The secretive show with Drake under the executive producer title is officially launching June 16th on HBO. The show is called EUPHORIA and has been all over social media for the past few weeks since Drake tweeted an inconspicuous tweet about the series. (And an Instagram post as well.) As far as television went, what we did know was that Zendaya was in it because she posted a snippet of the show on Instagram. What we didn’t know was… anything about it.


We didn’t really know what the show was going to be about, and we didn’t know who was playing in it, other than Zendaya. Today is our lucky day, however, we have a view into what the series will be like. HBO is giving us a snippet of what will come this summer in June.

What Is EUPHORIA About?

The series as a whole will follow a group of high schoolers as they navigate the normal high school life: love and friendship in a world of drugs, sex, trauma, and social media. We don’t get much more than that from HBO, but we can look forward to a sort of Degrassi-like-show in a modern format. (Such as the show Drake used to star in as Jimmy.) While we don’t know much about the series, we can look forward to the coming weeks and months. We are sure to get small snippets and even more information about EUPHORIA.

Zendaya will lead the cast, but the supporting cast includes Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi, Algee Smith and Sydney Sweeney. As more news arises, we will be dishing it out here. It is behind the wonderful A24 as well, so EUPHORIA is going to be dope!

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