It has been 23 years since the original release of Final Fantasy 7 and fans are excited to get their hands on this game. Ever since the first teaser trailer was released at E3 in 2015, everyone lost their minds at the idea of a remake. After much pushback on the release date, the game was finally released on April 10th and is now available for purchase. Let’s take a look at features that die-hard Final Fantasy fans cannot wait to dive into.

New Combat System In Final Fantasy

Many Final Fantasy fans had mixed feelings about the combat system Final Fantasy XV had. People were afraid that the remake of Final Fantasy 7 would feature the same open combat system. However, this game will feature a blend of real-time action based systems and classic turn base style strategy. It is evident that developers of the game wanted to encapsulate the feeling of the original Final Fantasy 7.

Screenshot showcasing the new combat system within Final Fantasy 7
Square Enix & Sony

They managed to work in the turn base style to a modern Playstation game. In fact, this game will give you the option to switch it to classic mode. This mode will turn the combat into a turn-base style only. This was implemented for die-hard fans who want to play a game that has the same system as the 1997 version.

Old Friends With New Faces

It is no surprise that Final Fantasy 7 has some of the most beloved characters in video game history. From Cloud Strife and his iconic buster sword to the beautiful Tifa Lockhart and her white crop top. There are still cosplayers, fan art, and merchandise for these characters, despite the original game being released 23 years ago. The reason why people love these characters is due to the fact that Final Fantasy 7 was many gamers’ first JRPG games.

Beloved Final Fantasy 7 Character Aerith Gainsborough compared from her 1997 model to her 2020 model.
Square Enix & Sony

This makes these characters nostalgic for many gamers. It is also due to the fact that these characters all have strong motivations and compelling stories. The original game only had text dialogue and no voice acting. People got attached to the characters and their ambitions even without hearing them. It’s going to be very emotional for fans of the original game to hear and see their favorite lines play out into modern graphics and audio.

Bigger World To Explore

The main city of Midgar that most Final Fantasy 7 fans are familiar with, but with modern graphics
Square Enix & Sony

The once-familiar streets of Midgar will feel different to fans now since they are bigger than ever before. In this remake, Midgar is essentially its own world and is full of hours of new content. The main reason why the game kept getting pushed back was due to the fact that the game developers wanted Midgar to feel more alive. The more immersive Midgar will give the audience a deeper sense of despair at seeing such a broken state of the world. This motivates them to want to save the planet right alongside Tifa, Cloud, and Barrett.

Final Fantasy: Beloved Story

Many wanted this remake to happen just to experience this adventure again in modern graphics. The rumor is that the remake will add new story elements. People everywhere have been trying to speculate what could be changed within the story. In addition to the new side missions to Midgar, it seems like there will be new characters to interact with.

Poster of Final Fantasy 7 Featuring all the main characters.
Square Enix & Sony

Whatever the changes may be, fans new and old are anticipating going through this journey once more. The original Final Fantasy 7 story has left a major impact on peoples’ hearts and is a big reason why it is being remade today. This adventure is a long one, but fans are looking forward to saving the planet once more.

Most Important: Cloud Strife In Drag

If you have ever played the original Final Fantasy 7, one mission in particular sticks out in people’s minds. That would involve sneaking into the Honey Bee Inn to try and help rescue Tifa from Don Corneo. In order to get inside the Honey Bee Inn, you have to be a woman; this is why Cloud is turned away. Aerith helps him get a dress to make him a woman so he can sneak in to help his childhood friend. Fans debated whether this scene would be removed from the remake since it is controversial. But Square Enix has kept the iconic scene in but altered it for modern views.

The beautiful Cloud Strife cross dressing during the Don mission
Square Enix & Sony

Why is this so important? It may be just an inside joke for Final Fantasy fans, but this scene has a lot more impact. Not many video games, especially not in 1997, addressed masculine men doing things feminine. Cloud Strife is a tough and cold-hearted man, so seeing him being flustered to act feminine is funny, but it also shows how he isn’t afraid to put on a dress and kick some ass. This small scene has a large impact on gender roles in video games and especially male leads in video games.

Let’s Mosey

Finally, after patiently waiting for six years after its initial announcement, the remake is here. Well, it is only the first half of the game released. Due to the size and nature of the story, Square Enix decided that this game will have to be broken up into parts. What is being released now is the first half of the game. The second half has no release date as of yet, but game developers have made sure there is enough content in this first half to entertain fans until the second half is released.

Screenshot from the 1997 Cloud saying this iconic, yet goofy line of "Let's mosey."
Square Enix & Sony

With the reunion so close at hand, fans of Final Fantasy are looking forward to the nostalgia and joy playing this game will bring. In such dark times we need characters like Cloud, Aerith, or Tifa to remind us to stay strong. If you’re waiting for your copy of Final Fantasy 7 or are looking for something else to play maybe pull out your switch and find something new.