In the Disney movie “Encanto,” Mirabel’s mom gives her a special green candle as a gift that is meant to represent the family’s magic. 

The candle is supposed to help Mirabel harness her own magic, which she struggles to do because she feels like the only member of her family without a special power. 

The candle becomes an important symbol throughout the movie, as Mirabel uses it to try to save her family’s magical home from disappearing.

What Does Mirabel’s Mom Give Her?

Mirabel’s mother doesn’t give her a physical gift in “Encanto”. Instead, she provides emotional support, and understanding, and encourages Mirabel to find her own path and to be true to herself. 

This helps Mirabel learn that her worth is not defined by magical powers or external validation.

Background about Mirabel and her family

“Encanto” is a 2021 animated musical film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The story takes place in Colombia and follows the Madrigal family, who have been blessed with magical powers that they have used to protect their town and its people for generations. 

Each family member has a unique power, such as super strength or the ability to control the weather, except for the protagonist, Mirabel.

Mirabel is the middle child in the Madrigal family, and she does not have a magical power like the rest of her family members.


This makes her feel left out and like she doesn’t belong. She struggles with feeling like she’s not living up to her family’s expectations, and this causes tension and conflict within the family.

The other family members include:

  • Abuela Alma: the matriarch of the Madrigal family, who has the power of healing
  • Luisa: Mirabel’s oldest sister, who has the power of super strength
  • Isabela: Mirabel’s second oldest sister, who has the power to control the weather
  • Bruno: Mirabel’s older brother, who has the power of shape-shifting
  • Antonio: Mirabel’s younger brother, who has the power of talking to animals
  • Julieta: Mirabel’s mother, who has the power of controlling flowers

Throughout the film, the Madrigal family faces a crisis as their magical home, Casa Madrigal, begins to lose its magic, causing the town to suffer. 

Mirabel takes it upon herself to try to save her family and their home, leading to a journey of self-discovery and family reconciliation.

Examples of gifts and gestures Mirabel’s mom gives her in Encanto

In “Encanto,” Mirabel’s mom gives her several gifts and gestures that are significant to the story:

  • The Green Candle: Mirabel’s mom gives her a green candle as a gift, which represents the family’s magic. 

Mirabel uses this candle throughout the film to try to save her family’s home and reconcile with her family.

  • The Necklace: Mirabel’s mom gives her a necklace with a heart pendant as a gesture of love and support. 

Mirabel wears this necklace throughout the movie, and it becomes a symbol of her relationship with her mother and her determination to save her family.

  • The Song: Mirabel’s mom sings a special song to her called “The Family Madrigal,” which celebrates their family’s magical powers and the importance of their bond. 

This song becomes an important motif throughout the film, as it is reprised multiple times to underscore the family’s struggles and triumphs.

  • The Hug: At several points in the film, Mirabel’s mom gives her a comforting hug, which serves as a reminder of their close relationship and their love for each other.

Overall, Mirabel’s mom’s gifts and gestures are important symbols of their relationship and of the family’s magic, which is a central theme of the film.

What Does Mirabel's Mom Give Her

What does Maribel’s mom heal her hand with?

In “Encanto,” Maribel’s mom, Julieta, uses the healing power of flowers to heal Maribel’s hand. Maribel injures her hand when she tries to lift a heavy statue in an effort to prove her worth to her family, and the injury prevents her from playing the piano, which is one of her passions. 

Julieta uses her power of controlling flowers to create a salve made of marigold petals that she applies to Maribel’s injured hand. 

who is mirabels mother

The salve is shown to have healing properties, and Maribel’s hand gradually improves over time. This scene is significant because it highlights Julieta’s role as a healer in the family and underscores the importance of the family’s magical gifts.

What is the healing food in Encanto?

In “Encanto,” Arepas con Queso is a special food because it is a traditional dish that is closely associated with the Madrigal family and their magical powers. 

Arepas con Queso is a type of Colombian dish made of cornmeal dough and cheese that is cooked on a griddle. 

In the movie, Abuela Alma, the matriarch of the family, is shown making Arepas con Queso for her family, and the dish is often seen on the family’s table during mealtime.

The significance of Arepas con Queso in the movie lies in the fact that it is a symbol of the family’s love and unity. 

The Madrigal family has a strong bond that is reflected in their shared meals and traditions, and Arepas con Queso is one of the dishes that is most closely associated with their family identity. 

The magical powers of the family are also associated with the dish, as it is said to have a special effect on the family’s magic, making it stronger and more effective.

How these gifts and gestures positively impact Mirabel’s life

The gifts and gestures that Mirabel’s mom gives her in “Encanto” positively impact Mirabel’s life by helping her to feel loved, valued, and supported. 

Mirabel is the only member of the Madrigal family who does not have a magical gift, which makes her feel like an outsider and causes her to struggle with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. 

Her mother’s gifts and gestures remind her that she is important and loved, regardless of her lack of magical powers.

For example, when Mirabel injures her hand, her mother uses her magical power of controlling flowers to heal her hand with a salve made of marigold petals. 

how to make arepas from encanto

This gesture not only heals Mirabel’s physical injury but also shows her that her mother cares about her and is willing to use her gift to help her. 

Similarly, when Mirabel is feeling down, her mother gives her a special necklace that her grandmother gave her, which has a powerful emotional significance. 

This gift not only makes Mirabel feel loved and special but also connects her to her family’s history and traditions.

These gifts and gestures help Mirabel to feel more confident in herself and her abilities, and they remind her that she is an important part of her family, even if she does not have a magical gift. 

Ultimately, they help Mirabel to embrace her uniqueness and find her own path, which leads to her discovery of her own unique gift that helps to save her family from danger.


She gives her love, support, and guidance on her journey through life. Mirabel’s mom teaches her the value of hard work, the importance of integrity, and the power of perseverance. 

Through her mother’s guidance, Mirabel learns how to be strong, independent, and confident in herself. Mirabel’s mom is her rock, her inspiration, and her hero. 

Her love and dedication to Mirabel will never go unnoticed, and it will continue to shape her into the amazing person she is destined to be. 

Mirabel is forever grateful for her mom’s unwavering love, and she will always treasure the moments they share together. 

Life may throw challenges their way, but with Mirabel’s mom always by her side, there is nothing they can’t overcome.

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