What Does The Daily Fandom Review Scores Actually Mean?

Starting in 2019, The Daily Fandom will be clearing up our review scores. That way you know what we mean when we say a 10 or a 6. However, our Culture review scores (television and film) will be unveiling a new stream it, rent it, buy it, or skip it review score now. And if it’s exceptionally good, we will tell you to go to the movies to watch it. Sounds easy, right? Well, let’s clarify:

Comic/s Review Scores:

Comic review scores only deal with percentages, and they are always in whole numbers.

  • 100%-80% = Go read it ASAP. After you read our review, go read the comic, it’s buyable. It was lovely. It’s worth the read, worth the buy, and worth it all around.
  • 79%-55% = Better than average, not too bad; but standard — with a few special aspects. Maybe not buyable (only if you want to as a reader of the review), but readable online or Comixology if you can find it there for free or for a few bucks max. It has the potential, though, the potential to do something great on future issues.
  • 54%-25% = Subpar, meaning it’s okay at best. Nothing special about it; but… there’s promise there depending on the contributor that is reviewing the series/issue/comic. There may be a redeeming quality, but overall, it just wasn’t there in this particular series/issue/comic.
  • 24%-0% = Skip it. Maybe the art was great, but the overall plot, writing, and story could not redeem the one quality that stood to be redeemable in the entire issue/comic/series.

Culture Review Scores:

Culture review scores go by the point system (7.5, 8.5, etc.) In order to fit the point system in, the scores will be a bit wonky, however, it gives a general idea of the in between.

  • 10-7.5 = Since Culture deals with all forms of pop culture medium, this results in a great score for film, television, books, games, and everything in between. Sometimes we use the star rating system which would be ★★★★★ in the star rating system. They are interchangeable. However, this scoring system means buyable; go to the movies and watch it, go buy it on Amazon Prime, give them all the money. Example: Infinity War, Into The Spider-Verse — you can find all of our reviews linked above.
  • 7.4-5.5 = This pop culture medium is okay, there was something gripping about it that kept us watching. It wasn’t bad, maybe not buyable — but renting it would be fine. You may not fall in love with the medium, by any means, but you will enjoy it. ★★★★
  • 5.4-2.5 = This is a stream it, it’s watchable but nothing special about it. If you need something to watch and have nothing on your queue at the moment — you can stream it on Netflix or Hulu if you have the time. We wouldn’t say go do it as soon as you can, but it’s decent enough to watch as you are cleaning, writing, etc. ★★★
  • 2.4-1 = Skip it — it’s not worth the stream, rent, or buy. If you want, though, you can watch it but don’t blame us! ★★ or ★

Score Status:

Score review/s will deal with film the majority of the time — in this case, if any contributor uses any of these, here is what they mean:

  1. Stream It = If it’s only on streaming services, we will use stream it — especially if it’s good. If it’s in theaters and we use stream it, it means we prefer you to wait and not pay money for it, but for free it’s a good movie.
  2. Rent It = Redbox still exists, right? Rent it means either on YouTube, Vimeo, Redbox, Amazon Prime, anywhere you can rent a movie. It’s not worth the theater, but it’s worth spending 5$ max. Not in a bad way, but in a way that doesn’t require leaving your house for two plus hours.
  3. Buy It = Buy this on DVD, as soon as it releases. It is that good of a movie or television season. Pre-order it if you want. The movie is so good that it deserves all the money and praise. Example: Black Panther, Infinity War, Spider-Verse, etc.
  4. Skip It = No need to watch it, it’s decent, but nothing to run to the store, movies, or anything else for. We watched it for you, so that is all you need. Nonetheless, if you want to watch it, go for it, but don’t blame us!

Gaming Review Scores:

  • Buy It = If you can, buy this game — simple as that. This game is buy — on Steam, go to Target, buy at the Nintendo eShop — worthy. We promise you. If you have read our previous reviews and like them, trust us, if not, use it at your own discretion.
  • Stream It (Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) = It’s good enough to watch a stream on it. Maybe decide after you watch the stream if you want to pay for it. It’s not for everyone. We may have liked it a bit with a few cons, so this one is in your hands. It’s not perfect, but what is?
  • Wait For Price-Drop(s) (Steam, Nintendo eShop, etc.) = It’s an enjoyable game, yes, but a Steam sale would suffice for this one. Catch it when the price drop happens — but for its regular price? Not worth it. Some games are truly enjoyable but are also $19.99 on Steam and sometimes not worth that price. So, a price drop will be used in those cases.
  • Skip It = We played it and that was enough. This one isn’t worth the gameplay; however, if you want to play it for yourself, by all means — go ahead! Watch a stream and see if you like the game, see if IGN has reviewed it, and take a gander.

The Daily Fandom Disclaimer For Readers:

We are not Rotten Tomatoes, but if you care about what we review — do take it to heart. Our contributors are fans of culture, comics, and the like; they know film, they know television, they know comics, and they know what they are talking about. If they like it and you have enjoyed their previous review scores, there’s a chance you will enjoy it too. Don’t take it to heart if you don’t know the reviewer or contributor. Watch one thing they review and then, if it works, pay attention to the others as well. A great friendship can form from just reviews.