What is a Bergen in Trolls

What is a Bergen in Trolls?

Trolls is a popular franchise that is about Trolls who are happy creatures and Bergens who are exactly the opposite. The Trolls franchise has two movies; Trolls and Trolls World Tour, and two TV shows; Trolls: The Beat Goes On, and Trolls: TrollsTopia.

What is a Bergen in Trolls?

A Bergen is a creature who belongs to the Bergen species and is introduced in the Trolls movie. Bergens are villains in the movie as they eat Trolls to become happy. They appear in both the Trolls movies. They are sad creatures.

Who leads the Bergens?

The first leader of Bergens was King Gristle Sr. who left Bergen Town due to the Bergens’ anger. Currently, the Bergens are led by King Gristle Jr. and Queen Bridget.

Why did King Gristle Sr. leave Bergen town?

He went into exile because the Bergens were furious after finding out about the Trolls’ escape.

Although the King blamed it on Chef and sent her away from Bergen Town, he couldn’t handle the number of upset Bergens and decided to leave too.

This is when the Bergens decided that King Gristle Jr. will be their next king.

How do the Bergens look?

Bergens are massive in size when compared to Trolls. They look similar to ogres and have crooked teeth. They are generally dressed from top to toe while some can be seen without footwear such as Chef.

What is a Bergen in Trolls

Their skin appears dull and is generally green, purple, or blue. They have 4 toes on each foot. They have 3 fingers and a thumb. They wear dull clothes.

How much does a Bergen weigh?

According to the TV series episode titled ‘Bad News Bergens’, it is indicated that an average Bergen is around 1200 lbs. This is the only indication we get of the weight of the Bergen which shows how heavy these creatures are.


How long do Bergens live?

It is not clear how long the Bergens live. However, if you compare the characters of Trolls and Bergens, then it is clear that Bergens age at a much slower rate than Trolls.

For example, King Gristle Jr. still looks young even 20 years later when the events of the Trolls movie take place. This is the same for Chef as well and other Bergens who are shown.

Why did Bergens eat Trolls?

Bergens used to be sad all the time and were miserable creatures who didn’t know what happiness was about. One day, a Bergen consumed a Troll and that is when everything changed.

He felt happy and then found that eating Trolls brings happiness. He told the other Bergens and they started to eat Trolls too. It soon became a tradition whereby they ate Trolls.

Did the Bergens cook Trolls?

No, the Bergens used to eat Trolls raw. However, Chef had a cookbook in which she describes how Trolls can be used in cooking. The cookbook is aptly named ‘Cookin’ With Trolls’.

Is Chef an antagonist?

Yes, Chef is a Bergen who is the primary antagonist in Trolls. She wanted to bring back the tradition of Trollstice and wanted to change the custom so that Bergens can eat Trolls every day instead of every year.

trolls bergen feet

Her plan failed and she was sent away from the Bergen Castle after the Bergens realized their mistake and became friends with Trolls.

Where do the Bergen live?

They live in a place called Bergen Town which includes a castle. As Bergen are sad people, their environment is proof of that.

The town has litter all over the place and in some cases, we even get to see pollution. It shows that Bergen Town is just there for the sake of it and nothing much is being done about its upkeep by the Bergens.

Who doesn’t live in Bergen Town?

Almost every Bergen lives in Bergen Town. In the Trolls movie, we find out that Chef was banished from Bergen Town and goes to live in the forest looking for Trolls. In Trolls: TrollsTopia we find that Barnald lives alone in the forest.

Who resides in the Bergen castle?

bridget trolls

The Bergen castle was created for the leader of the Bergen to live there along with his family. It is now the place where King Gristle Jr. lives as he is the current leader of Bergens along with Queen Bridget. Some staff lives in the castle along with the leader such as the guards.

What is Trollstice?

Trollstice was the only holiday celebrated by the Bergens. It involved the Chef selecting Trolls that the Bergens will eat.

It took place every year and the Bergens caged the tree to ensure the Trolls could not escape. In the movie Trolls, we find out that the last time the celebration took place was 20 years before the events of the movie take place.

How did the Trolls escape from the Troll Tree?

The Trolls had an idea to escape by making a hole in the center of the Troll Tree. Then they escaped from there before the Trollstice started.

This happened in the same year when Price Gristle was going to be served a Troll for his meal for the first time. Princess Poppy was going to be the Troll offered to him.

Why did they stop celebrating Trollstice?

The Snack Pack along with Poppy enlightened the Bergens by showing them that they don’t need to eat Trolls to be truly happy. This is when King Gristle Jr. banished the celebration and decided to become friends with the Trolls.

The Snack Pack is a group of Trolls that include Branch, Smidge, DJ Suki, Fuzzbert, Guy Diamond, Cooper, and many more. They appear in both the Trolls movies.

Do any animals hunt Bergens?

Bergens are big; as big as humans. No living creature that appears in Trolls movies is a match to these giant creatures and so there are not many known predators.

However, Bridget does talk about Greygons in the TV series Trolls: The Beat Goes On! in the episode ‘The Poppy Horror Picture Show’. Greygons are known to be aggressive and attack both Bergens and Trolls.

What is Troll-A-Bration?

Troll-A-Bration Day replaced Trollstice when the Bergens stopped eating Trolls and decided to be their friends instead.

The celebration involves decorating the Troll Tree, singing, and dancing. It is a joyful holiday and is hosted by the Bergens. The Bergens try to behave like Trolls and be happy with their lives on that day.

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