Director Stacie Passon and writer Mark Kruger came together to bring Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle to life with the help of a production crew including Jared Ian Goldman, Robert Mitas, Michael Douglas, Jim Reeve, Laurence Hyman, and Kieran Corrigan. In We Have Always Lived in the Castle, we have a family that lives secluded at the top of the hill in a mansion. The Townspeople have no love for the Blackwood family, who live in the mansion. Dark family history and a sense of envy from the Townspeople have created an uneasy environment for both parties. Things just get more complicated when an estranged cousin of the Blackwoods comes to town for selfish reasons.

We Have Always Lived in a Castle Is A Movie With Meaning

The book that this film is based on is known for covering various themes throughout the progression of the story and the film does a consistent job staying true to that. We Have Always Lived in the Castle can get very intricate as the plot progresses. Overall, it is a tasteful attempt to hold up a mirror to society’s face and show the public things we don’t normally look at or think about. Two of my favorite topics that this film covers are vengeance and envying others. Throughout We Have Always Lived in the Castle, the townspeople always have disdain for the Blackwood family.

We Have Always Lived in a Castle
We Have Always Lived in a Castle | Penguin Classics Publishing, 2006

They speak about how arrogant they are with their big castle and how they think the Blackwoods believe they are better than the townspeople. All of the townspeople have hatred for Blackwoods because of their wealth and leisurely life. Little did the townspeople know that the family struggled to live past their past tragedy of the family. We often overlook other people’s troubles and just see the good in their lives. This creates a negative association caused by envy and greed on our part. In a scene from the film, the townspeople storm the Blackwood home and destroy everything.

All their riches were taken or demolished and the Blackwood house unrecognizable afterward. At first, the townspeople were overcome with joy at their opportunity to level the Blackwoods’ family fortune. However, the following day many townspeople came to the house to apologize. This is a great way to demonstrate the lesson that what we think we want isn’t always what we need. In this situation, vengeance was what the townspeople thought would make them feel better. Yet, in the end, they were remorseful.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle Is All In The Details

As you watch the movie, there are a lot of little bits and pieces that add to the overall complexity and gives the viewer insight into the character and story. For example, Merricat keeps saying that she feels her father is returning to the house. The following day Charles shows up and begins to exude a “man of the house” mentality and boss everyone around. At one point, when he was dancing with Constance, the song “Daddy’s Home” by Shep & The Limelites. It alludes to the connection between Charles and Merricat and Constance’s father. He is becoming him by wearing his clothes and his watch, and is often confused by the father of Uncle Julian.

Amazing Acting Performances

Sebastian Stan, Alexandra Daddario, and Taissa Farmiga brought their characters to life in We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Sebastian was able to start off charming but still gives us a creepy or suspecting vibe. We are almost enticed to trust him as Charles Blackwood, but we feel like his sudden appearance is more than just a random check-in. As time moved on, Charles’ real motives slowly became uncovered.

We Have Always Lived in a Castle
We Have Always Lived in a Castle | Brainstorm Media, 2018

Alexandra and Taissa play the perfect juxtaposition of sisters. Alexandra, who plays her older sister, Constance Blackwood, wants to be free, happy and appease everyone in her life no matter what she has to do. Taissa plays the younger sister: Mary Katherine “Merricat” Blackwood. Merricat really just wants to desperately take care of her sister and keep any and all evil away from the two.

Make Sure To Check Out We Have Always Lived in the Castle

There are a lot of different layers as you can see that this movie has to offer. The characters are well played. The movie was well thought out through the script and production side. In addition, you can see a lot of meaning and themes behind the plot. This movie is essentially a book that you cannot put down on a screen and that is because it is! The movie is scheduled to be released in select theatres and video on demand May 12.

We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Stacie Passon and Mark Kruger