face syndrome,’ however, in this, no way is that an option. Each character looks different, unique, and colorful in their own right. Speaking of colorful, this comic has it. A burst of color pops out on each page, and it keeps it lively and timely. The color is truly gorgeous – and sets each scene up perfectly.

Should You Give Sex Death Revolution #1 A Read?

Well, yes. This is a great first issue, and we are on the edge of our seats for the next one to drop. This is truly a great #1 to come out of this comic Wednesday so don’t wait on it. Go read it!

Sex Death Revolution #1 is a highlight of the premiere issue for this newest Black Mask series. We get dark magic and even darker magic.

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