Wondering what happened at the end of Phantom Requiem for the Phantom? Find out everything you need to know about this popular opera in this informative article. 

They simply don’t make anime like Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom series anymore! Even the ending was unexpected because it was different from the visual novel. 

The ending split the anime community as some thought both the leads died while others speculated that Reiji died while Ein lived.

The ending of Phantom: Requiem of the Phantom was probably left ambiguous by the creators because it was up to the viewer’s interpretation.

No official explanation has been given for the ending and what it all means so let us decode the endings and what they mean for the series’ leads.

Phantom Requiem For The Phantom

What happened at the end of Phantom Requiem for the Phantom?

Reiji is Shot Dead and Ein Lives

Ein is shown to harm another human being only when her life is in danger or when she is told to do so.

However, as the series progresses, we see her warming up to Reiji and a not-so-cold side of her because of the love she developed for Reiji. If you notice the conversation between the two leads, it is often about death.

He also mentions how he will be at his lowest point after killing Cal. Reiji often expresses his desire to die, a wish that Ein doesn’t seem to want to fulfill.

One theory based on what is shown is that the cartman is the killer and Reiji died as a result of the gunshot wound. It is most logical that Inferno sent the man to kill Reiji.

phantom the animation vs requiem for the phantom

There is a theory that Ein is the person who hired the killer. She wanted to help Reiji by freeing him of the torment of living sans memories but couldn’t kill him herself.

As they spent so much time together, creating memories together, and she loved him, she couldn’t kill Reiji. The theory of Ein being the killer is a mere possibility but it probably wasn’t the case because her love for him would never allow her to do that.

Some fans say Ein may have been behind the killing because she loved him enough to let him go as that was his deepest desire from the start.

But going by how the events unfolded, the cartman was the killer although it is unclear as to who sent him to kill Reiji.

phantom the animation vs requiem for the phantom

After Reiji died, Ein lived according to some theorists. Ein is shown to be calm and happy after Ein’s death. We see the sky and flowers as Ein reminisces her memories with Reiji.

This may go on to show that she is living her life now without the man she loved with all her heart. She has finally moved on and is free. She has accepted her fate and isn’t afraid of what is about to come.

Even though she knows that Inferno is on the lookout for her, her will to live is gone and she won’t kill herself but let herself be killed when the time comes. A somewhat grim ending but one that has logical explanations.

Reiji and Ein Both Dies

The one ending that most people seem to agree on is that both of them died. Reiji died of the gunshot wound while Ein eventually committed suicide as she had no purpose to live for anymore.

When Reiji was alive, she had a purpose because of her love for him. But after he died, Ein didn’t see the point of moving on.

It is not indicated when she may have killed herself, but it is possible that she may have eaten poisonous flowers that are shown towards the end of the final episode.

Her becoming slowly transparent and then disappearing is what led many to believe that she is dead. As she finds her hometown during the final moments of the series, she can die peacefully.

They Live Happily Ever After

phantom requiem for the phantom reiji love interest

This is the ending that many wished for (including us) but didn’t get. And fans were quite upset as they posted on forums, the anime series’ wiki, and so on about how the ending disturbed them and they couldn’t stop thinking about it.

In the visual novel, Ein and Reiji have their happy ending and so the people who knew about that probably expected the anime series to end on the same note. But alas, that wasn’t the case at all!

While this may have been the ideal ending for many, the creators may have wanted a more realistic ending even if it wasn’t the happiest option.

Hopefully, we have provided you with enough evidence to make up your mind about what happened at the end of the series.

What do you think happened to Ein and Reiji at the end of the anime? There is no right or wrong when it comes to Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom ending because there is no clear explanation about one definite answer.

Regardless of which ending you prefer; it is clear that it was a shocking ending that will stick to our minds forever. Maybe this is why this series is considered such a good work of art by many fans.

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