Do you want to know what is Durarara even about? Keep reading to find out! This article will give you a brief overview of the show and what you can expect while watching it.

‘Durarara is an action anime series with a supernatural undertone that explores the underground activities of Ikebukuro (a district in Tokyo) and how a Dullahan makes her way into their world.

It is based on the novel series with the same name written by Ryohgo Narita. The visuals are directed by Takahiro Omori and produced by Brain’s Base. 

What is Durarara Even About

What is Durarara Even About?

Durarara in a Nutshell 

It paints a grim picture of Ikebukuro where it is said that it is dominated by various suspicious underground groups and harmful inhabitants. There’s only one individual who stands out, i.e. the black rider.

She moves to the interiors of the city in a disguised mask and has been portrayed as an ‘urban legend’ throughout the series. 

Another part of the plot focuses on innocent civilians like Mikado who are mesmerized by the adventurous activities happening around the city but soon grow suspicious of the supernatural occurring.

It is fate that puts Mikado amidst the chaos since he was invited by his childhood friend to move there.

The show also explores some strange romantic angles to show how every love story has its own complications, for example, Celty and Shinra. 

Gang Wars 

In the show, it has been seen that the Dollars gang has gained prominence all over the city. They are an online group created by Mikado and some of his peers on the internet with innocent intentions of having fun.

Soon they got exposed to some unforeseen events that were supposedly committed by the Dollars group but it turns out they had nothing to do with it.

One of the members named Izaya, was actively sending out invitations posing as Dollars even after Mikado and his friends had stopped doing so.

Izaya turned into a scapegoat because people began committing criminal acts and started labeling it as a move by the Dollars gang. It eventually turned into an internet sensation. 

Yellow Scarves

Their vulnerability was questioned when another group named Yellow Scarves came into the picture. They were attacked with the assumption that Dollars was involved in Slasher attacks.

Mikado spots their presence initially as he notices several people moving around the city in yellow outfits. They had a strong presence earlier but were undermined after Dollars gained prominence. 

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They wanted to take back the power they once had, and hence tried to bring back their previous leader Masaomi Kida but he refrained from taking charge.

He soon started helping after his close aide Anri Sonohara was injured and hospitalized.

The lack of information about Dollar’s existence created a chaotic situation for the members as they began to suspect everyone and even each other. They assumed the involvement of the headless rider as well as the Slasher for the same. 

Blue Squares

Eventually, it turned out that Horada and his group of trusted people used to be part of the Blue Squares group and only joined Yellow Scarves after their powers were dismantled.

They wanted to dominate the Yellow Scarves but Masaomi’s presence was a hurdle in the process. Soon Masaomi got his answers when the leaders of Dollars and Saika Army cleared the misunderstandings. 

Blue Squares were originally started by Aoba Kuronuma but he passed on the leadership to Ran Izumii because he did not want to take responsibility if they ever got into trouble in the future.

Ran was blinded by the power and he began making impulsive decisions without taking Aoba’s opinion into account. Similarly, he went behind Aoba’s back and initiated a gang war with Yellow Scarves.

As the situation worsened, police intervened and arrested the prominent members of the group. After Ran was placed in juvenile detention, Horada joined the Yellow Scarves and the rest is explained in their arc. 

More About Saika Army

Saika Army refers to the group of people who have been possessed by the Saika sword. It is a demonic blade that needs a human host to functionally use its powers.

The slasher-related attacks occurring in Ikebukuro are the result of Saika’s possession. The humans who are under Saika’s control remain unaware of its presence and are driven by the directions it gives them. 

This group was founded by Haruna Niekawa when she was possessed by Saika and became her daughter.

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Since she was the first, she could listen to the blade’s messages and even possess others by wielding a knife inside their body. This is how their community was formed. 

Sonohara’s interaction with Saika was different because she could control Saika and hence drifted away from the evil plans of taking over humanity.

She used it to assist and protect her friends. Even during the Yellow Scarves arc, she took help from Saika to reduce the attack on Dollars and find out who was behind those attacks.

She also took responsibility for anything bad that happened due to Saika’s desires. 

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