In the anime and manga series Attack on Titan, a “Pure Titan” is a type of Titan that is created when a human is injected with a serum containing Titan spinal fluid. 

Pure Titans are mindless creatures that lack the ability to think or reason and are driven solely by an instinctual desire to eat human flesh.

Pure Titans can vary in size and appearance, but they typically resemble oversized humanoids with distorted facial features and disproportionately long limbs. 

Pure Titans have incredible strength, speed, and endurance, and are nearly invincible in combat due to their regenerative abilities.

Pure Titans are one of the primary antagonists of the series and pose a significant threat to humanity due to their overwhelming physical power and the fact that they are nearly impossible to kill. 

The main characters of the series are forced to confront and battle Pure Titans throughout the story, often at great personal risk.

What Is A Pure Titan?

A Pure Titan is a mindless creature in the anime and manga series Attack on Titan, created when a human is injected with a serum containing Titan spinal fluid. 

They are driven solely by an instinctual desire to eat human flesh, possess incredible strength, and are nearly invincible in combat due to their regenerative abilities. 

Pure Titans are a primary antagonists in the series and pose a significant threat to humanity.

How pure Titans were made?

In the anime and manga series Attack on Titan, the origin of pure Titans is not fully explained, but it is hinted that they were created through a scientific experiment.

According to the series’ lore, a group of Eldian scientists led by a man named Ymir Fritz made a deal with the “source of all organic matter,” gaining the power of the Titans. 

Ymir Fritz became the first Titan, and her powers were divided among nine of her followers, who became known as the Nine Titans. 

These Titans had the ability to transform between their human and Titan forms and could pass their powers down to others by having their spinal fluid ingested by a human.

Pure Titan

It is suggested in the series that Eldian scientists continued to experiment with Titan powers and tried to create new Titans, including the pure Titans. 

It is hinted that they used spinal fluid from the Nine Titans to create the pure Titans, which lack intelligence and only seek to eat humans. 

However, the exact process and motivations behind the creation of the pure Titans are not fully explained in the series.

What is considered a pure Titan?

In the anime and manga series Attack on Titan, a “pure Titan” is a Titan that was not created by injecting a human with Titan serum or spinal fluid. 

Pure Titans are created through an unknown process and are the most common type of Titan encountered in the series.

Pure Titans have several distinguishing characteristics. They lack intelligence and can only act on instinct, which is typically to attack and eat humans. 

They also have no control over their bodies and movements, often appearing clumsy and uncoordinated. 

Pure Titans are usually much larger than humans and have exaggerated physical features, such as long arms and large heads.

In contrast to pure Titans, the Nine Titans are human beings who have the ability to transform into Titans by injecting themselves with Titan serum or ingesting spinal fluid from a Titan. 

The Nine Titans have much greater control over their Titan forms and can maintain their human intelligence and consciousness while in Titan form.

What is the difference between a pure Titan and a Titan?

When it comes to Titans, there are two types: pure Titans and Titans. While they may sound similar, they are actually quite different.

The main difference lies in their origin. Pure Titans are those that are created through the transformation of a human without the use of the spinal fluid of another Titan. 

This means that they are essentially humans who have been turned into a giant, mindless beings with a hunger for humans.

On the other hand, Titans are those that have been created using the spinal fluid of another Titan. 

This can happen in a number of ways, such as by injecting the fluid or consuming it directly. 

Titans created this way are typically under the control of the one who turned them and is often referred to as “spawn” or “underlings”.

In terms of physical appearance, there is no real difference between a pure Titan and a Titan. 

They both look like massive, humanoid creatures with limited intelligence and a desire to eat humans. However, there is a significant difference in their behavior.

Pure Titans are completely mindless and cannot be reasoned or negotiated with. They are driven purely by instinct and hunger, making them incredibly dangerous. 

Titans, on the other hand, can be controlled by the person who turned them, making them a valuable assets in battles and conflicts.

Do pure Titans have humans in them?

Pure Titans are revealed to be humans who have been transformed into Titans through an unknown process. 

This means that pure Titans do not have actual humans inside of them, but rather they were once human themselves.

When a human is transformed into a pure Titan, their body is significantly altered, increasing in size and developing exaggerated physical features such as long arms and large heads. 

what does pure titan mean

They lose their memories and intelligence and become driven solely by their instinct to seek out and eat humans. 

However, it is not entirely clear what happens to the original human consciousness or soul after they have been transformed into a pure Titan. 

