Wondering what is Lilo’s age? Read on to find out what is her age and about the character.

When it comes to the beloved Disney movie Lilo & Stitch, fans of the franchise have been captivated by the story of a young girl and her alien best friend since the movie’s release back in 2002. 

People have come to adore the strong bond between Lilo, a Hawaiian girl, and Stitch, an alien experiment. However, there has always been the mystery of Lilo’s age.

Due to the production timeline, Lilo’s age remains a secret. Fans have been speculating for over a decade and a half trying to pin down her age.

We take a deep dive into the history, production levels and scripts of the movie to try and unravel the secret of Lilo’s age.

What Is Lilo’s Age?

What is Lilo’s age in the Lilo & Stitch film?

In the movie, we find out that Lilo is 6 years old. She is a vivid yet naïve and curious girl who loves discovering new things and always has a joke to tell. 

She wears an orange tank top and overall blue shorts with multicolored peace signs, usually seen running around with her stuffed toy, Scrump. 

Lilo's Age

What is Lilo and Nani’s age?

Lilo is adopted by Nani, her elder sister, who is 19 years old, and together, they fight off the alien experiment known as Stitch, which wants to take over the world. 

Lilo’s age is of particular importance to the story since much of Lilo & Stitch’s narrative revolves around her growth and development. 

One example of this is the deep friendship Lilo develops with Stitch. When they first meet, they don’t get on well. Stitch is initially a danger to everyone, including Lilo’s pet rabbit, who he tries to snatch away. 

what happened to lilo's parents

But as the film progresses, Stitch eventually falls in love with Lilo and starts caring for and protecting her. This shows how Lilo’s carefree childishness endears her to Stitch and melts away his aggressive streak. 

What is Stitch’s age?

The truth is no one knows for certain the exact age of Stitch. After all, he is an alien and doesn’t age as humans do. 

Stitch was experimented on by a mad scientist called Dr. Jumba Jookiba, making him able to do everything from flights, to resist heat and cold, as well as swim in lava! 

All of these extraordinary abilities make it impossible to figure out his age, as there is just no possible way to measure it.

However, Stitch does seem to possess some of the same characteristics of human growth. For instance, in the movie Lilo and Stitch, Stitch gets progressively more mature as the movie progresses, learning more and more about empathy and compassion. 

He also increasingly learns to become more responsible and handles himself better in social situations, traits that typically only come to those who have had some time to mature.

how old is lilo and nani

In the end, we are left to decipher what Stitch‘s age is as best as we can. But most importantly, it is evident that he has grown and evolved over time, proving without a doubt that although Stitch may not be able to age in the same way humans can in terms of getting older, he is still growing and learning in his own unique and special way.

What is Lilo’s full name?

Lilo Pelekai, the precocious and plucky Hawaiian protagonist of the Oscar-nominated movie, is the spunky and sassy adopted daughter of Nani Pelekai. Much of Lilo’s backstory is only alluded to in the movie.

Lilo is often seen with her friend “Cousin” Stitch, a genetically engineered alien brought to Earth by a cloaked alien experimenter known as Jumba Jookiba.

Lilo has quite a distinguished name; it is a combination of the Hawaiian words “lilo” and “lele”, both of which have several meanings. 

In this case, Lilo’s name could be interpreted as either “searching for freedom” or “of the stars”. It is ultimately up to the interpretation of the individual. 

In the movie, Lilo’s parents are absent, and her older sister, Nani, serves as her caretaker and legal guardian. Nani’s name is derived from the Hawaiian word for “beauty”, a fitting description of her loving yet stern demeanor. 

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Lilo’s last name, Pelekai, is also derived from Hawaiian origins. It means “The weight of Heaven”, another apt descriptor for the heavy responsibility she bears as head of the household. 

Is Lilo a girl?

We can also see Lilo’s character growth in the movie, which alludes to the fact that Lilo is a young girl. When Lilo first meets Stitch and takes him back to her home, she quickly becomes attached to him, not just as a pet, but as a friend. 

how old is stitch in the first movie

The two grow close over the course of the movie as Lilo teaches Stitch how to surf, play, and ultimately, what it means to be friends. By the end of the movie, Lilo has grown up a bit and matured enough to offer some sound advice to Stitch.

Does Lilo have parents?

Lilo was only 2 years old when her parents perished in the accident, leaving her an orphan. We can therefore discern that she was born in 1998 and was 8 years old throughout most of the movie; she would now be a 24-year-old adult. 

However, on all counts, she has no direct parental figures in her life, nor is their evidence that she has any distant relations. This effectively puts her in the category of many orphans – children whose only parent or both parents have died.

In Lilo’s case, the loss of both parents means she has no family to care for her or guide her on the right path. Instead, her older sister, Nani, assumes sole responsibility for raising her. 

She has her ‘ohana: Nani, her extended family of friends, and the alien ‘dog’ Stitch. Without these people, it isn’t known what would have happened to her, or if her life would have been any different.

The movie’s poignant shots of the crater-like destruction from the accident further emphasize the gravity of Lilo’s life without her parents.

It sparks a deep empathy for her plight, knowing that she never had the chance to build relationships with her own blood relations.


In conclusion, Lilo’s age is an interesting curiosity. Although her age may not be clear-cut, it appears that she may be 6 years old. 

However, regardless of her exact age, the undeniable fact remains that she is an inspiring, captivating, and adventurous young girl who can teach us all about the power of perseverance, courage, and strength.

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