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So apparently, Misha Collins has said on VegasCon that Castiel’s stolen grace will have negative consequences (SOURCE)


Castiel took Theo‘s grace in 9.09 Holy Terror. Since then, he’s appeared in 9.10, 9.11 and 9.14. But we haven’t really seen him using his powers.

We barely saw him using his powers or showing any sign of being an angel (actually, he seemed pretty human and showed lots of empathy towards Dean). He drove a car instead of flying and he didn’t possess Sam. Sure, that’s because we know angels can’t fly now because his wings are burned and he couldn’t possess Sam because he needed permission. But still, we didn’t see him doing much except for healing Sam’s wounds on that bridge it the end. There’s also the speculation on wether he could hear Crowley and the demon talking or not. “The room Crowley’s in has been warded”. A lot of people said he could actually listen to their conversation but decided not to tell Dean. But what if it was the opposite? What if Castiel couldn’t really hear them and he excused it saying that the room must be warded?

Just like in the previous episode, we only saw him using his powers to heal Sam. And again, we saw him showing a lot of affection and humanity. He ended up leaving on his own willing to find Metatron. Why didn’t he stay?

Lastly, in Captives,  he didn’t use his powers at all. He killed Bartholomew by using an angel blade and his intelligence. But he never has to use his mojo. Let’s say he could have done the same while being human.

Suzanne Gomez confirmed that Castiel be in 4 more episodes this season (9.18, 9.21, 9.22 and 9.23). That means we’re gonna be seeing these negative affects pretty soon. And this could also mean that his arc will expand into S10 (Castiel fans, breath, I’m sure Misha will be in S10!).

So what do you think of the consequences of having stolen the grace? Vote below!

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