The exact details of the transformation process and its effects on the human mind and body are still not fully understood in the series.

What is Eren’s pure Titan form?

The pure Titan form of the protagonist Eren Yeager is known as the “Attack Titan.” The Attack Titan is one of the Nine Titans and is known for its incredible strength, endurance, and regenerative abilities.

When Eren transforms into the Attack Titan, his body increases in size and develops the distinctive physical features of a Titan, such as elongated limbs and a large head. 

Eren Titan

In this form, he has the ability to heal rapidly from injuries, regenerate lost limbs, and is able to easily overpower most human opponents.

The Attack Titan also has the unique ability to see into the memories of previous Attack Titan holders, allowing Eren to access knowledge and skills that he would not otherwise possess. 

This ability has played a significant role in the series’ story and is central to Eren’s character development and motivations.

Can pure Titans talk?

Pure Titans do not possess the ability to speak coherently. They only make simple, animalistic sounds, such as grunts, growls, and roars.

Pure Titans lack intelligence and higher cognitive functions, and their only instinct is to attack and eat humans. 

They are driven purely by their basic survival instincts and do not possess the capacity for language or complex communication.

However, it is important to note that there are exceptions to this rule. In the series, there are instances where certain Titans exhibit unusual behavior. 

Such as abnormal Titans that possess a degree of intelligence and Shifter Titans that have the ability to speak while in their human form. 

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But in general, pure Titans are depicted as mindless creatures that lack the ability to communicate beyond simple animalistic sounds.

Are there female pure Titans?

Pure Titans can be transformed from any gender of human, and there are examples of both male and female Titans appearing throughout the series. 

The Titans were primarily portrayed as male. This was due to a deliberate artistic choice made by the series’ creators, who wanted to create a sense of overwhelming male dominance and aggression. 

Later seasons of the anime and the manga introduced more female Titans and expanded the range of gender representation among the Titans.

Some notable female Titans in the series include Annie Leonhart, who possesses the Female Titan’s power and has the ability to harden her skin, and Pieck Finge. 

Who possesses the Cart Titan’s power and has the ability to transform into a quadrupedal Titan with a high degree of endurance and carrying capacity.

Who is the strongest pure Titan?

As for the strongest pure Titan, it is widely believed that the Founding Titan, also known as the Progenitor Titan, is the most powerful of them all. 

This is due to its ability to control the memories and actions of Eldians, the group of people who possess the ability to transform into Titans. 

The Founding Titan has been held by some of the most powerful characters in the Attack on Titan universe, such as King Fritz and Grisha Yeager. 

Founding Titan

However, without the assistance of a royal bloodline, its powers cannot be fully utilized. This is because the memories and abilities of the Founding Titan can only be fully accessed by someone with royal blood. 

Despite this limitation, the Founding Titan has shown incredible power and control. It can manipulate the memories of all Eldians, change the landscape of surrounding areas, and even control Titans to fight on its behalf. 

Its power was even strong enough to hold off an entire army of Titans during the Battle of Shinganshina. 

How big are pure Titans?

Pure Titans can vary in size depending on the individual Titan. However, most pure Titans are depicted as being significantly larger than the average human, with a typical height of between 3 and 15 meters (10 to 50 feet).

Some Titans, such as the “Colossal Titan” and the “Founding Titan,” can grow to be much larger, with the Colossal Titan standing over 60 meters tall (almost 200 feet). 

Other Titans, known as “Abnormal Titans,” can also exhibit unusual physical features such as elongated limbs, oversized heads, or irregular movements.

Why do pure Titans eat humans?

The reason why pure Titans eat humans is not fully understood at first, but it is eventually revealed to be related to the Titans’ origin and purpose.

It is revealed that Titans were created by a mysterious race of beings known as the “Founding Titans,” who used a power known as the “Coordinate” to manipulate human DNA and transform them into Titans. 

The Founding Titans created the Titans as a means of subjugating humanity, and the Titans’ need to eat humans is a side-effect of this process.

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The Titans’ urge to eat humans is driven by an instinctual desire to absorb and assimilate human genetic material. 

The Founding Titans used this instinct to their advantage, creating Titans that would hunt and devour humans in order to weaken and subjugate them.


In conclusion, the pure Titans remain an enigma in the Attack on Titan universe. Their immense power and unrelenting hunger for human flesh create havoc and destruction wherever they go, driving humanity to the brink of destruction. 

Yet, despite their apparent invincibility, there are ways to defeat them, and the fight against them continues to this day.

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