What I Expect From Please Like Me Season 3 (Preview)


The sweetest, most awkward Australian TV show is finally back: the highly-anticipated third season of Please Like Me is airing today on October 15th!

We have previously talked about why this show is so awesome and why you should binge-watch it asap. Please Like Me has worked its way to many people’s hearts by being a perfectly realistic approach to friendship, family and love in your 20s. Not everything is so beautiful and ideal as in the movies. There’s lots of painfully awkward moments too.

WARNING: There will be spoilers for the previous seasons!


Is Geoffrey gone for good this time?

I’m going to be honest here. I enjoyed Season 1 much more than Season 2. Kind of ironic since I liked Arnold much more than Geoffrey. However, the first season, which was much shorter, had much faster pacing and everything felt more… familiar. I fell in love with those characters and their lives so quickly! Everything was based on Josh’s immediate surroundings: his house, his friends, his love affairs and his family. Like it was all in one place. However, Season 2 moved to new places like the mental hospital, introducing new characters that I never really got to empathize with.

First of all, I would love Claire to be back for good. Claire is easily one of the best characters of the series. Sure, she can be a bit of a b*tch sometimes, but she’s Josh and Thomas’ best friend. She’s blunt, she’s confident and funny. She is currently away in Germany, but I really hope that she can come back because, to me, nothing will top this trio (sorry, Patrick), and Skype isn’t enough. Everytime Claire is in the room it feel like good old times and by ‘old times’ I mean the perfection that was Season 1. Also, I really believe she’s the one for Tom. However, all of that could change with the addition of new character Ella (Emily Barclay). Anything other than Tom hiding in the bathroom after calling a prostitute will be an improvement.

On the other hand, I want Arnold to join the group and to really trust Josh. Arnold is easily my favourite character from Season 2 and, just from searching around the web, I can see he is actually a fan favourite. Well, we are in luck because Arnold is going to be back for Season 3. Last season ended with Josh and him cuddling in Arnold’s best in the mental hospital. Despite his improvement, Arnold is still not there. He is an incredibly sensitive boy who suffers from severe anxiety, often having panic attacks. If having a character like him wasn’t interesting enough, we also have his relationship with Josh, who is probably the most awkward person in the planet. Will this two be able to work everything out? I really hope so because Josh being Arnold’s therapist in the beach was probably the sweetest scene from last season.

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Like I said before, something that I didn’t quite like from Season 2 was the fact that so many scenes took place in the mental hospital. It seems like Rose and Hannah will be living together now, that is if they can move pass that awkward unreciprocated kiss. I would really like Rose to get better, perhaps get a boyfriend? As for Hannah, we’ll have to see how she will fit this season. We also have Alan, Mae and baby Grace. Will Mae change her mind on getting married? Not much longer until all these questions are finally answered!

Please Like Me Season 3 starts with ‘Eggplant‘. The episode will air on October 15th on ABC.


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